14 – How to Make a Full WordPress Backup for Free?

How to back up your WordPress website

In this video, you are about to learn how to back up all the files from your website. I must remind this is an extremely important part.

We commonly think that bad things only happen to other people. However, sometimes the issues also knock at our door and as I usually say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Imagine one day you wake up in the morning, fire up your computer and go to your website only to find a blank page. Everything is gone and you nearly have a heart-attack. These type of situations may happen. The reasons are many, such as:

  • As your website grows in popularity, people will try to hack into it. Especially, if you are in a competitive niche.
  • A natural disaster¬†destroyed all the servers from your web-host.


Therefore, it’s always a good idea to make a backup from your website. In case any bad event happens, you can easily recover all the information. Your long hours, or years of hard work won’t be gone!

Besides, it’s super easy and you don’t even need to make the backup manually. For this, we are going to install a plugin called, “UpdraftPlus.”

How to install UpdraftPlus?

  1. Enter into WordPress back-office
  2. In Plugin section, click on, “Add New” option.

Once you have this plugin installed simply follow the instructions given to you throughout the video.

Why Dropbox?

The options where you may want to save the files from your website are plenty. You can even send them to your e-mail. However, the one I prefer is called, Dropbox. A website that offers some free space in their servers where you can save all the information you want.

The reason I enjoy using them is your files are stored online. This way you can access them from any place you want as long as you have a computer. I don’t recommend storing your backup files in your computer or even e-mail.

For some reason, your computer may stop working, or you cannot access your e-mail then you cannot recover them.


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