19 – How to Make An Email Newsletter In Getresponse?

How to start an e-mail newsletter

Welcome, welcome and congratulations you are in the last video from this series. In this one, you are about to learn how to start a e-mail newsletter for your new website.

I know this part is optional however, I highly recommend it! The reason is:

  1. You’ll be able to start building a list of people interested in your content and therefore, promote related products.
  2. People normally check their e-mail inbox in a daily basis on contrary to a website. Where they might as well go there once and never again.
  3. You can promote older content to your readers. A usual problem most websites run into is their newer content layers on top of their older one. Therefore, making it nearly disappear from their public, since most people only read the front page of a website.

What is Getresponse?

Getresponse is a website that offers everything that you need to start an e-mail newsletter from:

  • Nice looking optin boxes for your visitors
  • Contact list management

You can choose to write your e-mails in a daily basis, or you can use a service called, autoresponder.

An autoresponder lets you send all the designated posts, products, promotions or whatever you want to your list in auto-pilot. For this reason, you don’t need to be there every single day writing new e-mails.

You only need to write them once and set a specific schedule for each new subscriber. Afterward, they’ll receive a sequence of e-mails in the intervals designated by you. Oh, I must remind you can use Getresponse for 30 days completely free if you click here.


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