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3 Reasons – Why You Aren’t Making Money Online


Are you struggling to make money online? Don’t worry! Because in this tutorial you are about to learn three life changing secrets! By adopting them, your online situation will drastically change in a matter of months.

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I am going to share mostly my experience with affiliate marketing. As this was one of the first ways I tried to make money online. Even nowadays, I do most of my income from being an affiliate.

In case you are wondering, an affiliate marketer is someone who promotes products from other people. For this, an affiliate has a unique link.  Whenever a person purchases a product through this link the affiliate earns a percentage of that sale.

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Initially, I built several niche websites where I would review products from Clickbank. Of course, the money I did was extremely inconsistent. I often did one sell the whole month.

I definitely was far from being the next online millionaire. However, this was mostly due to the following three aspects…

1 – Investing In Your Education

I spent years relying on free information and this was one of my biggest failures. It literally cost me years of frustration and barely seeing any results online.

I often spent days jumping from one website to another constantly searching for another hint.

The problem is when you are a newbie you basically believe in everyone. As often you still don’t have enough experience to separate bad from good advice. Especially, when that advice is coming from someone who has thousands of Facebook followers and claims to make millions of dollar per year online.

Unfortunately, it is so easy for newbies to fall into this trap!

Afterward, you waste months or even years following ineffective strategies. One day you wake up and realize that your bank account is still empty. And perhaps building a video course wasn’t exactly the best idea, since you still don’t even know how to get traffic.

Anyway, if you want to become a successful online marketer, or KDP publisher then make yourself a favor by investing your money in high-quality courses. This probably is the best decision you could ever make!

A good course may drastically change your financial situation online in a few months. By providing you with the right money making strategies.

Just relying on free information won’t be enough! Why would anyone teach you how to make more than $10.000/month online for free?

Nobody is that good!

How To Choose A Proper Course?

Of course, I am not telling you to get the first video course out there! Here are a few tips:

1 – The sales page has proven results from the author and students making money with the information provided in that course. I don’t mean claims! Anyone can produce testimonials saying they do $50k/month online. I am talking about dashboards.

2 – These dashboard must be a year or less old. Anything older, then probably the course is outdated. Everything online is constantly changing. What worked yesterday may not work today.

2 – Lack Of Consistency

One of the problems about building an online business is the freedom you gain. Especially, if you are like me and all sudden decided to quit your job. Of course, having more freedom isn’t exactly bad.

But the problem is most people spent their entire life being bossed around.

However, online you are the only person who can boss you around.

So, if you don’t write a post for your new blog during a whole week or month, probably because you preferred to spend your days playing video games and eating popcorn; Well… guess what?

Nobody is going to fire you! Great, right?

But sooner or later your bank account is emptier and more lifeless than Antarctica! For this reason, you must make a commitment to put some time into your online business every single day. Or at least, five time a week.

Because it is stupidly easy for you to slack off!

Even more, considering that you have a computer in front of you and initially, you might feel frustrated with your lack of results. In those days, it is so easy for you to get distracted with Facebook, video games or watching movies.

After all, they are only a click away!

In these moments, you have to be particularly careful. Otherwise, these distraction may as well consume months of your time without you noticing.

3 – Promoting Cheap Products

In the beginning, I promoted mostly cheap affiliate products. I remember my first commission was only $17. I sold a lemon juice diet e-book. One of those crazy diets that you can find often in Clickbank.

Even though, I sporadically did a sale I could have done far more money if I promoted more expensive products.

This problem has mostly to do with mindset. Often beginners think that people online are only looking for cheap products. And therefore, they avoid promoting anything beyond the $100 dollar range.

The funny part is people offline are spending $25k on a Rolex watch, and buying houses over $500k. Just to say the least! In other words, there is shit loads of money out there!

People are more than willing to spend over $1k for a program that promises to change their life! Actually, someone who does that is far more serious and less willing to ask for a refund compared to a person that purchased the new $17 lemon diet e-book.

Besides, what I am about to say next is extremely important if you want to make money online,

“What you consider expensive may be considered cheap to someone else”

If you have this idea about promoting cheap product then make an effort to change it, how? Easy! Just start promoting more expensive programs despite your possible doubts!

Last Thoughts

By changing these three aspects you are basically taking a shortcut to your way to success online. It will dramatically decrease months or even years of frustrating and looking to an empty bank account.

Anyway, are you looking to make money as an affiliate?

I suggest for you to start today investing in your education by getting one of the best courses out there! I am talking about, “Affiliate Marketing Revolution!”

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