4 Secret Steps to a Successful Website – The Little Things Do Matter!

success little actions do matter

One of the greatest problems online is that you probably started by yourself. You don’t have anyone holding your hand and telling you what you should or should not do. This means if you don’t have your eyes open you won’t see what you’re doing wrong!

success little actions do matter

The fact is taking wrong action online takes a lot of effort, and a crap load of time. One thing you do today, might take several months until you see the results. For this reason, it’s very important for you to see what is truly working for you. You certainly don’t want to spend the next year building something that simply doesn’t work. Or, jumping from one strategy to another hoping that you will succeed!

Instead, why not focus on what is already working for you? I guarantee by reading this guide you’ll cut months or not years of hard work and failure. Actually, if you follow exactly these four secret steps you’ll see success in no time!

Step 1) Don’t Over Study

When you start it’s vital for you to have a basic strategy or you could call it an action plan. It doesn’t need to be perfect but you must have an idea of the steps you must follow to make your website/s eventually successful. The good news is you’re already in the right place.

In Prositetutorials, I explain the five steps to make your online success easier. I know how easy it is for you to get lost on the Internet. You have tones and tones of content. You could basically spend years of your life just reading and studying everything related to SEO, social media traffic, etc. But the fact is studying won’t get you there!

See nobody has ever mastered anything just by studying. You really need to get your hands dirty and test stuff for yourself. If you are studying everything you could possibly imagine, waiting until you have the perfect strategy then I must tell you there is none!

You have to accept that you’ll fail and that’s part of the process of learning. Besides, the person who is out their busting their ass, building tones of content online, connecting with others through social media, etc. This person might not know all the techniques! However, I have no doubt he or she will eventually be far more successful compared to the one, who is wasting most of their time just studying.

What you should do is study a bit today, and then immediately take action from what you’ve learned. Actually, you should….

 Step 2) Take Massive Action

Action is what will bring the online success you want. What I mean by this is:

  • You should make several websites within different niches. If you are starting out probably two or three of them.
  • Afterward, try different ways to promote your content, such as: in twitter, google plus, facebook, etc.
  • Go out there and construct different types of backlinks for each website.
  • Try several method of finding relevant keyword for your websites.

Initially, you should really go wild and take massive action then only can you really…

Step 3) Analyse your results

After you worked for a month or more on your new website/s, now it’s time to sit back and analyse your results. Now pay close attention because this is where most people go wrong. The fact is most people only focus on the negative results and don’t even look at the positive ones, why?

Because they’re typically very small and if you don’t really… really look at them, you won’t even see them!

The fact is every single website I ever did nearly all of them had something positive. For instance, my first website where I reviewed Clickbank diet products. After a two months, I made a sell. It might not be much but it’s something!

Unfortunately back then, I only focused on the negative results. Afterward, I created a new website without even analyzing or building upon what was already working for me. This cost me several months of failure.

Initially success tends to come in a shy way.  You really need to have a eye for it, or you will miss it! You probably have a website receiving 10 visitors each day from your SEO efforts; Or, another one doing one or two sells each month.

Instead of jumping to another project or another online earning method, such as CPA (Click Per Action) or something. Why not build upon that little success? At least, it’s already working for you. Don’t you think if you apply more energy to it, you won’t have even more success?

How couldn’t you if it’s already successful! You should always analyse the results between each website you have and see what is working. For instance:

One of your website is receiving some traffic each day, while the other one isn’t. You should ask yourself….

  • What did you do right?
  • Which keywords did you use, their competition etc?
  • Where did you get your backlinks?

Just an example but I think you get the picture. You ask yourself why something is working and focus on it. Just because something starts small it doesn’t mean it can’t soon become huge if you put enough effort on it! At least, it’s far better than starting all over again as many others do.

Step 4) Building Upon Your Little Successes

The last part is simply putting all your little successes together and building upon them. Or, you could say rinse and repeating them and improving them along the way. At the same time, you discard everything, which doesn’t effectively work. For instance:

  • If your backlink strategy is working for one of your website then continue doing it. You can also apply the same method to other websites.
  • If you made one sell in a particular website then you can do even more! You just need to increase the amount of traffic you’re receiving in a daily basis. You can build more website pages, more backlinks or increase your social media networks. Even improving your sell’s page copy might help!

Basically, what I want you to understand is you should focus on what is already working for you, no matter how small it is. You simply learn from it, tweak it, and build even more of it. If you do this, you will soon see great results from your websites in terms of traffic and income.

The truth is I failed for a long time on the Internet because I didn’t see my little successes. Instead, I was constantly starting all over again.

In the day, I decided to stop and analyse my work I was stunned! I saw that nearly every single website I did had something working well.

One brought some traffic every single day from the search engines, while another did a few sells from people coming from social media networks, etc. When you start putting all these little pieces of information together and applying it. You no longer have a little thing rather the exact formula to build a successful website.

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