5 Secrets to Kill Procrastination for Good

5 Secrets to Kill Procrastination for Good

A few years ago, I turned on the radio and heard a music from a famous Portuguese singer, who passed away many years ago. What caught my ear was what he said, which basically translated was:

5 Secrets to Kill Procrastination for Good

Just this mere quote is a whole life philosophy by itself. See one of the greatest problems I had when I started my online business was procrastination. The act of leaving important work for tomorrow in exchange for something more exciting and unimportant. Well, if you aren’t careful enough that tomorrow might never come.

After all, when you work long hours and don’t see much in return. As it was happening to me back then, it’s easy to feel very depress and frustrated. In your mind, you probably prefer to waste your time on Facebook, or another social media, in my case was playing video games. A quick solution to forget all your lack of success.

This was my situation or probably you have another reason to procrastinate. However, procrastination is without a doubt one of the biggest reasons for one to fail.  Not just online but with anything else in life.

If you are used to working for someone else then it’s hard for you to make the transition.  When you start working on the Internet you no longer have anyone ordering you around.  If you don’t do your work today, nobody will notice it, nobody will get you fired or whatsoever!

I believe that’s the hardest part, we grow upnever being fully autonomous. We mostly rely on others and forget to rely on yourself. However, if you want to succeed online you must throw all that through the window and make your own rules.

The question you should ask yourself is how can you stay consistent? I won’t deny the fact that consistency is a big deal online, don’t believe me? Just watch any successful Youtube channel or website.

People are constantly putting new content day in and day out. I even watched a few Youtubers publishing content when they’re sick with a flue and can barely speak.

Besides, don’t think they also don’t have the no… no days because they certainly do! The ones where you simply don’t feel like writing a post or making a video. The difference is they certainly have a method to keep their work flowing no matter what.

Now let’s take a look at five tips that will kick your procrastination out of your life for good!

1 – What’s Your Dream?

Typically, people over-value the power of willpower. But I have to tell you, it certainly wasn’t that, which kept me going! Just willpower without a dream will quickly fade away.

You must have an idea of what you want to accomplish with your online endeavors.  Ask yourself:

  • Are you looking to become financial free?
  • Do you want to make some extra money so you can more easily pay your bills?
  • Do you need more money to put your kids in a good college?

I recommend for you to write down on a notepad, a story of what you plan on achieving in the next few years online. You should also had a date of when you’ll be living that way. The story should be told in the present moment as you already had in your possession the exact amount of money, websites and life you desire.

This will give you a reason of why you’re doing what you’re doing online. Any time, you feel frustrated just grab your notepad and read your story. You’ll immediately feel more inspired to continue until you reach your objectives.

2 – Life Philosophy

As I said previously with that quote, you should never leave for tomorrow what you can do today. I live by that philosophy and I don’t mean time to time, I don’t slip onto the lazy wagon because I do. For this reason, I have several notes near my computer with motivational quotes.

Any time I re-read them, I know why I must keep on going because life’s clock never stops! A few minutes of pleasure, while doing something meaningless won’t certainly get where I want to be in a few years from now. I’m not saying, I don’t watch movies, play video games, socialize with my friends or whatever.

I do them all but when I am working I make sure to get everything I have planned for that day, done.

A good idea is for you to write several quotes on pieces of papers and stick them on visible places of your room

A good idea is for you to write on pieces of paper several quotes and stick them on visible places around your home. Any time you look at them, you’ll remember why you must continue.

3 – Cutting Social Media

Honestly, I dislike any type of social media network out there. Yet, in the past I quite often went to my personal Facebook account during my working time to see if there was anything new. When I noticed this I actually deleted my account. I’m not saying you need to go to the extremes as I did. Neither am I talking about your business accounts.

However, you should see if you’re wasting too much time in your personal accounts as a way of escaping your work. If that’s the case then you should consider:

  1. Limiting your daily time there. Probably, just 15 mins or less per day is enough. Afterward, you don’t go there any more.
  2. Deleting your accounts.

A few years ago, nobody had them and nobody needed them. Now in days, people don’t seem to be able to live without these websites. Let’s be honest here, most of the information shared over there is pretty pointless. Besides, many people have a huge amount of friends, who they don’t even know personally.

4 – Checking E-Mail

Another point quite similar to the one I spoke about previously. You might not notice but if you spend a few minutes multiple times a day checking your email inbox and social media networks. If you add that all up then in the end of the day you probably have more than a couple of hours of non-productive work.

In this case, it’s definitely harder to delete your email accounts since you need them. However, I recommend for you to limit your time there.

Let’s imagine, you spend 15 mins in your email and another ones on your social media account then during the rest of the day, you don’t go there anymore.

5 – One hour burst

The idea here is during one hour you totally focus on your task and give your best. Afterward, you take 10 minute break and rinse and repeat. A few people prefer shorter spans of times, it’s really up to your preference. I recommend for you to use an online timer to help you control your time. You can find one here.

The trick is really to put all your attention on your work during that period of time. This means, you shouldn’t stop your work to check your social media profile, or another distraction.

I commonly like to take a 10 minute break out from my computer. Sometimes I do some exercise or go to my home’s balcony to catch some fresh air.


If there’s anything harder to face is certainly procrastination. Not everything you do online is exactly thrilling or sometimes you just don’t feel like doing new content.

Whatever are your reasons, I bet these 5 tips will help you keep your focus on what really matters. I’m pretty certain I didn’t mention them all.

For this reason, I recommend for you to analyse your daily habits and see if there’s any distraction you should remove. The more focus you’re in your online progress the faster it will come.

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