5 Steps to Make Your Website Successful

5 Steps to Make Your Website Successful

Are you ready to learn how  to make your website successful? You got everything that you need right here! I explain the 5 fundamental steps. A sequence of easy to follow steps that you can take from day 1 and eventually reach the success you deserve. But wait what exactly am I talking about? Let’s go more in detail…

Step 1) WordPress Website

You’ll learn how to make an impressive looking WordPress website. This is a website building tool that allows you to quickly make any type of website you want. The good news is you don’t need to waste your time learning how to code html and css!

Once you have a web-host, which is a company that provides space for you to install your website files and also puts it online. You can quickly install WordPress and start building the website of your dreams by following Prositetutorials videos.

Besides, it doesn’t matter what you wan! Do you want a website to show your best photos? Or, pieces of art? Or, just build an online store? I have everything covered! You’ll definitely find the right video for you.

Step 2) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Just having a great looking website and high quality content isn’t enough! If you don’t know how to bring traffic then nobody will view it. Instead, you’ll be wasting your time for nothing.

For this reason, you should immediately start building your website for the search engines. SEO consists in the process of optimizing your website to achieve better rankings on the pages of Google, Yahoo, etc. As a result, you’ll receive more organic (free) traffic from them.

The other part is when done right you’ll receive highly target traffic. Who will be glued to your content just like bees to honey!

However, you should see this as a long-term investment on your website’s traffic. You might start today building content around specific search terms yet, it will take several months until you see the results of your labor.

Step 3 ) Marketing

As I said previously, SEO is a long-term investment but what can you do now to start immediately getting some traffic?After all, you certainly don’t want to spend the next few months writing content only for you to see! The trick is to start from the get-go building your social media networks and interacting with the communities from it. For instance, building your accounts on:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

Another step I explain in detail throughout videos. Where you’ll learn how you can build massive amounts of followers to your accounts. Without you even realizing, you’ll start from day one receiving some visitors!

Step 4) Monetize

Nobody enjoys working for free! The fact is building a high-quality website is time-consuming and takes quite some effort.  Therefore, if you are providing great content and helping people out, you should also receive something in return for all your effort.

For this, you must learn how to monetize your website. You have several options when it comes to this, such as:

  • Adsense: Possibly the easiest way to start making some money online. This consists on associating your website with Google and letting them promote advertisement there. You receive some money each time someone clicks on one of those ads.
  • Your Product: You probably already have your product or service. I explain several ways you can promote it on your website.
  • Affiliate: On the Internet, you have several networks you can associate with. Afterward, you can promote someone’s product on your website and earn a commission each time someone purchases through you. An ideal solution if don’t own a product, neither do you want to spend the next months creating one.

Step 5) Mindset

You may know all the tricks in the book but if you don’t have the right mindset nothing will work. You simply won’t have the persistence to keep working until you see the results you want. I believe mindset is one of the most fundamental parts in being successful online.

You must understand that building a successful website/s isn’t an overnight process as many marketers out there promise. You can’t expect to click on a button on your computer’s screen and start seeing money jumping into your bank account! Dang… wouldn’t that be great? We all be rich by now hehe…

The real fact is making a good website takes skill, effort and commitment. The other part is online you get paid by how much you put into it! It’s quite different compared to a normal job.Where you typically don’t get paid by your efficiency. Instead by how much time you work for a company.

If you’re looking to earn good money online then take this seriously! Even if some things initially might seem ridiculous, or monotonous to do. Just know you must do them to reach your online success!

But wait, you know what you can do now to start a step ahead in your success? Just subscribe to Prostetutorials channel over here. This way you can receive on a weekly basis fresh videos and learn new tricks and tips!

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