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6 Important Factors that Will Improve Your Website’s Google Rankings – SEO Tutorial Part 3

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In my last video, I explained what exactly Google wants from your website. I recommend for you to watch this video before you decide to continue.

Good SEO is one that appears natural, not only to your visitors but also to Google. You should always be careful about not overdoing it. You certainly don’t want Google thinking you’re trying to manipulate their system or you might get penalized.

I bet nobody wants that even for a smaller website. For this reason, stick to these six factor you may learn a few more but never go over the top.

1 – Website Age

When you start a new website Google doesn’t immediately trust it. In the past, a website would rank quite easily and quickly. All you needed was to have a large amount of backlinks pointed to it.

As a result, people started spamming backlinks all over the web. You probably have noticed this especially when you have a new website. All you need is to leave the comment section open and sooner or later you start receiving of flood of spammy comments.

If you’re wondering these aren’t humans, instead robots going from one website to another. The intent of their comment is to get a backlink probably to one of the many infamous Viagra websites out there.

When Google realized this, they stopped trusting younger websites. For this reason, a new website typically takes two to three months until you start noticing some trickles of traffic.

As time passes, the more trust you gain from Google and therefore, traffic! Sure, this also depends on the quality of your website. If you’re “harshly” trying to manipulate their system then sooner or later, your website will get penalize. After all, we are always trying to gain an edge but that doesn’t mean you need to overdo it.

You can easily see the influence of aging from the websites that have been around since ever, such as:

  • Amazon
  • Youtube
  • Wikipedia

These websites usually rank well for multiple results, why? They’ve already earned Google’s trust!

When it comes to this part you can’t really do much, it’s really a waiting game. Well, only if you have a time machine and left someone working on your website. You could probably jump two years from now and see the results. If that’s not the case then patience is your best friend.

It’s important to notice you will only receive some traffic after two or three months if you choose low competition keywords. Later on, I will explain this more in detail. However, if you build every single page on your website around highly competitive keywords. It may take several months or even years until you see anything at all.

2 – Content

I already spoke about this previously, however, I cannot stress its importance enough! If you want your website to rank well then make sure to provide good and unique content.

This means you should never copy or spin content from other websites and post it on yours. This might result in your website getting penalized. You should also write content regardless if you have an e-commerce or video website, etc.

A good example is Prositetutorials.  Even though, I provide mostly Youtube video tutorials, I always make sure to write content in each post.

The reason is the crawlers sent by Google can only analyse properly written content.  For instance, if you have an e-commerce website then on the side build a blog. Where you can offer tips, how to guides, or other relevant information.

I also noticed over the years, typically posts with more than 800 words seem to rank better compared to smaller ones. For this reason, try to write most of your articles within that size. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have one or two smaller articles. After all, not every single topic deserves so much attention!

Although, you should never make a website with merely short posts. Otherwise, you might have a hard time ranking it well on Google.

3 – Relevancy

This consists on how closely related is your post to a particular search. The fact is Google gives more importance to relevant content.

You should pay close attention to this especially when you start doing keyword research. For instance, if you’re searching for “Best vanilla ice-cream recipes”. Afterward, on the SERP you only saw websites talking about, “Best chocolate ice-cream recipes” would that be any useful? No, since it is not what you want.

But wait a bit… isn’t that great? You can take advantage from this situation by simply writing a post targeting “Best vanilla ice-cream”.

As I said previously Google wants relevant results, since there’s lack of content for that specific topic. Your post will very probably outrank all other websites, even if they have far more authority than yours.

4 – Backlinks

A backlink is any website that has a link pointing to yours. One of the factors Google uses to evaluate the quality of one website is the number of high-quality backlinks. After all, if other well-trusted websites are mentioning yours then you must be doing something right!

Let’s imagine you have a backlink coming from Wikipedia. Definitely, an extremely hard accomplishment, since they don’t accept any kind of information. However, if you got one then it would certainly improve your website’s results in Google. You are basically associating your website with a highly trusted one.

Otherwise, if you only have backlinks coming from shady websites then guess what? Your website certainly isn’t any better than those. Actually, this might hurt your results on the search engine. You could say the same thing in real life!

If you were looking from the outside and saw someone only associating with criminals, what would you think? You probably would consider that person also a criminal and someone you should stay away. On the other hand, if you saw someone else always surrounded by highly influential individuals then he’s probably also great.This analogy is basically how the web works. A good website surrounds itself with trusted ones and vice versa.

5 – Uploading Time

The amount of time each website page takes to open to a new visitor. On the Internet, people commonly wait around 5 seconds or less. Afterward, if your website isn’t appearing on their screen they most likely leave and never return.

Besides that, it’s also another factor Google uses to determine the quality of your website. For this reason, you want to always make sure you have a fast uploading time. In my video, I forgot to mention a few aspects which affect this, such as:

  • Web-host: A web-host with a good connectivity
  • WordPress theme: A few themes have a lot of coding making your website run slower. A good idea is to use a simple one.
  • Amount of plugins: If you have a great amount of plugins installed it will also delay your website
  • Image Size: High-quality and big size images take longer to upload.

6 – Bounce Rate

Bounce rate indicates how engage people are in your website. You can view this information in several analytic tools, including:

Not something you really need to worry when you have a new website. You certainly won’t have a flood of traffic to seriously determine it. After several months when you start noticing some traffic then you should analyse your site’s bounce rate. Always, try to keep it as low as possible. In case, your bounce rate is high it may be because:

  1. Your visitors aren’t finding relevant content.
  2. Poor quality content. Do you have misspelling or grammar errors? Is your content informational enough?

Besides, this information being important for you, it also tells Google how good is your website. After all, if your website’s bounce rate is low then it must be really good or why else would people stay there? I am betting they wouldn’t considering there are millions of other websites out there!

Dang… that was quite an overload of information, right? I bet! Anyway, in my next video I am going to quickly talk about link juice. In other words, how backlinks pass influence from one website to another. If you don’t want to miss my next video then please make sure to subscribe to my channel over here.


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