8- How to Get Into the WordPress Back Office?

How to Get Into the WordPress Back Office?

Welcome to video eight, in this one I will explain how to login to WordPress back-office and a general overview about the several options you can find there.

How to login to WordPress back-office?

When you enter into your new website front page, on your browser see above where you have a text box where you can see the domain name from your website.

When you go to your new website front page, look above where you can see the domain name belonging to it. Over this text box, overwrite the following:

  • www.yourwebsitename.com/wp-admin

Just add /wp-admin in front of your domain name so you can access its back-end.

Afterward, a login page will appear. In this page, write your username and password, which should be the same ones you used when you installed WordPress.

What are the options available?

The back-office of your website is only visible to you, or to anyone who can login into it. Therefore, your visitors aren’t able to see it. In this section is where you will pass great part of your time making your website. This can be writing new pages, changing website’s design etc…


This will be the first page you will view once you arrive to your back-office. It’s not something I commonly use much. However, you can still see some useful information, such as:

  • You have several links that allow you to change your theme; write a new post; add an about page, etc.
  • You can quickly see the amount of posts, pages and comments
  • You can read WordPress related news


Right below your dashboard you can see this option. When you have new updates it will appear here. In this section, you can quickly update what is necessary.


This section is used to write new posts and manage them


Basically, the same thing I said before but in this case you can add pages. Later on, I will explain more in detail the difference between pages and posts.


A gallery where you can view all the images and videos, and also upload new ones.


You can view all the comments you’ve received, delete or reply to them.


In this section, you can quickly change the theme of your website. A theme is a design for one’s website.


An area that allows you to install new plugins or remove any that you don’t find necessary. As I mentioned previously, a plugin is an application that gives more functions to your website.


You can see all the users currently registered to your website.


Another section I rarely use. I prefer to install a plugin that automatically back-ups all the files from my website. I will explain how you can to this in another video. However, in tools you can download all the information from the website to your computer. In case anything bad happens to your website, you can recover it using the saved files.


Over here, you have several important options. For instance, in General you can change the site’s title, URL, e-mail and more.


Just a small glimpse of everything you are able to do in WordPress back-office. I recommend for you to waste sometime looking to the several options until you feel comfortable. Afterward, pass to the next video and learn the rest.