9- How to Upload Custom Theme to WordPress?

How to upload a custom theme

Okay, by now you certainly have a good understanding about WordPress back-office. Now it’s time to learn how to change your website’s theme. What is this?

WordPress Themes

One of the greatest features from WordPress is how easily you can change the whole appearance from your website without needing to program anything. A theme is nothing more than a design for one’s website.

When it comes to themes you have two different types. You have, “Premium” themes, which are paid. In this case, you typically get:

  • A better website design and coding
  • Better costumer support
  • More options to configure your website. This way you can have something that looks unique.

However, in this video course I will use a free theme called, “Spacious”. You don’t exactly need to use this one. You’ve got thousands and thousands of free themes to choose. But be careful because a few of them aren’t good! I typically choose a well-rated theme. This way I know it’s typically free from bugs and it won’t ruin my website.

Nonetheless, it’s always a good idea to back up your website. As I said, a few themes have bugs and you certainly don’t want to lose all the information you got.

How to install a WordPress theme?

  1. Login to your WordPress back-office
  2. Search for the section called, “Appearance”.
  3. Under “Appearance”, you’ll find “Themes”. Just click on it.
  4. In the next page, click on, “Add new.”
  5. Now on the search box write, “Spacious”
  6. Select the “Spacious” theme appearing on the list. You will see below appearing the option to install. Click on it and follow the next instruction.

I guess by now, you’re starting to realize why WordPress is so popular. You can easily change your website’s design, install plugins and much more without coding.


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