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How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website In 2018

affiliate marketing without a website in 2018

Often people wonder if it is possible to do affiliate marketing without a website. For some reason, they simply don’t want to have a website. I don’t blame them! Even though, building a website isn’t exactly hard. You must always learn new skills and constantly update it with fresh content.

I will explain one of the most effective ways to promote products without having a website.

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

It consists on you promoting products belonging to other people. You may promote two different type of products:

  • Physical products – Laptops, headphones, kitchen equipment, and even luxurious cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini) and travels
  •  Virtual products – e-books, video courses and memberships

One of the first things you must do is to choose several profitable products to promote. This may sound common sense! But often, many new affiliate do the opposite. Instead, they first spend months or years creating content and only then, they search for products. Usually, afterward they realize, “Oh… gosh! I spent months in this and now I can’t find products to promote!”

This notion is completely wrong! You must start from the products and only then you build content around them.

Once you choose a product, then you get an affiliate link. In order for you to make money, you must promote this link to the right audience. Whenever someone purchases a product through your affiliate link you earn a commission.


The “right audience” are people who are normally craving to resolve their problem. As an affiliate your job is to connect this audience to the respective solution (product). Let’s go more in detail…

1 st – You must choose a product

2nd – A source of traffic

When it comes to traffic you can either get organic (free) or paid traffic. Often people have this idea that they can build a business completely free by getting organic traffic. This thought is partially true but not completely.

Even though, you might not pay with your money but you definitely pay with your time. Getting organic traffic requires time and effort in order for you to create content.

Free Traffic

Here are the most effective ways of getting free traffic. Of course, there might be others, such as posting ads in Craiglist, etc. I must admit, I never posted anything there. I don’t know whether if this is a good way to promote affiliate offers or not.

Anyway, the most popular free traffic sources are:

  • Blogging – Building a blog and writing review posts. Definitely, not something you want to do!
  • Video Marketing – Reviewing products through Youtube videos. By far one of the best ways to get free traffic.

In this tutorial, I am going more in depth about video marketing.

Paid Traffic

I am only going to give you a few ideas. If you don’t like to do video marketing then grab one of these traffic sources and master it. You don’t need to learn all of them in order for you to make a lot of money online.

  • Facebook advertisement
  • Bing advertisement
  • Banner ads
  • Solo Ads

Where Can You Find Affiliate Products?

Clickbank – One of the biggest online retailers in the world. By joining their affiliate program, you can find virtual products to promote nearly in every possibly niche. You may earn commissions up to 75% with some of these products.

If you want to learn more about Clickbank then make sure to read my other tutorial here. They basically accept everyone so it is a great program for newbies. Besides, they pay their commissions two in two weeks.

Jvzoo – Another platform similar to Clickbank. Even though, they have affiliate products in several niches, their main focus is in the make money online niche.

In case, you are interested in getting into this niche then there is no better place. Once again, they accept nearly every affiliate.

Warning: On contrary to Clickbank, the commission payment is done by the product creators. Often it may take up to 60 days for you to receive your earnings.

Mobe – A platform similar to the ones mentioned above. The main difference is Mobe has their own products, such as: Masterclasses and mastermind groups.

These products are high ticket. Meaning, you may earn commissions up to $10.000 per sale. But there is a catch! In order for you to promote Mobe products, you must first subscribe to one of their memberships.

For this reason, there is an initial investment involved. However, if you have the money then this is one of the best affiliate programs online.

Sandals – If you are interested in promoting physical products then this may be the right program for you. Sandals is a company that promote luxurious travels all over the world. You can promote these travels as an affiliate and earn fat commissions.

Amazon Associates – One of the biggest e-commerce websites in the world. You can join their affiliate program and start promoting their physical products. This includes: laptops, desktops, kitchen equipment, books, etc.

One of the problems about their associates programs is that they normally only pay about 4 to 5% commissions. This percentage increases by the number of sales. If you sell plenty of items you can increase this commission up to 15%.

Although, physical products tend to sell better compared to virtual ones. Let’s be honest, earning just %4 sucks!

I forgot to mention in my video but you also need to have a domain name (costs $10) so you may join their associates program.

Hostgator – I used this web-host company as an example. However, most companies normally have an affiliate program. If there is a particular company you would like to promote as an affiliate then see if you can find their affiliate program in the footer section of their website.

How to Choose Profitable Products To Promote?

Of course, I can’t go through all the companies and explain each one individually. I might do that in separate tutorials. Therefore, the company I chose for demonstration is Clickbank. As they are one of the most famous online retailers worldwide.

First, this company acts as an intermediate. In other words, they make the connection between affiliates and product creators easier.

Otherwise, product creators would have a hard time finding affiliates. Besides, you will only find virtual products to promote in Clickbank.

They also pay hefty commission sometimes up to 75%. However, one of their main issues is most of their products are dirt cheap. Usually, between 17 to 100 dollars range. So for to make a respectable amount of money, you need sell a good number of items.

Anyway, for a newbie this company is still great. Later, I recommend for you to join another company that pays more.

Just register an account with Clickbank, which is simple. Afterward, you will see a dashboard similar to the one below.

Clickbank dashboard area

The dashboard section provides information about the number of sales you made in a specific day.

Your first step is to find profitable products to promote as affiliate. For this, click on the marketplace link.

In the marketplace, you have plenty of categories or niches you may choose. I must remind you that not every single category is profitable.

You should always carefully analyze a niche before you get into it.


In this page, you want to sort results by gravity. As popularity isn’t exactly a good metric. Just because a product is profitable that doesn’t mean affiliates are doing money by promoting it.

On contrary, gravity is determined by the number of  sales made by affiliate during the past 12 weeks. So if a product has a high gravity then that means affiliate are selling it like hotcakes. I suggest for you to choose products with at least 30 or more gravity.

In my video, I chose the diet and fitness niche. Although, there are plenty of products with good gravity most of them are dirt cheap.

In case, you already have a YT channel in this niche then go ahead and promote these products. Otherwise, if you are starting out then I recommend for you to find individual companies with more expensive products.

A category with more expensive products is the, “e-business and e-marketing”. But before you decide to promote a product, you should first analyze a few aspects. For instance:

Avg$/sale – The average amount of money earned with a product. In case, this metric is the same as initial$/sale then that is the total money earned upfront. If avg$/sale is higher than initial$/sale then you make more money through the funnel (upsells, downsells), or membership planning.

I recommend for you to choose products avg$/sale higher than $100.

Sales page – I recommend for you to always analyze the sales page. Go the sales page and ask yourself, “Would I trust this page with my credit card information?”

If for some reason the page seems sleazy and cheap then don’t promote that product. I also see if the sales page has:

  • Video – These pages tend to convert better
  • Testimonials from students or famous people, or both – Helps build immediate credibility

If yes, then the product is certainly high quality and good for you to promote as an affiliate.

clickbank affiliate link

Afterward, just click on the “promote” button to get your affiliate link.

How To Send Traffic To Your Affiliate Links?

A great way for you to start getting free traffic to your offers is by promoting products through Youtube. Of course, this involves some work from your part. As you will need to produce content.

What Are The Tools You Need?

Camtasia – This software is ideal for screen and face recording. You can produce videos similar to the one I did for this tutorial. I enjoy this tool due to its simplicity.

Blue Snowball Microphone – I don’t recommend for you to purchase a cheap microphone. This is one of those things that you really pay for what you get. Cheap microphones normally record audios with terrible sound quality, and soon you have everyone and their mom complaining about your videos.


I suggest Blue snowball. This microphone is the best one for its pricing. You may find it by searching for “Blue snowball” in Amazon.

How To Promote Physical Products?

If you want to promote physical products then a great way is by producing videos where you unbox products. For instance:

unboxing affiliate products

As you may see these videos are extremely popular. I recommend for you to go to Youtube and see what these reviewers are doing.

Anyway, most of these videos are from people unboxing the product and showing them more in detail. Afterward, they normally insert an affiliate link in the description of their video.

Whenever someone purchases a product using their link they earn a commission.

How To Promote Virtual Products?

The best way to promote virtual products is by screen recording their them. As you may see in this example:

affiliate marketing without a website - screen recording

I did this video a while ago where I reviewed CB Passive Income. Actually, an awesome products if you are a beginner looking to make money online. You may read more details about CB Passive Income here.

I produced a screen recording showing this programs dashboard and functionalities. In other words, explaining what, and how it works. I also carefully inserted a link in the beginning of my video description.

Note: Once again, head to YT and see what other people are doing to make money online. You can learn a lot just by watching with your eyes wide open.

Do you want learn more about affiliate marketing?

If you are serious about making money as an affiliate then investing in your education should be your top priority! One of the courses online is, “Affiliate Marketing Revolution”.

This course teaches you everything in order for you to succeed as an affiliate marketer. For instance:

1 – The Right Mindset – One of the biggest reasons most affiliates fail is because they have the wrong mindset.

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You need provide tons of value before you and they will give you the money?


If you still believe in this then it is extremely hard for you to make money online.

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