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Best Settings For W3 Total Cache – SEO Tutorial Part 6

Best Settings For W3 Total Cache 02

Are you ready to speed up your website even more? Just be careful and don’t let the police catch you passing the speed limits 😉

In the next few videos, you’ll learn how to use several WordPress plugins that will greatly improve the performance of your website. I recommend for you use Gtmetrix. This website allows you to easily analyse your enhancements but also where you can improve more.

Anyway, in this video I talk about W3 Total Cache! Possibly one of the best caching plugins out there. You can either choose to use it completely free or the premium version which comes with extra features.

If you are a beginner then the free option is enough to start. Yet, if later on you want further improvements then I suggest their paid version. However, that’s beyond the scope of this video, since I don’t use it.

Why Use W3 Total Cache?

w3 total cache performanceI guess at this point you’re wondering what exactly is this plugin and how it will help you out! Well, cache is a temporary memory which either the server or client or both sides have.

This memory allows a website to upload faster, since it doesn’t need to obtain again all the information from its source. For example, when you arrive at Prositetutorials for the first time. The pages take longer to pop up on your computer’s screen.

The reason is you need to get all the information from Hostgator or CloudFlare’s servers. The uploading time depends mostly on the distance you’re from the source. I actually spoke about this in my previous post over here.

Anyway, when a website has W3 Total Cache installed some of its data gets stored on your computer or server’s cache.  This may include static images (website logo), written content (pages) or coding.

But that’s not all this plugin does, it also minifies the coding of each web page. This consists on removing any blank spacing or unnecessary characters from the HTML, CSS and Javascript programming. As result, the page uploads faster since it has less coding installed.

How to Install W3 Total Cache?

  1. Go to your WordPress Backoffice
  2. Search plugins and press add new
  3. Now on the search box write, “W3 Total Cache”
  4. It should be the first plugin appearing, Now just install and activate it.
  5. You’ll see a new section appearing on the sidebar called, “Performance”
  6. Follow the video where I explain my configuration

Notice: Always remember to make a backup of your website before you install any new plugin. A few of them may cause conflicts on your website. You certainly don’t want to refresh your website only to see a blank page showing an error.

At least if you have a backup you can easily recover your content.

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