Best Way to Get More Google Plus Followers – Get 1,000 Followers Now

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In this video I explain how you can easily get 1,000 followers in a month with Google Plus.

What Is Google Plus

A social media platform that was developed by Google, some people claim to mainly beat Facebook. At first look Google Plus seems quite a complicated website. However, it works basically with groups. You make a group around a particular topic, once you post there all your followers are able to see it.

Afterward, people can give your share a plus which is basically the same as a, “Like” on Facebook.


Why Use Google Plus?

This platform has a huge community, therefore, it’s a great way for you to promote your content and get traffic to your website. If you already have an account with Youtube then you possibly already have a G+ profile. You can either use that one, or create a new one focused for your business. I personally prefer to separate my business from my personal stuff.

Once you create an account, your first step should be to add a nice looking cover and photo to your profile. You can do this using Photoshop, in their website you can get a 30 days free trial. 

If you want to learn more about how to create impressive images in Photoshop then check this video here.

Is Google Plus For You?

The reason why I love Google plus is the same one why I love Twitter. This platforms basically works for every single niche out there. Do you have a website talking about programming language? Or, about gaming? No problem!

You’ll certainly find a large community waiting to see your content.

What Is The Secret Method?

If you watched my other social media videos, you are certainly starting to see a pattern. The core of most social media networks is always the same one. In other words, they practically all work the same way.

Therefore, if you want to get massive amounts of followers on Google+ then you must follow people within your niche. The reason is a small percentage of them will always follow you back. After a while and bit by bit that small percentage becomes huge!

You soon have a huge amount of followers on your profile and people who really care about your content! But…

How Can You Find People Within Your Niche?

When you login to Google Plus you will see a small search box. Over there, write the main subject of your website. For instance for Prositetutorials that would be, “WordPress.”

Afterward, a screen appears showing several profiles talking about WordPress. I join one of them, let’s say, “WordPress” Google Plus account. I see on the corner right the number of followers they have, which is about 80 000. If you aren’t aware you probably won’t notice it, however, these number of followers they have in their group is a link.

Just click on it and you will be able to see the people who are following that account. Logically, if they’re following a profile within your niche then very probably they will also be interested in the content that you have.

Now just start following one by one and soon you’ll see a few of them following you back.

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Thanks for watching, stay tune with Prositetutorials!

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