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Where Can You Find The Best Writers For Kindle Books?

how can you find good ghostwriters for your kindle books

If you are looking or already have a Kindle publishing business established and need ghoswriters then this tutorial is for you! Often this is a huge hurdle. As there are hundreds of ghostwriter companies out there to choose. Besides, many provide poor quality content or take forever to deliver your books.

A few days ago someone left a question on one of my videos that got me a bit worried. I commonly say that 70% to 80% of your work as a publishers is being able to find profitable keywords. However, that doesn’t mean you should find one then another keyword a publish books all over the place.

No, no… you should avoid the shotgun approach. You want to publish books all under the same niche. In other words, you want to work in favor of the Amazon algorithm.

However, just being able to find and structure your keywords isn’t enough! Providing books with high quality content is extremely important.

Now this is easier said than done. The fact is many ghostwriters despite claiming they have a team of English fluent writers that often isn’t the case.

After you threw $200 to $300 down the toilet, you receive a book that looks like crap. What then? Should you still publish it? For what? So you can soon have a bunch of angry customers leaving negative reviews.

For this reason, choosing a good ghostwriter company isn’t easy. Actually, I kept mine secret for along time until today. Yes, I am going to share my secret!

The company I use is called, “Hotghostwriter“. Now I must remind you, I didn’t start with this company. Initially, I was getting my books from somewhere else. The other company provided a cheaper service.

But not always, but frequently I would get books with trashy content. Full of grammatical errors, repetitive sentences, etc. After receiving too many negative reviews from customers, I decided that it was better for me to invest an extra dollar in order to get better quality books.

About Hotghostwriter…

hotghostwriter - ghostwriting company

I like the design of their website. It looks professional and clean. Often some of these companies don’t put much effort into their design. Anyway, let’s take a look at their main advantages:

1 – Native English Writers

I can confirm that the writing of their books is good. So yes, their writers are actually native English. As I said before, plenty of ghoswriter companies make this promise but the books they deliver don’t look from someone who is native.

2 – Fast Turnover

A fast turnover is extremely important in order for you to scale up your KDP business quickly. As the more books you publish in Amazon, the faster you make money and reinvest it in more books.

I already had this issue with several companies. You order a book and only receive it after a month or two. As a result, it takes forever for you to grow your business.


Using Hotghostwriter, you should expect to receive a 12k word book in 8 to 10 days. For a 20k word book about 16 days.

3 – Unlimited Revision

Sometimes when you receive a book there may be a few aspects you would like to change. In this case, they provide unlimited revisions. Meaning, they will edit the content of your book until you are fully satisfied.

4 – Ready To Publish Content

Once you receive your book it will be ready for you to publish in KDP. So you don’t need to waste any time formatting your content. Just upload your book into your Kindle account and start banking.

Besides, for a small fee you can also request your book to come ready for Createspace (paperback) .

What service should you choose?

Hotghostwriter provides two services, this includes: technical and standard topics.

The service you choose depends on the topic of your book. If you want to produce a book related to Html&CSS coding then you must choose their, “technical” topic service. For this type of books, it is required a specialized writer.

As you may imagine, not everyone knows about coding. Therefore, you pay more for their technical service compared to their standard one.

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If your book is about one of the standards topics listed then you will only need a normal writer. The expenses will be less.

Hint: Highly technical books are extremely profitable in KDP.

Getting Your Book Formatted For Createspace

An extra feature you may want to choose with your order. In my video tutorial, I show more in detail how your book will look once formatted. You may want to check this feature by going to Hotghostwriter blog section and searching for this post, “How To Publish A Book Step-By-Step With Createspace“.


Actually, they did a great job with this book. They also included a few images, which is always a good idea for more technical book.

As this makes their reading less monotonous and easier to understand.

How Do You Order A Book From Hotghostwriter?

Just head over to Hotghostwriter shop. Afterward, you will see several services including:


Choose the best option for your book. You can also include other packages depending on your needs. Some of these packages come with an ebook cover design, paperback formating, html book description, etc.

Basically, everything you need so you may immediately publish your book in KDP and Createspace.

I chose the standard service. In the next page, you need to choose the length for your book. If you are beginner, I recommend for you to initial cut costs by getting less lengthier books. The minimal length is 10,000 words.

Once you start doing money with these books then you can reinvest in bigger book. As this makes your book sell better because people enjoy reading more extensive books. Besides, most people associate a book’s length to quality.

But also this allows you to increase your book pricing in Kindle,  Createspace and ACX. As a result, you make even more money with a single book.

I also suggest for you to send them the main topic and subtopics you want cover in your book.

Hint: I often go to the best selling books for a profitable keyword in Amazon. I open a preview of these books and copy their topics to a notepad. Afterward, I give the same topics as a guideline for my book to the ghostwriter company.


The idea is if these books are selling well then certainly it has to do with their content.


If you want to get high-quality books done then I recommend for you try out “Hotghostwriter”. Click here to visit their website.


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