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CB Passive Income 4.0 Review – Is It The Easiest Way To Make Money Online?


CB Passive Income  is one of the most popular products from Clickbank. This platform was created by best-selling author and world-class Internet marketer Patric Chan. In this review, you are about to learn how can easily make money online with CB Passive Income.

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 How Do Most Internet Marketers Do Money?

I must first explain how most Internet Marketers do money online before we continue with CB Passive Income. Usually, most marketers build an email list. Below you have a simplified example:

cb passive income diagram

Now putting this system in place may seem easy by the looks of this diagram. However, it is far from the truth, why?

1 – Squeeze Page

You probably have seen squeeze pages before. This page is purposely built to effectively capture people’s email addresses. Normally, this is done by excluding all forms of distractions, such as: links, sidebars, buttons, footer section; and by offering an ethical bribe (free e-book, video, report) that someone will only receive after they gave their email address, and sometimes their first and last name away.

Building a highly converting squeeze page is no joke! Often most Internet Marketers need to purchase tools like LeadPage or Clickfunnels in order to build a squeeze page that looks professional.

Unfortunately, WordPress lacks decent themes for this purpose. Afterward, they spend sometimes months split testing several pages until they find the highest converting one. This process consists on trying different headlines, button text and colors, bribes, page designs, etc.

2 – Email Sequence

If that wasn’t enough then you must have an auto-responder set in place for instance: Getresponse. So you can automatically send e-mails to your new subscribers. You certainly don’t want to do all of this work manually. Otherwise, you won’t do anything else!

The emails also must be carefully written so your subscribers will read them and more importantly purchase your affiliate offers.

3 – Right Offers

Furthermore, you must choose the right affiliate offers to promote to your subscribers. Otherwise, your subscribers won’t make you money.

As you may see this involves a lot of work and skill to pull it off successfully!


Just imagine that you wouldn’t need to build a squeeze page, an email squeeze and choose the right offers to promote. Instead, you already have all of this done for you!

Yes, you heard me correctly!

In a nutshell that is CB Passive Income. When you join this platform you already have high converting squeeze pages and their respective auto-responders built.

All you need to do is send traffic to these squeeze pages. Afterward, the subscribers you get are taken through an email sequence. You earn a commission whenever they purchase a product promoted in one of those emails.

Note: All the products promoted belong to Clickbank. Therefore, you must have an account with them. Their registration process is very simple and they nearly accept everyone!

If you want to learn more about Clickbank then read here.

Anyway, CB Passive Income is possibly one of the easiest ways to start making passive income online. As I said, all you need to do is send traffic to these squeeze pages. Besides, if you are worried about how to get traffic then don’t worry!

You will find all the necessary information inside of their platform.

CB Passive Income End

Now let’s take a look at CB Passive Income back end…

cb passive income back end

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After you joined this platform, this is the first page you will see. These three .pdf provide a better understanding about how you can  make money with CB Passive Income.

How To Make Money Online With CB Passive Income

For you to make money with CB Passive Income you must promote your pre-made squeeze pages. If your subscriber purchases an affiliate offer promoted through that email sequence then you earn its commission.

How Come?

After you have a Clickbank account you must get your ID for instance mine is: JAlexo. The ID is the piece of information that makes an affiliate links yours.

Afterward, you must enter into CB Passive Income and click on “My Profile” section. Here you must add your ID to the respective field.

This way all the offers sent through email will be with your affiliate link. Thus you earn a commission because people are buying through your affiliate link.

CB Passive Income Squeeze Pages

You must go to “Your Unique Link” inside of CB Passive Income. Here you will find several squeeze pages that you may promote. These squeeze pages are mostly in the “making money online” niche. I am not certain if they have occasionally pages in other niches. However, the making money online niche is one of the most profitable ones online!

You must choose an offer (squeeze page) you would like to promote. Next you will get your unique link. This is the link that you need to send traffic.

What About Traffic?

You can either send free or paid traffic to your unique link. Both of these traffic methods are explained in detailed inside of CB Passive Income. Anyway, I will give you a brief explanation.

Free Traffic

If you are under a tight budget then you can start building your email list with free traffic. However, this is more time consuming and slower compared to paid traffic. Well, you can’t have it all!

This includes:

  • Youtube videos: Where you mention your unique link in the description and throughout your video
  • Blog: Promoting your link throughout your content and in sidebar banners. Actually, you will find a variety of banners already done inside of CB Passive Income; all you need to do is copy and paste them into your website.

Paid Traffic

If you have some money to invest then paid traffic is ideal! The fact is you can see results overnight! This includes:

Solo Ads – This consists on sending a promotion message to someone’s email list.

Bing Ads – Bing Ads is fairly cheap in comparison to Google Ads. Just for a few cents you can get highly targeted traffic to your offers.

Notice: CB Passive Income provides excellent video tutorials explaining all the nuances of paid traffic. You can later apply the same knowledge in building your own email listing.

CB Passive Income Upsells

After you got CB Passive Income licence, you are taken through a funnel where you will find two upsells.

1st Upsell – Inbox Pro Version

If you get this upsell you will be able to not only build your email list inside of CB Passive Income but also in your own autoresponder system. In other words, once you get a new subscriber it will also be added to your Aweber, or Getresponse account.

This way you always have your list even if you leave CB Passive Income. I highly recommend this first upsell.

2nd Upsell – The Fast Cash Series

You will receive unique ways to quickly make money online from Patric Chan in a weekly basis.


  • Easy way to start making money online
  • Good tutorials about free and paid traffic
  • Business in a box


  • If you don’t get the first upsell then all your subscribers are stuck inside of CB Passive Income

Last Thoughts

If you want to start easily making money online or simply build an extra source of income then CB Passive Income is ideal!

After all you already have everything done for you! So start today sending traffic to your squeeze pages and making money online…

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