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Clickbank Tutorial For Beginners – The First Steps To More Than $100/Day With Clickbank

Clickbank tutorial

If you want to make money as an affiliate then one of the best places to find profitable products to promote is in Clickbank. This is one of the biggest global internet retailers with over 200,000 customers worldwide.

In this tutorial, you are about to discover why you should join Clickbank and more importantly how to find profitable products to make bank!

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Why Should You Join Clickbank?

1 – Low Requirements – If you are a newbie and perhaps never sold a product online then Clickbank is ideal! The fact is they basically accept everyone into their network. Often other similar websites require for you to have some experience as an affiliate in order to join them.

Actually, Clickbank was one of the first networks I joined about 5 years ago. Initially, I didn’t do much money and my results were inconsistent.

However, they were enough to get me started and see that it was possible for me to make money online. I even framed the screenshot from my first sell online, it was $17  back in 2013/02/29.

2 – Reliable Payments – You may choose to receive your earnings every two weeks directly deposit into your bank account or as a bank cheque. Besides, Clickbank reliably pays their affiliates, since they are a huge company that makes millions of dollars each month. Therefore, it is important for them to keep all their affiliates happy and continuously making more money for them.

I can’t say the same thing about smaller companies, which sometimes delay or don’t even pay their affiliates.

3 – Huge Variety Of Products – You may find products in every niche imaginable, such as: dating and relationships, diet and weight loss, acoustic guitar lessons, you name it!

Of course, not all of these niches and their respective products are profitable. You must choose the correct products as you are about to learn throughout this tutorial.

Now that you have all the facts just click here to create an account with Clickbank. This process is simple so I am not going to explain it.

Clickbank Dashboard Area

After you login into your account, you will see your dashboard area. In this page, you can view the earnings you did in a specific day and the numbers of items you sold.

In case, you want to get more detailed information then click on the reporting link. Here you can view the number of hops per order, initial sales count, refund count, etc.

Note: refund count is an especially important metric. If you have an item constantly getting refunded by clients then that means, you are wasting time or money in case your paying for advertisement by promoting that product.

Probably that product has poor quality, or its landing page has false promises or wasn’t coherent enough; one way or another, it is probably better for you to stop promoting it.

How To Search For Profitable Products To Promote?

First, go to the marketplace. You have a small link on the top navigation bar.

Once you are in the marketplace, you will see several categories (niches). This includes:

  • Arts&Entertainment
  • Betting Systems
  • Computer/Internet
  • Fiction
  • Games and others…

If you already have a website or Youtube channel in a particular niche you can always go to your category and see if you can find products to promote. Of course, make sure to follow the instructions I am about to provide. Otherwise, you run the risk of promoting something that isn’t profitable.

3 Most Profitable Niches

Basically, there are limitlessness number of niches you could possibly get into. However, on the Internet the most profitable ones are:

  • Diet and weight loss
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Make money online or make money from home

These niches have an huge audience of starving clients ready to grab anything that will fix their problems. But as you should expect they also have a stiff competition. Although, if you know what you are doing you can still be successful in these niches.

Obviously, you don’t need to get involved in them! As long as you can find high converting products in other niches then you are good!

Looking At The Product Stats

For you to choose the right products to promote you must understand their stats. This is the exact process I use:

In my video, I select the, “e-business & e-marketing” category because I know I can easily find good products there.

1st step) Sort results by “gravity“. The standard configuration sorts everything by popularity. However, this is a bad metric to see whether a product is profitable for affiliates or not.

The problem about popularity is that a product may be profitable only for the product creator for instance:

The product creator may be an authority within his niche. Probably has a large e-mail list, or a popular blog or Youtube channel.  And for that reason, he can get away with a poor quality sales pages and still make a shitload of money.

This only happens because his audience already trusts him. But for an affiliate that is bad news!

An affiliate will often promote products to people, who don’t know its creator. Therefore, the quality of the landing page is crucial!

On the other hand, gravity is determined by the number of affiliates who made sales with a specific product during the last twelve weeks. So if a product has a high gravity then that means affiliates are making money by promoting it.

I commonly choose products with a gravity of 30 or beyond. I don’t mean, literally! In case, the gravity is a bit less then it still might be good.

2nd step) After choosing a product with a good gravity now you must look at the rest of the stats:

Avg $/sale: This indicates the average amount of money you will make with a product. If the product only has an initial sale and nothing else then this value will be the same as avg $/sale. In other words, that is the maximum amount of earnings you should expect by promoting that product to a client.

Initial $/Sale: The commission you make from the first product promoted to a client. In case the Avg $/ sale is higher than the initial sale then that means:

  • Membership planning: If the product you mentioned to someone is a membership subscription then you will earn a percentage of the recurring monthly fee. Of course, only if that person decides to stay as a member.
  • Upsells: The sales funnel has several  higher pricing products that a client may purchase. This increases the possibility of an affiliate earning more money beyond the initial sale.

Avg %/Sale: The percentage of commission you will earn.

Avg %/Rebill: This is the percentage of earnings you will make each time someone pays the recurring monthly bill.

Recommendations: I like to search for products with recurring payments. As a result, I can easily stack the amount of money I do in a monthly basis.

3nd step) Always analyze the sales page before deciding whether you are going to promote a product or not.

If the gravity is above 30 then that is already a good indicator. However, go to the sales page of that product then ask yourself, “Would I buy from this sales page? Would I add my credit card information here?”

If your first thought is, “no” perhaps because the page doesn’t seem trustworthy then don’t promote that product. Otherwise, if the design of that page seems professional and legit then see if there are:

  • High quality video (These sales pages tend to convert better compared to text pages)
  • Testimonials
  • Famous faces
  • Famous brands

All of these aspects dramatically increase the credibility of a sales pages. In other words, it helps you earn more commissions.

When you have found a good product to promote just push on the, “promote button” to get your affiliate link.

This link you must promote to the right audience. Whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases the product you mentioned then you will earn a commission.

How to Promote Your Affiliate Links?

I am not going much in detail about this here. However, you can promote your affiliate links either by paying or freely.

Paying Methods

  • Solo ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Google or Bing ads

Free Methods

  • Video reviews
  • Blog reviews

Of course by paying for advertisement, you will see results quicker. If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing then make sure to check my other video here.


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