What Is The Difference Between WordPress.org And WordPress.com?


One of the confusions most newbies have when they start using WordPress is wondering, “Why Does WordPress have two different websites?”

WordPress.com and WordPress.org

For this reason, I’ll explain this tutorial the following

What’s WordPress.com?

If you register here you’ll get the free version of WordPress. However, it only come with a limited amount of options, such as:

  • Limited amount of plugins – A plugin is basically an application you can install into your WordPress website. This application will give all sorts of different actions to your website, such as: transform it into an online store, add social media sharing buttons, block daily comment spam,etc
  • Limited amounts of themes – A theme is a design for your website. If you are using the free version you don’t have so many options. In other words, you’ll most likely build a website looking similar to another one.
  • Domain Name – You’ll have something similar to: example.wordpress.com . Not exactly something that looks professional if you’re trying to build a business online
  • WordPress Property – You’ll perhaps spend hours and hours writing content for your website. All your work will be stored in a server belonging to WordPress. Therefore, they might do as they wish, even remove your website from online without warning if they don’t like something in it.

What Are The Reasons To Use WordPress.com?

I recommend to use their free version if you only intend in building a casual website. Probably, just to practice your writing skills, or to show to your friends, etc. But if you plan in building a business then don’t be cheap, it’s not worth it!

WordPress.com VS WordPress.org

What’s WordPress.org?

Here you may find the full version of WordPress without any restrictions. In other words, no limitations in the number of plugins and themes you may install besides other features.

Plugins are one of the most powerful features and perhaps the biggest reason to even use WordPress. You have a selection of more than 45 000 plugins and most which are complete free to use. For Instance:

  • bbPress will transform your website into a forum in the blink of an eye
  • Jetpack comes with a huge amount of useful features and even considered by some the Swiss army knife of WordPress
  • BuddyPress provides social network features. Your subscribers are able to send messages to each other, participate in groups and a lot more
  • Akismet blocks 99% of all comment spam happening in a website

WordPress.com VS WordPress.org

You also may select between thousands of free and premium themes.

WordPress Themes

Now there’s a catch to all of this! You must have two aspects, such as:

  1. Domain Name – Google.com, Youtube.com etc… You must purchase a name for your website
  2. Web-Host Provider – A company for a small fee provides space in their web-servers. Where all the information of your website gets stored. At the same time, they put your website on the Internet.

I suggest for you to try Hostgator. You immediately get a free domain name after you register an account with them. If you’d like more information watch my video review by clicking here.

What Now?

Well, by now you certainly have a good understanding to decide which WordPress service you want to use. I also suggest for you to watch the following videos:

If you have any question feel free to ask in the comment section below. Receive more free video updates by subscribing to Prositetutorials channel here. Thanks for reading or watching, and stay tune with Prositetutorials!

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  1. Hola, muy buen website. He visto y leído la mayoría de tus posts. Pero este no me quedó claro. Uso WordPress y mi página es del tipo example.wordpress.com y sé que puedo comprar el dominio y pasarlo a .com, pero si lo hago en .org, qué pros y cons tengo? Además del hecho de ser gratis? Si tu dices que antes eras prositestutorials.com y te pasaste a .org no por voluntad propia?

  2. Please next time make an effort in leaving your question in English. Yet, I’ll try my best to reply to you. The difference between a .com and a .org isn’t much, they’re both top level domain names, which will rank well inside of the search engines. However, .com is mostly used for commercial websites; and .org for non-profit organizations.

    Yes, before my website was prositetutorials.com but I wasn’t very serious about this before so domain expired and was purchase by another company. If I am not wrong they’re selling now the domain for 500 dollars hehe… For this reason, when I decided to rebuild prositetutorials I had to get a .org. The .com wasn’t worth that pricing! I hope that replies to all your questions. Thanks for your interest in Prositetutorials, have a great day!

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