Do you have a schedule? Work as a Winner!

do you have schedule


If you have been watching my videos for quite sometime then you already know that building a highly successful website isn’t an easy task.

do you have schedule

For most, it requires a lot of effort and more importantly consistency. Nothing is really more important than daily hammering as I typically call it! Each day, you wake up and you set a few minutes aside to manage your website.

This can be simply building backlinks, writing content or whatever. A strategy that will help you keep on track is to have a schedule. Every single day, you simply follow a plan. For instance for me:

  • I spend one hour per day on social media
  • Approximately 30 minutes building new backlinks
  • Another hour or two studying
  • About 3 hours creating new content

I every single day follow this routine. One of the problems I had in the past was that I worked on bursts! When I started a new website I was all excited and pumped up, during my first week I wrote 15 articles, and did tremendous amounts of backlinks.

After a week or two, I ran out of gas and couldn’t handle it anymore! Especially, when I looked at my Clicky account only to see zero visitors after all my work. Back then, I wasn’t organized neither did I have a success philosophy.

The trick is to keep it slow and steady. It’s better for you to have a simple working routine that you can follow every single day for weeks and months but never leaving you entirely tired. Instead of rushing all in and needing to stop after a while.

This rarely works well because you are overworking yourself to exhaustion. Nobody can keep writing weekly 20 articles, building 100 backlinks etc. You might do it for one week, or two but then you go kaboom!

Your head simply tells you, “No, I don’t want to do it anymore! I am tired!” so you stop! You may even quit all together and never enjoy the results of having a successful website because of it. For this reason, you should:

  • Design a schedule that you can easily follow every single day
  • Keep working slow and steady. When I say slow, I don’t exactly mean way too slow. Instead, a process that you can easily follow each day without overworking yourself.
  • Fast results don’t exist! You certainly have heard, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Nor can a successful website!

The schedule really depends on your lifestyle, therefore, what is suitable for me might not be for you! If you have a full-time job and a family to take care, you certainly will need to reduce the amount of time you can spend on your website.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

  1. How much time I can spend doing social media?
  2. Doing SEO?
  3. Writing content?
  4. Tweaking my website?

Discover what is appropriate for you and no matter whether it rains or the sun shines just stick to the plan! If there is anything that speaks louder is persistence this is what differentiates the professionals from the amateurs. You do the work regardless of how you feel in the moment because you know that will eventually lead to your success.

The other reason is having a schedule maintains you on track. You know exactly what you need to do now and a hour later. You can even set a timer for each task. After you completed one task, you can take a small break and then pass to the next one.

Besides, you don’t exactly need to do one hour of social media each day. A few people prefer to set a specific day for it and spend the others doing another thing. For instance, in Monday they build their social media networks.

During the rest of the week, they write content or whatever. The main idea is for you to formulate a plan that you can stick to!

I rather write 5 articles every single week for years than 20 or more in my first week and then abandoning my website. I know in the long run, if I keep stuff on my own pace I’ll have far more content than otherwise.

If you have any question make sure to leave it in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to stay tune with Prositetutorials!

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