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Why You Should Get A Kindle Course? If You Want To Make A Shitload Of Money!

why you should get a kindle course

Today I am going to explain why should get a Kindle course! I know this might sound ridiculous considering that you have so much free information available online. Anyway…

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Investing In Your Education Should Be Your Top Priority

If you are serious about making money online this can be with affiliate marketing, product creation, Kindle publishing etc… then I recommend for you to always get high-quality course.

However, this doesn’t mean you should get one from the first person who makes the biggest claim.

“Oh… I make $10.000 per day with my strategies!”

Show me the results! Claims are cheap!

Unfortunately, there are plenty of scammers online and you have to be careful to who you listen. Otherwise, you pay a hefty price for a course that is only snake oil. Besides, the worse part isn’t even the money you waste but the time you spend following ineffective strategies.

I suggest for you to get a course from someone who has fresh proven results of making money online. For instance, dashboards from the product creator or students earning money with the techniques taught inside of the course.

Here is an example from, “Self-Publishing Revolution” sales page.self publishing revolution self publishing revolution Furthermore, the dashboard found should be at least a year or less old. This gives you an idea that the course provides fresh content and that people are actually earning money with it.

In case, the dashboard are older then probably the course isn’t effective nowadays; Considering everything online is constantly changing, and what worked yesterday may not work today.

Anyway, we are getting a bit off topic over here so let’s get back on track…

The Problem With Kindle Publishing

I don’t know why! But from all of the different ways of making money online, self-publishing is by far the one with most bullshit information found throughout Youtube videos and blogs.

Probably, because Kindle publishing is rather simple and people feel the need to over-complicate it. Of course, I am comparing to other ways of making money online.

Here are a few examples of bad advice:

1 – Promote your Kindle books outside of Amazon. As a result, you have publishers wasting their time promoting their books inside of Facebook groups, Twitter, submission websites, etc.

The fact is when people want to purchase a book they don’t go to any other websites besides  Amazon. Did you ever purchase a book through Facebook? Exactly!!

2 – Build a new blog for each Kindle book. The first time I heard this advice, I thought WTF! It takes you literally months to rank a website then you have all this work to promote a $2.99 book?

3 – Paid advertisement – Advertisement isn’t exactly cheap nowadays! Once again, you will probably set the pricing of your book at $2.99. If you pay for ads then you will end up losing money. The only way to make money with your books is by selling it

The only way to promote your books is inside of Amazon. In other words, to the people who search for your book topic (keyword, search term). As you may see in the image below…

Kindle Publishing



But of course, how would you know all of this if you were just starting out with Kindle publishing? I mean, these strategies sound plausible.

In my case, even I initially fell into this trap. Actually, I paid a course that taught me these BS strategies. I remember spending days promoting my books in Facebook and paying for gigs in Fiverr.

So what happens?

You waste tremendous amounts of time and possibly money following ineffective strategies. Only to see your Kindle dashboard at zero day in, day out.

And as many new publishers before you, sooner or later you get tired of your lack of results and sadly, quit. Never really tasting the flavor of success! The flavor of more than $10k  entering directly into your bank account every single month.

You Won’t Succeed Without Proper Education

I am not saying  all the free information available is exactly bad! But if you are newbie then how can you separate the bad from the good advice? You can’t! Often you still lack experience.

For this reason, I suggest for you to invest in your education. As a result, you will drastically speed up your progress and see positive results (money) in no time.


The Kindle Course I recommend

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