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Get Response Review – How To Use Get Response?


Are you looking to start an email newsletter? Yes, great! Because this Prositetutorial is for you! You’re about to learn the following:

  1. Why Choose GetResponse Over Other Services?
  2. How To Create A Getresponse 30 Day Free Account?
  3. How To Use Getresponse Dashboard?
  4. How To Create A Campaign?
  5. How To Build Your Autoresponder?
  6. How To Schedule Your Sequence Of Messages?
  7. How To Make A GetResponse Form?
  8. How To Make A Landing Page?


1 – Why Choose GetResponse Over Other Services?

One of the biggest reasons to use Getresponse is due to their auto-responder service. An auto-response let’s you send automatically a sequence of messages to anyone who subscribes to your list. In other words, once you set all the necessary emails and landing page, you’ll have your business basically working without effort for you.

Another reason is people commonly check their email inbox in daily basis. On contrary to going to a website, which there are literally millions of them out there!

Therefore, you increase the probabilities of people actually reading your content. Besides, if you send interesting and exciting information to them, they’ll eventually start seeing you as an authority figure within your niche. Increasing your odds of selling related products or services.

Other amazing features from Getresponse are:

  1. You have your first 30 days completely free. Allowing you to test and see if you enjoy their service
  2. Newbie friendly interface. You’ll find plenty of videos explaining all the little details, such as: how to get your first 10 000 subscribers and much more…
  3. Ideal customer support. Providing expert assistance 24/7

If you like to start using Getresponse click here.

2  – How To Create A Getresponse 30 Day Free Account?

Just click on the huge orange button in their front-page as shown below:

Getresponse registration

Add your email, first name, password and start free trial.

3 – How To Use Getresponse Dashboard?

I recommend for you to their how to build a list of 10 000 subscribers video. You’ll learn tones of useful tips to help you get started in the right track!

Getresponse 10 000 subscribers tutorial

Choose the plan that is more suitable for the amount of time you have available daily.

GetResponse 90 Day Plan

Afterward, you’re taken to the first video instructing, “how to create an irresistible lead magnet”. In other words, a free bribe to entice people to opt-in into your list.

GetResponse Lead Magnet Video Tutorial

You need then to wait a certain amount of time until you’re able to watch the next video.

How To Create A Campaign?

A campaign is for you to start building a list of email contacts from a particular niche. Always make an individual campaign for each different niche. In other words, never combine for instance your dating one with your weight loss. The reason is people who joined your dating newsletter won’t most likely be interested in receiving emails about weight loss tips and vice-versa.

Getresponse Create Campaign

Just press create campaign from the drop down menu found in Getresponse dashboard. In the next page, give your campaign a specific name and the press create campaign button.

Getresponse add contacts

If you already have an email list then use the “add contact” option. Afterward, you may include each one individually.  In this case, I selected edit campaign settings. You’re able to configure the basic information from your campaign in the next page.

Configure Getresponse Campaign Settings


  • Campaign Name: Alter the name of your campaign
  • Campaign Language: The language
  • Notifications: Each time someone subscribes you receive a notification via email. I commonly turn this option off because after a while it gets rather spammy.
  • Postal Address: If you aren’t interested in showing your post address in the footer section of each email then turn this off


  • Campaign Title: Select a title
  • Category: The main topic of your campaign
  • Campaign Description: A brief explanation
  • Logo: Upload a logo from your PC


Confirmation Message: You may personalize the confirmation email sent to your new subscribers

Confirmation Email

How To Build Your Autoresponder?

Create An Autoresponder

Just press create autoresponder. You’ll find several options in the upcoming page. One of the most important ones is the calendar feature. Using this option you may set the time and date you want to send each message.

Scheduling Messages In Getresponse

You’ll see below a message set in day zero and immediately. Meaning this will be the first email your new subscribers will receive after they opt-in.

I recommend for you to always send your first message instantly. When people sub they are in a hurry to receive their lead magnet. Also choose the appropriate campaign for this message and enable every single day of the week.

This option may be something you may want to tweak for your next messages. In most niches, people have the tendency of reading their emails from Tuesday to Friday and not during the weekends.

Select the create new email to immediately start writing your first piece of content.

Autoresponder Settings

  • Message Name: A name to identify your message in the sequence (your subs won’t be able to see this).
  • Subject: The title of your email
  • From: Select the right email
  • Press Next Step

How To Choose A Message Template?

You may select between the many pre-made templates freely available or start from scratch.

Getresponse Templates

After selecting the template, you must write the content you want to send to your subscribers.

Getresponse Writing Message

Just experiment the several options you may see in the sidebar. You just need to drag and drop them into the message body. If you double click on one of the sections, you are able to write information, add images, etc.

Hover a field

If you hover a specific area you’ll see a few extra options to delete, re-size or re-position the box in the message body.

How To Schedule Your Sequence Of Messages?

After you have completed your first message, you’re taken to the calendar page. Here you may specify which time and day you’d like to send each message in the sequence.

Getresponse Calendar Page

Just click on the day you want to send a new email and craft it. Basically, you repeat the same process until you have a month or more of content.

If you know your audience habits then try to tweak the time and day to send each email. Resulting in a higher opening rate and readability. Ask yourself, “When do your subs commonly read their messages? Along week days, or weekends?”

Afterward, try to improve you campaign as much as possible to achieve better results!


tweak time and date

Another tip is to make your auto-response seem personal like you’re talking to that exact person. Use the words “you” throughout your writing, send your messages more randomly and not always 3 in 3 days, etc.

How To Make A GetResponse Form?

Just hover the form section and choose, “create form” as shown below

GetResponse Create Form

Similar to templates you may select between a pre-made or blank form. I usually prefer to start one from scratch so I can adjust it to my website design.

GetResponse Form Selection

This part is a bit hard to explain by words so I recommend for you to watch my video at 24 minutes for a clearer understanding. Even though, after some experimentation you’ll see that the form creator is easy to use.

Form Creator Panel

Add new fields, customize each one of them, change the size of your opt-in box, etc. Also include an enticing main title where you mention your lead magnet and its effects. A catchy freebie image (such as your e-ebook, or video course) also works wonders!

Getresponse Enticing Title

After you have a nice looking opt-in box, you must choose a form name, the appropriate campaign and thank you page etc.

Configure optin box options

If you want to create a custom thank you page then head over to your website WordPress dashboard. Select pages and add new. Afterward, write the necessary information including:

  • Instructions – Tell people how they may get their bonus via email
  • Promote a relevant product or service – You may want to promote something in your thank you page

New Thank You Page

Now just go back to your form page and write the URL of your thank you page in the right field. For you to add a form into your sidebar, copy the coding script and go to your widget area. Drag and drop a text widget into the sidebar area.

Afterward, paste the coding there. You may also use the same method to place a form into one of your posts or pages. Go back to the front-page of your website and see the new changes. Sometimes you may need to adjust the form sizing or colors.

Sidebar Form

How To Make A Landing Page?

Another powerful option is the landing page creator, which Getresponse offers. Just select the landing page link found inside of Getresponse dashboard. Pick the either a pre-made template or start one from fresh.

Getresponse Landing Page

A great part about their landing page is that you don’t need to have a web-host provider. Getresponse will store it in their servers. The landing page creator is quite similar to the creator form. In a sense that you may drag and drop fields into your page. Double click on them and write the content you desire etc.

The best way to learn is to simply play around with all the options.

Landing Page Creator

If you want to split test you may also create several similar versions. Just by selecting the top option in the left corner. Sometimes just by altering the main title or the color of your button you start getting more subscriptions.

Split Testing

You are also able to design your thank you page. The options here are pretty similar to the ones you used previously for your landing page.

thank you page

After you have completed your landing page and went to the next page. You may include a SEO title and description. This information is for the search engines. Although, it’s not really important since landing pages never rank well!

Search Engine Information For Landing Page

The rest of the field found in this page are pretty straightforward.

How To Use Statistics

Just click in statistics inside of Getresponse dashboard as shown below…

Statistic Getresponse

The statistics page provides a lot of useful information about your autoresponder, such as:

  • Subscribers opening email rate
  • Amount of subscribers received
  • Subscribers country
  • And much more

Okay, that is all about this Getresponse. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and please subscribe to my channel here. So you may receive my weekly video updates where I talk about WordPress and Internet Marketing. Thanks for reading and stay tune with Prositetutorials!

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