How to Add Menu in WordPress Dashboard?

wordpress custom menu

You probably are wondering why the heck do you need a custom menu if you already have one on your WordPress website? Well, the fact is the one you see is automatically generated by WordPress.

For this reason, you have no control over the links that appear there. Besides, each time you create a new page it’s immediately added.

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In case, you want to have a navigation menu organized the way you want then you must create a custom one. Fortunately, this is pretty simple as you may watch on this video. Let’s see the steps you must follow…

Step 1) Login to WordPress Back Office

You must login to your WordPress back office. You simply add the following extension, www.yourwebsitename.com/wp-admin. Afterward, insert your username and password. Once you login, you’re taken to WordPress back-office. In this section, you’re able to work on your website and pretty much do whatever you want.

Step 2) Access Custom Menu

You must search under, “Appearance”section for “Menu”. Afterward, simply click on it and you’re taken to WordPress menu’s page. Over here, you can create any number of custom menus for your website.

I typically create one for the footer section of my website where I add pages that I don’t want so visible, such as: my privacy policies and contact page.

Afterward, I create another one for my main navigation bar. Where I insert my category pages, and other relevant links.

Step 3) Create a Menu

I recommend for you to add a descriptive name to your menu. You’ll have an easier time remembering what they are.

After you created a menu, you have to choose where you want your menu appearing on your website. This part depends on the them you’re using. A few of them allow you to add a menu to the footer section, while others not, etc.

You can also choose the option to, “Automatically add new top-level pages…”, however, I do not suggest it. If you select this option then each time you create a new page, it will be automatically added to your menu.

It’s important to notice, if you don’t see one of the options (categories, links, posts) appearing on your menu’s sidebar then you most likely don’t have them selected. For this, you must go to the very top of your page and click on, “screen options”. Afterward, simply choose the missing option and it will immediately appear.

Step 4) Insert Menu to Website’s Sidebar

If you’re looking to insert a custom menu to your website’s sidebar then you must go to the widget section. Once you’re there, now drag the custom menu widget and leave it in the sidebar section you want. Afterward, write a title and select below the desired menu.

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