How to Get Massive Amounts of Followers on Pinterest

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One of the main problems people have when they start using any particular social media network out there is they don’t know how to get real followers. I typically see plenty of accounts on Pinterest with thousands of pins and few followers.

Commonly, people think it’s really hard to get followers to their account that they need to work hard for them. I also thought the same way until one day I found a very simple method that quickly built my accounts from a few hundreds to ten thousands in a matter of months.

In this video, I explain in exact detail how you can also do the same.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social network where people go on a daily basis to post and share images they enjoy with their followers. A few years ago it was quite a big thing, now in days there are other social networks out there. Nonetheless, Pinterest still has a huge community. This means if you know how to use this platform you can get a good amount of traffic to your website.

When I start a new website I immediately begin working on all of these social media networks. I know for a fact that the search engines may take several months until they rank my website and redirect some traffic there.

If you are like me then I bet you don’t like to spend months working countless hours on new content to only see zero visitors each day on your web-analytic tool. For this reason, you should invest some time building your social media profiles.

Is Pinterest for you?

Honestly, Pinterest isn’t a social media network that works for every single website. It’s ideal if you are in a niche where you can share high-quality images for instance:

  • Photography
  • Filming
  • Music
  • Cooking

However, if your website is about white socks or vacuum cleaners then it’s certainly a waste of time. You won’t have any good images to share, and even if you did they are pretty boring and nobody cares.

Before you decide investing time in a particular social network you should first if there is a community for your niche. You should ask yourself is there enough people that may be interested in my images and content?

An easy way to see this in Pinterest is by using their search box and typing your website’s main topic. For instance for Prositetutorials it would be, “WordPress.”

In my case, there are few profiles that have quite a large amount of followers, especially related to themes. A few people actually enjoy looking at beautiful and well designed websites.

Besides that, I know WordPress isn’t exactly a hot niche over there. I mean, what images am I suppose to share? I doubt anyone cares about pics related to WordPress back-office or from a particular plugin, it just doesn’t seem very interesting to look at.

What if Pinterest isn’t for you?

Fortunately, there are so many social networks out there. It seems that a new one pops out every single week. Therefore, there will always be one more appropriate for you niche. You may want to check the following videos:

What is the special method to get massive amounts of followers?

I know many people typically think if something is too good then there must be a secret trick behind, that at the same time is complex and requires a genius to learn it.

However, sometimes that’s just not the case. Actually, more times than others, the simplest thing that most people avoid doing, or simply don’t want is exactly what makes you successful!

See the trick to receive massive amounts of followers it to simply follow people within your niche. Yeah, it’s really that simple!

Based on my experience, I noticed that commonly in 100 people you follow at least 10 will always follow you back. In other words, this is about 10% and sometimes a bit more.

Let’s imagine, you would follow 400 people per day then that’s about 40 new followers you receive. After a month, you would have 1200 followers in your Pinterest account. You may assume it would take you about 9 months to get approximately10 000 followers.

But I’ve noticed that’s quite not true. Typically, you just need to get the ball rolling! At one point, people will begin to automatically following you back without you needing to put so much effort.

Furthermore, you’ll see an increasing amount of traffic coming from Pinterest to your website. A great way for you to get some eye balls on your content, and possibly new clients.

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