How to Get More Twitter Followers – Quickly Get 1,000 New Followers!

how do you get more twitter followers

Welcome to another Prositetutorials video and in this one you will learn how you can get massive amounts of followers on Twitter. Using this very simple technique I was able to get more than 1 000 followers on first month.

The method is suitable for everyone, you don’t need to be Einstein to be able to do it. All it requires is some daily effort and soon you will see the amount of followers on your account growing.

Why Twitter?

This platform was one of the first social media networks appearing on the Internet. In a daily basis, millions of people login to write 140 words messages about what they’re doing, or feeling, and others to promote their business.

The fact is Twitter is a great way for you to connect with your audience. However, most website owners don’t know how they can actually do this. Some others, think there must be a secret trick that only a few know.

But honestly, the method is very simple as you will read below

How to Get Massive Amounts of Followers on Twitter?

The strategy is to simply follow people belonging to your niche. The reason is some people will always follow you back. Typically, it’s between 10% or a bit more. As time passes, you will start having a good number of followers.

The more followers you have also the more people will see your tweets and possibly share it with their friends. Usually, people connect with others who share similar interests. Therefore, as they share your content with their friends then they might as well start following you back.

Why Twitter is Fantastic?

One of the reasons I love Twitter is it works for every single niche you can possibly imagine. For instance, Pinterest is ideal for niches where you can share high quality images. However, when Twitter first started it was all about texting. Now in days, you have other features. You can also attach images to your tweets and this is a great way to attract more people to your content.

How to Find People Interested in Your Niche?

When you login in to your account simply go to the search box and write the main topic of your website. For instance, if it’s cooking then write exactly that.

You will immediately see a few profiles talking about cooking, try to search for the one that have the most followers. Enter in that profile, and copy its name for example: @cookingforall

Afterward, head to Tweetpi and login. You probably will need to register an account with them if you still don’t have one. Once you’re connected to your account, go to the “Follow Followers” section. In the small text box that prompts, paste the name of the profile there.

Now you will be able to see everyone who is following that particular account. Logically, if they are following a cooking profile then very certainly they’re interest in it. Or, else why would they follow it? They certainly wouldn’t!

All you need to do is to start following the same followers from that account. I prefer to use Tweepi because it’s far easier and quicker to this task. Even though, you can do it through Twitter.

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