How to Get Ride of Page Titles in WordPress?

easiest way to remove wordpress page titles

Are you wondering how you can remove that annoying page title that is constantly appearing? Don’t worry because this video will save your life and many hours of frustration!

Before I published this video,  I saw that most other Youtubers were explaining how to edit the coding from your website. I know they are trying their best to help you!

However, if you’re a new webmaster I am guessing the last thing you want to touch is on coding. Probably, fearing you will remove something you shouldn’t and break your site. Nothing worse than to refresh a website only to see a totally blank page and nearly having a heart attack. I’ve been there hehe…

For this reason, I decided to make this video as simple as possible! I really mean simple… because the only thing you need to do is to install a plugin. This plugin will allow you to manually remove the unwanted page titles. After you have more experience under your belt, you may want to edit the coding for this. However, always make a backup first!

As a result, you remove one more plugin from your website. At least I don’t enjoy having too many plugins installed. They tend to slow down my website and sometimes cause other issues.

Check Your Theme Options?

Before you get your hands dirty, first check if your theme has an option to remove your page titles. I already found in the past, a few of them that do! If it doesn’t then it’s time to….

Install Hide Title Plugin?

After you login into your WordPress website back office, search for the plugins’ section and press, “Add New“. Afterward in the small search box write the following, “hide title”. Now you will be able to see a list of relevant plugins. The one I chose was, “Hide Page and Post Title”. For some awkward reason, I tried another which didn’t work.

If the one I mentioned didn’t work for you then you may want to try another plugin appearing on that list.

How to Remove the Page Title?

Once you have everything set, now simply go to the page or post where you want to remove the title. You will see in the post’s sidebar a new option appearing called, “Hide Title”. Just click on the small check box below to enable this option and update the post, and voila! There you go, no more title! Easy stuff!

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