How to Increase Tumblr Followers? Get them Quick, Get them Crazy!

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Welcome to another social media video, in this one I explain how to increase your Tumblr followers.

What Is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a blogging platform. This means you will find similar features as you would in WordPress. For instance, you can create a website where you can add images, articles, videos and share it with other people.

Another part about this platform is you’ll find plenty of obscure niches that you certainly won’t find anywhere else, such as blogs related with:

  • Weed and other drugs
  • Sex

… and others. Therefore, anyone belonging to these type of niches will certainly find a good community there to share their work, products or something along those lines 😉

Why Should You Use Tumblr?

Well, like any other social network out there, it’s always a great way to drive some traffic to your website. Now in days Tumblr, isn’t a platform that is widely spoke as it once was. Yet, it has plenty of people daily blogging their content.

If you know how to apply the simple method I explain in this video, you will soon drive a swarm of tumblers to your website.

Are You In The Right Niche?

As you probably have noticed until now, Tumblr certainly isn’t a platform that works for every single niche. If you’re in an obscure niche or one where you can share great images then Tumblr is certainly ideal for you!

Now if you’re in a niche that is more technical for instance Prostetutorials where I explain how to use WordPress etc… then Tumblr is bad! Actually, I recommend for you to invest your time somewhere else.

Yet before you make your decision to move on, use Tumblr’s search box and see if your niche has an active community or not. You can easily do this by simply typing in the main topic of your website.

For instance, if you’re in the coding niche then search for, “coding” and see what you get. If you see no posts or the ones you find have zero notes and reblogs then most likely your niche isn’t hot.

What is The Method?

Okay, so you past the analyzing phase and you saw there is an active community for you niche. Now what can you do to get massive amounts of followers, who will be craving to see your work? Easy!

Just follow the same people who are leaving notes or reblogs on the posts belonging to your niche. I am assuming you already made a search for your niche and that you found several posts with a good amount of notes on them.

All you need to do now is click on the section below from the post where it says notes. Afterward, you will be able to see the list of people who actually left a note or reblog. Just start following them.

The idea is if they enjoyed those posts then very probably they will like yours. Another part is there will always be a percentage of people, who will refollow you. As time passes, you’ll have a huge account.

How to Keep It Up?

After having one-hundred followers then start promoting your content. Always make sure to add good quality images to your posts. I rarely share just mere links or text because most Tumblrs aren’t looking for such. You must play by their rules if you want to see your account really growing.

Furthermore, stay active and share as many posts as you can possibly do. This way you increase the chances of your followers seeing them and sharing it with other tumblers. As a result, you more people will start to follow you.

If you don’t want to do everything manual there are several tools out there that will automate the whole process. I know how hard it is to keep writing content on a daily basis, while maintaining yourself active in several social media networks. Basically, there is not enough time in a day for that all.

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Thanks for watching and remember to stay tune with Prositetutorials.

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