How to Install a Theme on WordPress?

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You are about to learn everything about WordPress themes. A theme is basically a design for your website. I consider this one of the best features from WordPress.

The reason is you can quickly switch the appearance of your website by switching to a new theme. The great part is you don’t need to have any coding knowledge, neither do you lose your content.

What Should You Do?

Always choose a responsive theme. Now in days not everyone uses a computer to access your website. Actually, more and more people are instead using mobiles and tablets. For this reason, you need to have a theme that will automatically adjust to their smaller screen size. If you don’t have a responsive theme then your website won’t look good on such devices.

Besides, since Google’s latest update they now penalize websites, which don’t have a responsive theme. Usually, most themes now in days are built responsively. However, before you install anything on your website always make sure to read the theme’s description. You will certainly find information about it.

Another important thing to always keep in mind is to make a backup before you install any new theme on your website.This is especially important with newer themes that still haven’t been tested by the WordPress community. Sometimes these themes come with bugs that may ruin your website.

At least, if you have a backup at hand you can easily recover any lost information.

Where can You Find WordPress Themes?

You have several options to find themes for your website. For instance, you can search on Google for free themes, or premium themes if you prefer to use a paid option. This last themes commonly have a better design; more options to make your website look unique; and a better customer support.

Another alternative is to use the options displayed in your WordPress back office. For this, search under, “Appearance” section for themes. Afterward, press the small button to add new. You’ll be able to see several options, such as:

  • Featured: A list of the 15 most popular themes.
  • Popular: The most popular themes within the WordPress community.
  • Newest: The most recent themes upload. As I said before, always be careful with these ones they may come with bugs.
  • Feature Filter: You can use this option to find a theme based on your needs
  • Search: If you know the exact name of the theme you want to use then write it here.

Lastly, you can go to WordPress.org website and see their themes. If you are like me you’ll probably spend days just trying new themes until you find the one you prefer hehehe….

It’s important to notice when you install a new theme it won’t look exactly as you saw in the thumbnail. The reason is you need to add content and configure your theme. The options to customize your website varies from theme to theme. For this reason, if you choose another theme besides the one I mentioned on my video, it may have different features.

A few themes actually come with a nice tutorial explaining them. If this tutorial doesn’t come with your theme’s installation then simply Google it.

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