How to Install Google XML Sitemap in WordPress?

Google XML Sitemaps

Are you looking to improve your website’s visibility? An easy way is to simply install Google XML sitemap. This plugin will help the robots crawl your website and easily find your new posts.

After all, the first rule to receive traffic from the search engines is to make sure that your pages are found.

What’s is Google XML

The search engines use robots to check the content within each website on the Internet. You certainly weren’t expecting real humans to do all that work were you? It would be an impossible task, since there are constantly new website appearing and older ones being updated with fresh content.

The search engines have crawlers or you could also call them robots. These robots jump from one website page to another using their inner links. For instance, prositetutorials¬†once a robot crawls this page, they’ll find this previous link and go to my home page.

Basically, they crawl all the links associated to a website either to one of its inner pages or to another website. The robots must do this to find keywords and other metrics to evaluate a website’s content. Afterward, they can rank each website’s page in the appropriate search engine result.

It’s important to notice each website page can rank for one or more keywords.

Why Do You Need XML Sitemap?

Well, if you are adding content regularly to your website then it won’t take long until it becomes huge. The fact is the robots might have a hard time finding your new content if you don’t have XML sitemap installed. If your pages aren’t found by the robots then they won’t be indexed to the search engine results page. As a result, you won’t get any free traffic.

Basically, XML sitemap is a plugin that you install. This plugin creates a page with the links to each page in your website. This way the robots can easily access all your content, including your new posts.

If you are wondering this ugly sitemap page isn’t for your visitors to see. Instead, only for the robots.

How to Install Google XML Sitemap?

You must login to your WordPress back-office. Once you are there, just go to the plugin section and add new. Afterward, search for XML sitemap and press install now.

Once you have the plugin install, you may want to change its options. I commonly leave everything as it comes, however, you might want to make a few changes depending on your necessities.

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