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How to Make Your Own Youtube Thumbnail With Photoshop?


Are you ready to learn how to make a sweet ass thumbnail? A catchy thumbnail will attract more viewers and subscribers to your channel. I’ll explain how you can make one similar to the ones I have in my Youtube channel.

Once you have understood the process then you can rinse and repeat it.

Anyway, there are three things that you might need for your thumbnails, such as:

1 – Background Images – You are able to find plenty of free images here Pixabay.

2 – Free Fonts – One of the most important parts of a great looking thumbnail is its font. You may find a lot of free ones at 1001 Free Fonts

I also suggest for you to use a font that is easy for people to read.

3 – Photoshop – This software is needed to edit and create new images for your videos. I know Photoshop isn’t completely free, yet you may get a 30 day free trial by clicking here.

Giving you enough time to test and see if you enjoy it! I also recommend for you to first install it before you continue reading or watching the rest of the video. Now let’s follow the next steps to make a sweet ass thumbnail…

Step 1 – Get a Background Images From Pixabay


Just write Pixabay’s search box the image you want for example:

Pixabay Website

After you have chose the image you need for you thumbnail just download into your compiuter

Pixabay Website Download

Step 2 – How to Make A Thumbnail In Photoshop?

You want to first create a new layer so you can start working on your thumbnail. Just go to the file tab and click on new.

Photoshop creating a new layer for my thumbnail

In the next window, select the following sizes width:1280 height: 720 (pixels)

Afterward, you must unlock your new layer by double clicking in the small locker in the corner as shown below

Photoshop Unlock Layer

A window shoud popup then just press okay and your layer will be ready to start working on it.

Just select the small bucket so you an paint the background with a solid color. Also below you have two small squares appearing. Click on the first one and select the color you want from the picker window.

Photoshop Background Color

Now just click on the layer with the bucket select and it will immediately paint the whole background.

Painting Layer Background

You also want to add a guideline so you can more easily align your text. Just click on the ruler on the side of your layer and drag a guideline into your layer for example:

Photoshop thumbnail video tutorial

For you to write your headline, select the T icon displayed in the toolbar. Afterward, click on the layer area where you want to write.

Photoshop Thumbnail Text Icon

You also want to choose the right options for your headline, including: font family, pixel size and color. Afterward, just click on where you want to write inside your layer area.

Choosing font family and size

I added several text lines and aligned everything nicely to the left side as you may see in the image below:

Headline Photoshop

If you want to include some effects to your text, select the appropriate layer and double click on it.

adding effects to text

You may see that you have several different effect, which you may add. In this case, I only used the Beveal&Emboss for my first line.

I also used the Outer Glow option for the two last lines. Giving my text a white border line making it more visible, here are the configurations:

border line font

Afterward, I duplicate layer by selecting my layer and then right clicking on it.

Duplicate Photoshop Layer

Now you want to select the copied layer and go to layer style. You want to make another outer glow but in this case black and size 4 pixels.

Black Border In Photoshop

I also apply the same method to, “Cache”. I included a white and black borderline.

How to Add a Black Background?

This part is optional, yet I like to include a black background behind my text. This makes my headline more visible and that’s the hole purpose of a thumbnail, you want to make it bold and eye catching.

1 – Use the rectangle area selection

2 – Drag the rectangle inside of your layer until you have the right sizing

Rectangle Selection Photoshop

3 – Use the bucket tool and choose black. Afterward, just click on the selected area with the bucket and it will be painted black.

4 – Just select the magic wand and click on your layer to deselect everything

Magic Wand To Deselect Everything

You may need to use the move tool arrow, the first option in the tool bar. Just choose it and drag your background rectangle around until you have it in the right place.

After I just duplicate the background layer until have three copies. Now I just position each one of them as shown in the example:

Photoshop positioning the background rectangle

Also use the corner squares to either increase or decrease your rectangle.

Photoshop Thumbnail Headline Complete

How To Include An Image?

Go to file and open, select the right image saved on your computer.

Choosing The Right Image

If your image is too big or small you want to increase or descrease it by selecting the move tool and clicking on the small side squares. Another tip while you’re readjusting the image size is to use the shift button to keep everything in proportion.

Rocket Image In Photoshop

Just select the layer and drag and drop it to the previous one (headline layer),

Moving the layer to the previous one

Now position and readjust your image size to your liking.

Concluding I also added a nice white border line around my rocket. Just apply the same effects as you used previously for your headline.

Applying Effect On The Rocket

How to Save Your Image?

1 – Go to file and choose, “save as”

2 – I prefer to save my bigger images as .jpeg. It tends to have a better quality.

Okay, now you’re set, you sure must have a great looking thumbnail! Always remember if you want to become a serious Youtuber then all little details do matter! Play around and try to come up with a thumbnail that is not only bold but also unique!

You want to distinguish yourself from the rest. As soon as someone sees one of your thumbnails they’ll eventually start associating it with your channel.

I hope you have enjoyed watching this video or reading this Prositetutorials! If you have any question feel free to leave in the comment section below! I recommend for you to join the many subscribers found in my channel here, so you can receive my weekly video updates!

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