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How to Setup CloudFlare and Boost Your Website Speed? – SEO Tutorial Part 5

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Now we’ve got all the basics covered, let’s take action! In this video and along the next few ones, I’ll explain how you can decrease the uploading time for your website pages. By following my tips, you’ll be able to reduce 2 seconds or more.

I know this might not sound much but on the Internet it is! This will improve your rankings on Google’s search engine, since this is another ranking factor they use to see the quality of your website.

Besides, you’ll also increase the engagement from your website’s visitors. As I said before, people on the Internet don’t enjoy waiting long to see a web page opening up on their computer’s screen.

A small reduction on this will have a huge impact on the amount of people willing to stick around and read your content.

For this purpose, we’re going to use CloudFlare. I consider their service fantastic and very easy to setup. Just in 5 minutes or less you’ll be enjoying the pleasure of having a faster website. I guess you’re probably wondering…

What’s CloudFlare?


Well, for you to understand Cloudflare first we must talk about how things work on the Internet. When you have a website all its data is stored on your web-host server.

If you don’t know what a server is, it’s basically a computer which is meant to save only information. Whenever someone wants to see your website they need to connect to your web-host server and retrieve all the information from there. Afterward, it travels all over the Internet until it reaches your visitor’s computer and they can see it on their screen.

The more distance the information needs to travel the longer it takes to reach its source. Just like if you went for 20 km run instead of 10 km. You certainly take more time to do 20 km rather than 10 km.

In other words, if your web host servers are installed in the USA, someone who tries to access your website from there will be able to see it nearly instantly on their browser. On the other hand, if one of your visitors is trying to view it from China then it will take longer to upload.

The fact is CloudFlare has servers spread all over the world. When you use their service the latest version of your website gets clone to each one of them. The fantastic part is if someone is trying to reach your site from China then they no longer need to access your web-host server. Instead, they can retrieve it from the closest server belonging to CloudFlare.

I’m not certain if they have a server in China, however, they have several ones across Asia and that’s certainly far closer compared to USA.

This also means if a disaster happens to destroy your web-host servers, hopefully not, your website won’t completely vanish from the web. You still have the latest copy from it installed in Cloudflare’s servers.

Another great aspect is they provide greater protection to your website. CloudFlare servers have firewalls and other defensive mechanism to protect the websites in their cloud from harmful hacker attacks.

You can either use their service completely free or choose between one of their different plans depending on your needs. I recommend for you to read each of one them carefully and see which one is more suitable for you.

Afterward, create an account with them, which is pretty straightforward. All it requires is your email address and a password. Next login and follow the steps provided in the video. A few minutes later you’ll be enjoy the extra speed on your website!

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