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K Money Mastery Review – WARNING: Why You Shouldn’t Buy It?

K money mastery reviewSo you want to make money with Kindle Publishing? You probably looked around for more information and stumbled on Project Life Mastery Youtube channel.

And now you are wondering whether you should or not get K Money Mastery video course?

Well, I am going to share my experience with you. Unfortunately, this will will seem more like a rant than anything else. I find K money Mastery outdated for 2017 and beyond for the many different reasons I am about to explain.

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy K Money Mastery?

You probably found self-publishing might be an easy way to build passive income online. As many other people, you went to Youtube and soon discovered Project Life Mastery channel.

The founder of the channel Stefan Pylarinos is a charismatic guy and seems knowledgeable. Actually, that was one of the reasons I got K Money Mastery. However, after spending a week watching his course some of his advice started to sound fishy. So let’s take a closer look…


K Money Mastery Awkward Claims

In K Money Mastery landing page, Stefan claims some of his students are doing $10k, $30k and even $50k per month. Now let me get this part straight! Yes, you can earn about $10k per month with Kindle Publishing but this includes:

  • KDP – publishing books in the virtual format
  • Createspace – publishing books in the paperback format
  • ACX  – publishing books in the audio format

You need to take advantage from all three platforms in order to make this money. The fact is K Money Mastery only explains how you can use KDP. Normally, you set your books there initially at $2.99 and earn about $2.00 per copy. Now you need to sell a lot to be able to make 10k just with KDP and let’s not talk about 30k or 50k.

Even most people who sell in all three platforms struggle to achieve such income.  We aren’t talking about Tony Robbins or someone famous here. We are talking about publishing books under an author name who nobody ever heard about.

So for me these claims are absurd!

No Real Proof! Just Old Dashboards and Testimonials

Once you scroll down the landing page, you will find several Kindle dashboards. None of these dashboard show proof of students or Stefan doing at least $10,000.

k money mastery - awkward dashboards

Besides, all these dashboards are from 2013 and the same thing with the video testimonials below. The video testimonials besides being old nobody shows any real proof.

old testimonials

The fact is many things have changed since 2013. Before you could get away with the shotgun approach. In other words, by publishing books all over the place without any keyword strategy.

However, nowadays there is far more competition and you need to have a well planned keyword strategy. Otherwise, your Kindle Amazon business won’t be sustainable.

If you would like to learn more about this then I recommend reading the following tutorials:

K Money Mastery Outdated Content

Most of the information of this course is outdated. For instance, the process of finding profitable keywords.

profitable keywords

Keyword Research

One of the most important aspects before you publish a book is finding profitable keywords. A keyword is nothing more than the topics people are searching inside of Amazon, such as:

Stefan basically tells you to publish books all over the place. Of course, you want to find profitable keyword and take advantage. However, you shouldn’t publish books with the same author name in several niches.

It doesn’t make sense the same author having books about: dating, cooking, code programming etc. If you immediately publish a book whenever you find a profitable keyword then your Kindle business will soon crash and burn.

As you are essentially working against Amazon algorithm. Or you could say, Amazon doesn’t favor authors who publish books in multiple niches.


Marketing Strategies

For me, this is where K Money Mastery really blew it!

Stefan has a lesson explaining how to promote books outside of Amazon. For instance:

  • Submission websites
  • Building a blog
  • Facebook groups
  • Twitter handles

kindle submission websites

There are hundreds of submission website similar to the one shown in the image above. In this website, you add all the required information about your book. Afterward, they commonly will promote your book during the free promotion to their audience.

However, the problem about most of these submission websites is that their communities are mostly dead. So in most cases, you aren’t promoting your new books to no one. This strategy isn’t effective and the same thing goes for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you want to read more about this then check my other post here.

Besides, just imagine each time that you publish a book you need to go through all this work. For instance, publish your book in fifty submission websites, Facebook groups, build a blog, etc.

The most ridiculous part is you put all this effort in order to get a few more free downloads. Yes, Stefan tells you to this during your 5 day free promotion.

Note: Whenever someone wants to purchase a book they don’t go to a cheap looking submission website, or to Facebook. Instead, they immediately go to Amazon and search for the topic they want.

If you want to make money with your book then you must rank them in the front page of results for the keyword you chosen. This way whenever someone searches for that keyword they will be able to easily find your book.

Review Strategies

K Money Mastery has a lesson about how to get reviews for your new books. One of the strategies explained is to request them from Amazon top reviewers. The problem about this is this goes against Amazon policies. They consider this soliciting reviews, which isn’t allowed.

My Last Recommendation

K Money Mastery is an outdated course. The information provided probably was effective back in 2013. However, the Kindle business has become far more competitive.

You need to have the right strategy in order to overcome your competition and succeed! Otherwise, you will waste time and money following advice that causes more harm than good.

If you are serious about doing money with Kindle Publishing then getting the appropriate education is vital for your success. So where should you get it?

My answer is, “Self Publishing Revolution”. This course offers updated information and is definitely one of the best non-fiction video courses online.

Here is a glimpse of how much money some students of this course are doing:

self publishing revolution self publishing revolution

Notice, these are proven results and not mere claims as you saw before with K Money Mastery.

If you want to make $10,000 or more with your Kindle business then this course is your best bet!  So don’t waste time and click here to find more information.

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