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K Money Mastery VS Self-Publishing Revolution – Which Kindle Publishing Course Should You Get?


So do you want to build a self-publishing business but aren’t sure which one is the best course to learn from? Then read the rest and find out!

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A few months ago when I wanted to increase my online income, I began searching on the Internet for new business models. I soon discovered a website talking about Self-Publishing as a good source of making passive income by selling e-books in Amazon.

I immediately loved the idea of running a book business.

I then started searching for more information about selling books in Amazon and eventually found Project Life Mastery. A popular Youtube channel founded by Stefan James Pylarinos.

What Do I Think About K  Money Mastery?

Stefan Pylarinos is definitely a charismatic person. His positive, relaxing and authoritative personality can easily convince you into buying his products.  Stefan is definitely a good salesman!

I am fine with that as long as the product is good and teaches you how to make money online.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case with K Money Mastery. Besides, I am not the type of person who purchases a product and leaves it on my hard drive gaining virtual dust. When I get a course I obsessively study all of the content and take immediate action.


After following this course for several months and publishing four books I was barely doing any money with KDP Amazon.

I was only doing a few book sales here and there mostly during the first weeks after I launched them. Afterward, my book sales would drop to zero. Let’s go more in depth…


1 – Lack Of Recent Testimonials

If you watch the video testimonials in the landing page or even search for them inside of Youtube then you will notice that most date back to 2013.

So during 4 years nobody else had nothing to say about this course? Or probably that means, nobody is having any results by following it!


Besides, they only make claims about their earnings in KDP. No one shows some concrete evidence to support their claims.

On contrary, the students belonging to Self-Publishing Revolution will often show their KDP dashboards either through videos, or images posted in the Facebook group.

2 – You Should Publish Short 20 to 30 Page Books

Stefan tells you to hire someone in Upwork and pay them 40 dollars to produce a 20 to 30 page book. Probably, this strategy was effective back in 2013 but it certainly isn’t nowadays, why?

At that pricing, you will only be able to hire someone from the Philippines or India and from my experience, normally they write poorly in English.

As you can imagine, you’ll end up with a crappy written book. If you publish a book like this in Amazon you will certainly receive negative reviews from your clients. And sooner or later, your book will drop from the rankings and nobody will purchase it anymore.

Besides, when someone sees a book published with this length they will often assume that it provides poor content.

Another problem is this way you can’t exploit Createspace. Just imagine one of your clients receiving home a paperback book with only 20 pages. He will immediately think, “You gotta be kidding me!” and then rush into Amazon to leave negative feedback.

3 – Finding Keywords

If you want to make money with KDP then you need to learn how to choose profitable keywords for your books.

The problem is K Money Mastery doesn’t provide much details about this. In fact, Stefan basically tells you to publish your books all over the place and wish for the best.

A successful business isn’t built out of luck and randomness!

For this reason before you even decide to produce a book you must know if the keyword you are going to infiltrate is profitable or not.

You certainly don’t want to spend hours writing a book as I did, or pay someone to do it for you only to make a sale or two in Amazon.

The fact is there’s a strategy behind finding profitable keyword. This method is only taught in Self-Publishing Revolution.

4 – Social Media Marketing

One of the my biggest complains is about social marketing. In this course, you will find several lessons telling you to promote your newest books outside of Amazon for instance:

  • Facebook groups
  • Twitter
  • Submission websites

These marketing strategies (if you could even call them that) are effective! You will waste time promoting your book in a way that doesn’t get you more sales.


If you want to learn more about this then check my other post here: 4 Bullsh*t Ways To Promote Your Kindle E-Books

The only marketing strategy is to rank your book high inside of Amazon. For this, you must have a good cover, keyword optimization, description and number of reviews. All the rest is irrelevant!

5 – Getting Reviews

You will find several strategies to get reviews for your latest books. However, only one of them is slightly viable, which is review swapping.

This consists in joining specific Facebook groups and exchanging reviews with other people. Although, I don’t suggest you do this because:

  1. You will waste time trying to get 40 or more reviews for each published book
  2. You may end up with your Amazon account banned

Instead, you should hire a virtual assistant for this purpose.

Is Self-Publishing Revolution A Better Course?

Self-Publishing Revolution is a course done by Big Luca. If you ever watched one of his video you probably have noticed he is a serious person and often brash. However, that doesn’t mean he isn’t serious about what he teaches. He focuses in teaching his students the truth!


He personally says throughout his Youtube videos that making money has nothing to do with positive feelings or whatever you may think. It has rather to do with following effective money making strategies.

In a way, that’s what you can expect in Self-Publishing Revolution.

1 – Profitable Keywords

You also learn to build a pyramid of profitable keywords. This allows you to build a sustainable kindle book business.

If you get this step right then you have a high probability of making money with each published book. You even have one video where Big Luca explains his secret process of finding profitable keywords.

2 – How To Make Even More Money By Publishing In Createspace And ACX

This course explains the other platforms belonging Amazon on contrast to K Money Mastery, such as:

  • Createspace: for paperback publishing
  • ACX: for audio book publishing

By doing this you increase the profit from each published book, since you don’t have it only in KDP Amazon.

This way you drastically increase the profits from each published book. Because you don’t have it only in KDP but rather in all three platforms. Besides, nowadays people are buying more paperback books than ever before.

3 – Two Effective Strategies To Get Book Reviews

You learn to hire Upwork virtual assistants to make reviews for your books. A few people may consider this morally wrong. For this reason, there’s a lesson where you will learn how to get them organically.

In other words, without manipulating the review process. Instead, actual readers leaving reviews.

So Which Course Is The Best One?

I guess by now my choice is obvious! I consider Self-Publishing Revolution by far the best course you will find in the market.

I think K Money Mastery may have been effective worked back in 2013. But for recent times this course content is outdated and ineffective.

So if you want to make some serious money with KDP Amazon and in a few months hit the $10k mark then Self-Publishing Revolution is the correct choice!.

Click Here To Get Self-Publishing Revolution (Lifetime)

Click Here To Get Self-Publishing Revolution (Monthly)

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