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KDSpy Review – How To Quickly Find Profitable Keywords With Kindle Spy


Kindle Spy PackageKindle Spy is one of the most popular browser applications, which helps you more quickly find profitable keywords for your Amazon KDP books.

If you are tired of needing to open multiple windows to analyze all the necessary information, such as books paid rank, number of reviews, etc before deciding whether a keyword is profitable or not. And you would like to ease up a bit by having all these details compact in a single place then Kindle Spy is the solution you’ve been looking for!

This browser application provides all the necessary information with a click of a button.


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Why Should You Get KDP Spy?

A successful Kindle business relies on your ability to choose profitable keywords for your books. This process is time consuming and monotonous. You normally need to go through hundreds of keywords and analyze them. In my case, I often spend a week or two searching for a good selection of keywords.

I determine their profitability by asking myself:

  • Are the top 5 book results below the 100 000 paid in Kindle store?
  • How many reviews do these books have?
  • How many pages do these books have?
  • Can I compete with these books? 

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Anyway, the problem is for you to gather all these details you need to open each book individually; then scroll down until you are able to see the paid rank, numbers of pages etc.

This makes the whole process tedious and time consuming. Especially when you consider that you need to repeat this analysis for hundreds of keywords.

And that’s where Kindle Spy comes in! Just with a click of a button you can get all these details in a single window in a few seconds.

Kindle Spy Window

You should watch my video to get a better idea of how I use this tool. However, if you are thinking about building a Kindle business then this tool is essential!

No more scrolling down, opening multiple pages or whatever to see all this details. As you may see in the image, I can quickly analyze:

  • Sales Ranks – The higher a sales rank for a book the more copies it is selling inside of Amazon. For instance, if the top 5 books for a keyword have a sales rank above 100 000 then they aren’t selling well. My assumption is if these books aren’t selling then certainly mine won’t either. So I discard that keyword and analyze another one.
  • Reviews –  You can quickly see that the keyword “Yoga” is highly competitive by the number of reviews each books has. These books are definitely from well know authors. In case, you are a new publisher then it would be extremely hard to compete with them.
  • Est Sales and Monthly Rev – Gives you an idea of the amount of sales and revenue for these books. However, this is just an estimate and not something 100% accurate.
  • Pages – Nearly all the “Yoga” books are lengthy. So people searching for this keyword are expecting lengthier books. If you are paying a ghostwriter then producing such a lengthy book will end up being too expensive. Probably, not worth its production.
  • Popularity, Potential, Competition –  I don’t use this section to determine whether a keyword is worthy pursuing or not.

As you may see, Kindle Spy speeds up the process and makes everything less monotonous. You no longer need to waste time opening several windows, scrolling down or whatever to find the same information.

Another great feature this tool has is called, “Word Cloud”.

Kindle Spy Word Cloud


This function grabs the most common words used in the titles of these books. Afterward, you can combine two words or more and get new keyword ideas. Just with a quick glance I see for instance:

  • Yoga poses
  • Yoga practice
  • Yoga asanas

Perhaps, these keywords may be profitable and less competitive than “Yoga”. Where you may later on publish your books and make bank!


  • Easy one click installation
  • Speed up the process of finding profitable keywords by compacting everything in one window.
  • The, “Word Cloud” feature provides an easy way to discover new keyword ideas


  • This application is only viable for Google Chrome and Mozilla
  • Sometimes Kindle Spy doesn’t work properly. However, this problem is easily solved by refreshing your web-page

Should You Get Kindle Spy?

Of course! If you are serious about building a profitable Kindle business then Kindle Spy is essential! It will make your process of discovering profitable keyword a lot faster. As they commonly say, time is money!

So speed up your process of making money online today!

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