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Kindle Publishers – Why Most Publishers Aren’t Doing Any Money With KDP?

why publishers fail with Kindle publishing

You are about to discover one of the biggest reasons why many publishers aren’t able to build a sustainable Kindle business. If you have seen your books selling one day and then in the other one they stop all sudden; Or, if you are new to KDP then I recommend for you to continue reading this tutorial in order to avoid committing the same mistakes.

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Why Most Publishers Fail?

In a few words, they choose the wrong keywords for their books. It doesn’t matter how good is your book or whether it has the best cover in the world if… its topic is not profitable by this I mean, nobody is searching for that content in Amazon. Or, if you publish a book under a topic that is too competitive.

You simply won’t make any money with KDP. Or in the second situation, you may be able to make a few sales during the first few weeks but then your book stops selling. This happens because most publishers don’t have a good keyword strategy.

What Most Publishers Do?

1 – Best Selling List

A common advice many so called gurus give to new publishers is that they should find profitable keywords by looking at the best selling books in Amazon. However, this a terrible idea, why?

Unfortunately, everyone and their mom is already doing this strategy. As a result, you have hundreds of publishers publishing books about Yoga, Paleo diet and essential oils.

Indeed, these niches are very profitable but their competition is also fierce. Usually, new books last two to three weeks in the front page of results, while they are receiving the boost from Amazon. If you didn’t know new releases get a special push. Amazon does this to help these books get some initial sells, reviews and have a fighting chance against their competition.

However, soon after these books inevitably drop from the front page of results and stop selling. As rarely anyone ever goes to the second and even less to the third page of results to purchase a book.

2 – Shotgun Approach

Another common strategy is the shotgun approach. Publishers analyze a keyword based on a criteria. If they see a listing with the top 5 results below 100,000 paid in Kindle store. This ranking is based on the amount of sells. Therefore, the higher it is the better those books are selling in Amazon.

Afterward, without any consideration they publish a book for that keyword. Eventually, they have books published all over the place with the same author name. It doesn’t make sense the same author having books about Yoga, dating, and whatnot.

So soon these publishers KDP business crashes into the ground.

This shotgun approach might have been effective back in 2013 but it certainly isn’t nowadays. The competition has become far more fierce. In 2017 and beyond, you must have a well panned keyword strategy in order to succeed in Amazon. Otherwise, your books will constantly stop selling after a few weeks; because you aren’t able to maintain them in the front page of results where they are visible.

Building a sustainable business

If you want to make money with KDP then you need to learn how to build a structure of keywords. In other words, you must have books under the same niche rather than all over the place. Furthermore, as a new author you can’t immediately publish books in a keyword with 15,000 results and expect to succeed.

As these keywords are too competitive. You must first start with keywords with lower results and build upward.

However, I can’t go much in detail about this secret strategy. If you would like to learn more then I recommend getting the same course as I did.

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