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Kindle Publishing – 3 Ways To Write A Kindle Ebook That Makes Money

3 ways to write a kindle e-book

If you want to get into Kindle publishing then of course, you need to have books to sell. For this, you must find an option to get them written. Unfortunately, a lot of newbies steer away from getting into this business because this part seems too scary. However, it is further from the truth as you are about to discover.

In case, you are already a publisher then you may still find a few tips by reading this tutorial.

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1 – Writing Your Own Books

If you are decent writer or at least comfortable with the English language then you can write your own books.

However before you get started I recommend for you to go to Amazon and search for, “writing a book”. You may purchase one of these books so you can get a better idea.

When it comes to writing your books there are a couple of advantages. For instance:

  • You don’t waste money hiring a ghostwriter
  • You may build a whole Kindle business without a penny

Of course, you should first educate yourself about how to build a successful Kindle business. You can’t start publishing all over the place and expect to make money. I suggest for you to get, “Self-Publishing Revolution” because it is one of the best video courses in the market.

As like anything else there are also plenty of disadvantages. One of them is that it will take you longer until you can make some decent income with KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). Often writing a book may take several weeks or months.

Obviously, the more books you can produce the more sales you can make. Anyway, there are several students of Self Publishing Revolution that built their KDP business from the ground up by writing their own books.

So if you are in a tight budget then just know that this is doable and it may be a great way to make some extra income online.

2 – Ghostwriter Services

If you search for “ghost writing services” or “e-writing services” you will find several ghostwriter companies. For a pricing they will produce books about any topic you want. In my case, this what I do for all my books nowadays.

Usually, you pay by the number of words. A standard pricing is about $1.5 per 100 words. Of course this cost may vary from company to company. Afterward, you choose the topic, this should be your profitable keyword, and provide a few guidelines for your content.

Furthermore, the minimal length I suggest is about 12,000 words per book. Anything less than your book is way too short. I explain this more in detail here.

Before you choose a particular company always search for more information about them. A lot of companies don’t provide good work. You certainly don’t want to publish a book full of grammatical and misspelling errors. Otherwise, soon you have a bunch of customers leaving negative feedback.


  • You can more quickly build a successful KDP business. For instance, you can get five done per month instead of only one if you were to write them.
  • You can easily enter into any niche


  • A lot of these companies are a bit shady. If you don’t choose well then you will end up with a shitty book.

3 – Go to Upwork

Upwork is a website where you may hire ghostwriters and virtual assistants to do whatever you need.

Often you can find pretty decent writers here. However, it takes more work compared to going to one of the previous companies. You probably will need to interview several writers until you find someone who seems decent.

I must warn you a lot of writers promise pie in the sky. Commonly, they will send you their portfolio where their works looks good. However, when you get your book from them it is garbage!

So probably you will need to go through a few bad apples until you find a good one.


  • You may find better writers compared to the ones from the previous companies
  • Sometimes their paying rates are lower
  • You probably will need to hire a team of ghostwriters so you may produce multiple books at once


  • You may have to go through some rubble until you find a gold nugget

If you want to learn how you can hire a ghostwriter in Upwork then watch my video here.


Okay, so here are the three ways to get your Kindle books done. Now you don’t have any excuse to not get started! However, I always recommend for you to educate yourself before you began your KDP business. One of the best KDP courses out there for non-fiction is this one here. Check it out!

If you have any question please leave it in the comment section right below! Thanks for reading and stay tune with Prositetutorials!

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