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Kindle Publishing – Why Building An E-Mail List To Get Reviews Is STUPID!

why building an email list isn't good for book reviews

Is building an email list a great way for you to get honest and organic book reviews? Hmm… probably!

I am not going much in detail about the important of getting books reviews. If you want more detail then click here.

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1 – Building An E-Mail List Is A Slow Process

At first, building an email list may sound simple. I mean, basically you just need to get some people to opt-in. Once you do, send them a message promoting your latest book. And then boom, in the next day you have hundreds of books reviews.

But the reality is a bit… more complicated!

The skills you must learn go beyond Kindle publishing for instance:

Squeeze Page – A specialized page to capture email addresses. Commonly, a squeeze page is absent of any forms of distractions, such as: links, sidebars, etc.  Furthermore, you must have an enticing copy, and bribe in order to persuade people into subscribing. The easiest way for you to create a professional looking squeeze page is by using a tool like, “LeadPages” or “Clickfunnels”.

Autoresponder – You also need an autoresponder, such as Aweber or Getresponse. Using these platforms you can automatically schedule a sequence of messages to send to your subscribers.

Traffic – You also need to send traffic to your squeeze page. For this, you have two ways it can either be organic (free) or paid traffic.

Organic traffic is an extremely slow process. Otherwise, paid traffic is quick but also expensive considering that you will mostly promote books at $0.99 or $2.99 to your subscribers.

The math simply isn’t on your side! You will lose money by trying to build an email list with paid traffic.

Besides, only a small percentage of your subscribers will buy your book and from those only a tiny percentage leave a review.

Does any of this sound exactly easy? Or, at least as easy as many publishers claim to be? I guess not!

Of course, you don’t need to be a rocket science to build an email list. But you definitely need to learn far more than publishing books in Amazon.

Addionatinally, building a decent size email list may take you several months.

If you are looking to make money any time soon with KDP then this certainly isn’t the best alternative. Hint… hint… review swapping!

If you aren’t a famous author then you need to find a method to get review. They simply won’t appear organically each time you publish a new book. Often most people will purchase your book and never bother to leave a review.

The few times they do is to leave a three star or worse, a negative review.

2 – No Control Over The Review Rating

Let’s imagine after several months of hard work you have a decent email list with hundreds of subscribers. You send them a message promoting your latest book. A few of them purchase your book. Do you really think all of them are going to leave a 4 to 5 star review?

Often most people leave a 3 star review. If your competition has an average between 4 to 5 star review rating and yours only 3; then why would people purchase your book rather than the others?

They won’t! The fact is a good rating is extremely important. Perhaps even more important than the number of reviews you got on your book. Most buyers usually decide whether they are going to purchase a product or not based on its rating.

3 – Soliciting Reviews

Normally, many publishers feel disgusted by the idea of review swapping. They consider this strategy immoral and deceitful. But at the same time they are okay with the idea of asking their subscribers for reviews.

Amazon considers this soliciting reviews. Actually, they have a specific line about this in their community guidelines here.

Even though, this may seem a more honest way of getting book reviews. Let’s not forget! You are still doing something forbidden by Amazon.

The funny part is they don’t have a single guideline suggestion anything against review swapping.

Of course, I am pretty sure review swapping isn’t acceptable.


What does Amazon want? For publishers to get organic reviews. However, that isn’t something doable if you aren’t someone reputable in your niche with thousands of followers.

Of course, you can build an email list to get book reviews. But don’t expect it to be the holy grail of organic reviews nor an easy ride as many publishers claim. Building an email list requires skills beyond Kindle Publishing and patience.

In other words, you must become an online marketer.

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