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Kindle Publishing – What Can You Do When Your Book STOPS Selling?

In this tutorial, I will explain what you can do when your Kindle book stops selling in Amazon. But before, you should carefully analyze the situation. You certainly don’t want to waste time and money reviving a worthless book!

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1 – Publishing Books On Non-Profitable Keywords

Often new publishers without proper guidance publish books under non-profitable keywords. Probably, they heard someone telling them that their keywords choices weren’t that important. As they could always promote their books outside of Amazon, such as in:

  • Facebook groups
  • Twitter
  • Submission websites

The fact is this advice is bullshit! If you want to understand why marketing your books outside of Amazon doesn’t work then read my other tutorial here.

Notice: When you want to purchase a book do you go to Facebook, or Twitter? No, I bet you go to Amazon and search for the topic you want. As you may guess, this is what you and most other people do.

The only effective strategy to promote your books is by ranking them in the first page of results. This way whenever someones searches for their keyword they can easily find and purchase them.

If you publish a book under a keyword nobody is searching inside of Amazon then you simply won’t make any money.


For instance, the keyword “basketball“. In case you are wondering, I am using KDPSpy. This tool helps you analyze your competition in a split second. Making the whole process of finding profitable keywords easier. If you want to learn more about KDSpy then click here.

As you may see most of these books are above 100k paid in Kindle store. In other words, they aren’t selling well. This rank is associated to the number of copies sold. The higher this ranking the better a book is selling in Amazon.

Even though, the first book, “The Crossover” is profitable only because it belongs to a famous author.

This author probably has a blog, Youtube channel and social media pages. For this reason, he or she is getting traffic from outside of Amazon. However, that isn’t something a new author can duplicate. In case, you were to publish a book about basketball then you wouldn’t make money.

What should you do?

If a keyword isn’t profitable then you shouldn’t try to revive it. Everything that you could possibly do is a waste of time and money. If there is no demand then there is no money to be made.

2 – Publishing Books On Profitable Keywords

A good example of a very profitable keyword is “Yoga”. Many people nowadays want to learn about Yoga and other holistic topics so there is a lot of interest.

Kindle book stops selling

As you may see above this keyword is very profitable. You have several books under the 100k paid in Kindle store. Now when it comes this situation there are two possibilities.

Keyword Is Too Competitive

Perhaps, your new book sold well during the first 15 to 30 days and soon after it stopped selling.

The reason this happens is because initially your book was receiving Amazon boosting. They provide this boost in order to help their new releases get reviews, sales and stand a chance against their competition.

After this period of time, normally books may drop to the second or another page of results. Where nobody will then find them because very few people go to these pages.

The problem is competitive keywords commonly have books from famous authors. These books can easily outsell and get more reviews in a day than you can in a month with yours. For this reason, it is hard for you to keep your book in the front page long-term.

Of course, you could try to revive these books. But probably they will only last a week or two in the front page, and then drop again from the results.

How Can You Revive Your Kindle Books?

If three months have already passed then you can set you book in free promotion again. Otherwise, you can lower the pricing of your book to $0.99. During this period of time, you should get more reviews. For this, I ask my virtual assistant to swap 20 or 30 reviews.

I know not everyone is comfortable with review swapping but that is what I do. However, I must admit I only tried this strategy for lower competition keywords.

Keywords With Fewer Competition

I recommend trying this strategy for profitable keywords with lower competition. I can’t guarantee this will work 100% of the time but at least for me it has been effective.

This strategy is ideal because you don’t need to waste more money producing newer books. You can simply revive your older ones and do even more money with them.

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