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Kindle Self-Publishing Course – How To Make Up To $10 000 Monthly Selling E-Books


Would you like to make an extra an extra $10,000 dollars per month? Well, that’s possible if you specialize yourself in Kindle Publishing.

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What’s Kindle Self-Publishing?

A program that belongs to Amazon, which lets less known but also famous authors and publishers publish books inside their platform.

Why Should You Do Kindle Publishing?

You  have plenty of different ways to make money online. However, I consider KDP a great starting point for any beginner or anyone looking to make more money online, why?

1 – Easiest Way To Start Immediately Doing Some Money Online

A few years ago when I started building my online business, I jumped in into affiliate marketing without having a clue about what I was doing.

Of course, it took me several months of hard work mostly writing content for websites I had no interest about until I finally saw my first commission.

So I know how frustrating and even infuriating it can be to see your dashboard at zero day in and day out. And there’s nothing more motivating than making your first dollars online. Your whole mindset immediately changes from one of doubt, “Oh… I don’t think I can make money online” to one of, “I know I can  make money online! I done it once and I can do it again!”

Therefore, in terms of easiness and quickness promoting books in KDP Amazon is by far the best solution. It doesn’t require any copy writing skills, or for you to learn how to build a website, or to advertise your products in Facebook or in other platforms.

Basically all you need to do is to publish an e-book in Amazon and perhaps in the same day or the day after, you’ll start seeing some sales. Actually, Amazon does most of the promoting work for you!

2 – Inexpensive Business To Get Started

Another aspect that is great about Kindle Amazon is that it’s pretty inexpensive for you to get started. Actually, you can get started with zero costs added! In case you are a decent writer, you may write your own books and freely publish them in Amazon.

Otherwise, you may hire ghostwriters to produce them for you. Nowadays, this is what I do but even then the costs are pretty low and if you know what you are doing you will always see a positive ROI.

3 – Great Source Of Passive Income

Building several sources of passive income is the way of becoming eventually wealthy; because there’s so much you can do and earn if you are always trading your time for money.

By publishing books, they may generate royalties for years and years to come in auto-pilot!

Why Non-Fiction Books?

My KDP business is built around by publishing exclusively non-fiction books. I actually don’t have any novels or romance books for several reasons.

Non-fiction books are commonly a lot shorter in length, since people aren’t looking to read a good story but instead to find a solution to their problems. This means their production is cheaper if you are hiring a ghostwriter.

They usually get paid by the amount of words they need to write. But also with non-fiction you have plenty of profitable niches you can get in. On contrary, novels, romances etc… everyone is typically competing for the same piece of the cake and for this reason, the competition tends to be very fierce.

Normally authors will lower their pricing to $0,99 so they can make some sales and in the process, they only make 35 cents per each copy sold.

If you are looking to make some decent money online any time soon then this certainly isn’t the best option!

Why I Don’t Promote My Books In Facebook, Twitter, and so on…?

First and foremost, I must tell you from the start there’s a lot of bullshit out there! I am talking about publishers explaining through Youtube videos, posts and even courses that they promote their new e-books in all sorts of ways. This normally includes:

  • Inside of “Kindle Publishing” group
  • Or in Twitter
  • Creating blogs around a book
  • Submission websites or whatever they are called

The fact is you won’t make more sales by marketing your latest books in all of these websites. Actually, you will only waste a tone of time going around doing something that isn’t effective. When you could better use your time to find more profitable keywords and publish more books and make even more money.

As they say, time is money!

The only viable way to market your new books is to be able to rank them well for highly profitable keywords. For instance:

If you have a book related to Yoga, then you want your clients to be able to immediately find your book appearing in the listing of results whenever they search for “Yoga” inside of Amazon Kindle. Particularly in the first five top results in that listing because that’s where most of the sales are normally happening.

A lot of people don’t seem to grasp this idea! But when you want to buy a book do you go to Facebook, Twitter or to any sleazy looking submission website? I guess not! If you are like most people then you go immediately to Amazon and search for whatever you want there.

Why Can You Make Up To $10,000?

The fact is there are several publishers doing up to $10,000 dollars/monthly by selling books inside of Amazon. Normally, most publishers struggle to pass that limit without applying some more advanced techniques, such as taking advantage of coupon codes etc…

You can pretty much get to 10k without needing to do anything particularly complicated and rinse and repeating an effective strategy.

But hey… 10k in passive income is a great start! Just imagine, you can then use that money to invest into other more profitable projects.

However, you won’t get there without having a proper education and effective strategy! A few months ago, I was struggling to sell my books in Amazon. But my odds changed around when I decided to take the video course belonging to Big Lucas.

So if you are serious about learning how to make money with Kindle Publishing, my suggestion is for you to check out, “Self-Publishing Revolution” by clicking here.



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