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Kindle Publishing – How Long Should Your Books Be For Maximum Success?

How long should your books be for maximum success

Today, I am going to reply to a common question many new publishers have…

What length should their first kindle books be?

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For beginners, I recommend publishing Kindle books with at least 12,000 words. Why is this?

1 – Less Expensive

The fact is most new publishers usually are in a tight budget and for that reason, don’t have much money to invest in their Kindle business. Of course, in case you are paying writers to produce your books. Otherwise, they will only cost you more time writing them.

If you are paying a ghostwriter then commonly you pay by the number of words. So reducing their length is a good way to cut some costs.

2 – Lack Of Experience

No matter how much time you spent researching; You may even think you already know everything there is to know about Kindle publishing. Although, when you start publishing books often there are so many different factors that may go wrong.

One of them is you choosing the wrong keywords for your books. But there are plenty of other aspects that are simply out of your control, such as:

  • Hiring a bad virtual assistant – In my case, my first virtual assistant was a scammer. His contract was to get forty reviews for my newest book. After twenty reviews, he was already demanding his full payment with the excuse that he quickly needed money to help one sick family relative. I eventually ended his contract earlier after he started threatening me and only paid for the reviews he got. In less than two weeks, I only had one review left on my book.
  • Hiring a poor writer – The fact is many e-writer companies and Upwork ghostwriters provide poor quality content. You may even request for their portfolio where their work looks apparently good. However, once your receive your book you nearly have a panic attack, while reading it. As it comes full of grammatical errors and misspelling mistakes.

This type of annoyances unfortunately happen more often than not. A great part of your success in Kindle, besides choosing profitable keywords is also hiring a good team of writers and virtual assistants to work for you.

And sometimes you need to go through some trial and error until you get there. So starting with cheaper books is always better since you don’t lose so much money if something goes wrong.

3 – Fierce Competition

Back in 2013, publishers could get away with short books with about 4000 words (20 to 30 pages). However, nowadays days you have a lot more competition, since there are more publishers.

Often in order for you to compete for certain keywords you need longer books. Otherwise, you simply won’t succeed!

Just imagine publishing a 20 page book for a keyword where all the results listed have more than 100 pages. Most people will immediately choose a lengthier book over yours.

The fact is most people assume that a longer book provides higher quality content.

4 – Taking Advantage of Createspace and ACX

Another reason for you to have lengthier books is because you can take advantage of Createspace (paperback) and ACX (audio book). By publishing your book in all three formats you can do a lot more money rather than only having it in Amazon KDP.

But for this, you must have lengthier books. Just imagine someone purchasing one of your paperbacks. Afterward, they receive home a “book” with only 20 pages.I bet they will wonder if Amazon sent them a TV manual by mistake rather than the book they requested.

Once they realize that is really their book they will leave a negative feedback for it.

Besides, ACX has a fixed pricing and they pay by the amount of minutes in your audio book. So by having lengthier books you earn more money.

Last Thoughts…

I recommend starting with books with 12,000 words. Once you have more experience and good team working for you then increase their length. At the moment, I publish books with over 15,000 words. As a result, I may price them higher in all three platforms and do more money with my Kindle business.

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