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Kindle Publishing Marketing – 4 Bullsh*t Ways To Promote Your Kindle E-Books


Are you still promoting your KDP e-books in Facebook groups, submission websites, Twitter accounts and doing the whole nine yards? Actually, you feel like you are no longer running your Kindle Publishing business but instead, it is running you!

Well then in this video, I will talk about Kindle Publishing Marketing! Or better saying, I will demystify all the non-sense, bullshit, crap that a lot of authors and publishers tell others to do either through their videos, blog posts or courses!

These “marketing strategies”, if you could even call them that, are not only ineffective but also a huge waste of time and money.

Because as they commonly say, time is money. Probably you are better off spending your time in more important endeavors, such as: finding more profitable keywords and publishing newer e-books.


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1 – Social Media Promotion

As anyone ever told you to promote your new e-book inside of Facebook groups, or on Twitter? I bet you did! At least, I did!

kindle publishing marketing

The idea here is for you to join several Facebook groups similar to the ones shown in the image above. After you have been approved and your new e-book goes on free promotion then you market it inside of them.

And miraculously, you’ll get tens of thousands of free downloads from craving hungry readers. Yeah right! By the way just the word free should already make you feel a bit nauseous.

The fact is promoting your e-book let’s say to 30 or 40 of these groups twice daily will consume a good chunk of your time; then we are not only talking about one day because you usually schedule your free promo for five days straight; and some publishers or authors advice you to repeat the same process every single day.

So you end up wasting all that time and effort to only get a few extra free downloads? Seriously! All that work in the name of freebies? It’s ridiculous to say the least! Even worse…

  • Most people who join these Facebook groups are looking for the same as you. They are either new authors or publishers who think they need to use this strategy to expose their new e-book. When in fact they aren’t doing anything worthy. Did that ring a bell? This means, you’ll find very few or no actual readers in these groups.
  • Besides, even if there are few readers there that doesn’t exactly mean they are interested in the topic of your e-book

The other strategy is to promote your e-book to several Twitter accounts, such as: @Kindlebooks, etc. In the hopes, they’ll retweet it to their followers.

A lot, I mean a lot because I checked most of these accounts and there’s a wide list of them, haven’t been active since 2013.

I guess back then that may have been something effective. Probably… or probably not, but it certainly isn’t effective nowadays since most of these accounts are dead. So why would you even waste your time tweeting them? Hmm… yeah!

2 – Promotion Websites

I don’t know exactly how you call these websites nor do I care. Anyway, these websites claim they will promote your new e-book to their group of followers. If you search, “promotion website kindle ebook” in Google, you’ll certainly find plenty of them.

Why Is This Crap?

These websites commonly have requirements for you to be able to promote your new e-book to their communities (if they even have one)  for instance:

  • Your e-book needs to be on free promo
  • Others demand for you to create an account with them
  • Others demand for you to pay for their promotion services

This means each time you publish a new e-book you are supposed to promote it in Facebook groups, Twitter and since that isn’t already enough also to 30 or more of these submission websites. Doesn’t that all sound too time consuming?

Well it does because it really is and the worst part, all in the name of freebies that’s nuts!

Besides, many of these websites have a dead community.

3 – Promoting On A Blog

Out of everything I heard so far this was perhaps one of the most stupidest suggestions. Actually, this advice came from a well-known Kindle Publisher.

He told people to build a blog for each new published e-book on one of his Youtube videos. I am speechless by the abnormality of such suggestion!

A blog for each new published book? Even a blog for each ten new published e-book would be stupid! The fact is for you to be able to rank a website in the search engines and then receive organic traffic it will take:

  • About 4 to 6 or more month of continuous work
  • A shitload of written content (no, posting two to three 500 word articles won’t do it)

As you may see, a tone of of hard work! This suggestion is madness!

4 – Promoting Fiverr Gigs

If you head to Fiverr, which is a website where you can get anything for 5 bucks including people recording videos of them eating a pieces of paper with someone’s name written on them between other awkward things; you will find plenty of gigs (aka services) offering to promote your e-book in all sorts of ways, such as:


  • In Facebook groups
  • On Twitter
  • In their own blogs

By now I guess you have already realized that this ways of promotion are bullshit!

So I suggest for you to keep your 5 bucks probably for something more useful like to hire someone to make an awesome Kindle e-book cover.

How Do You Really Promote Your Kindle E-Books?

The question is more like, “Where do you go when you want to purchase a new book?”

Do you go to Facebook, or to one of those shitty looking submission websites? My bet is you go to Amazon and you type in the search box the topic of the book you want to find; then you buy one of the books that appears in the listing of results.

Besides, if you are like most people who normally don’t like to scroll down a lot because it tires their fingers then you will most likely purchase one of the first 5 books appearing in that listing.

And that’s exactly what you want to do in terms of marketing your e-book. You want to be able to rank your book in the listing of results for your chosen keyword/s.

This way any time someone searches for that keyword they’ll be able to easily find your e-book and purchase it.


Once again, when people want to buy a new book they go to Amazon and nowhere else!

My Last Suggestion


Just a few months ago I was going nuts with all of these promotion strategies. I was wasting a lot of time doing stuff that wasn’t effective and seeing little success with Kindle Publishing.

If you are tired of seeing poor results and want to drastically increase your income with KDP then I recommend for your to check out this video course, “Self-Publish Revolution”. Just click here!

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