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Kindle Publishing & Self-Publishing Revolution – FAQ

Kindle publish frequently ask questions

I am going to reply to a few frequently asked questions about Kindle Publishing and Self-Publishing Revolution. If you don’t know this is a course that belongs to Big Luca. In case, you want to build a self-publishing business I recommend you getting this course here.

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1 – Is Self-Publishing Revolution still a viable course?

Yes, actually it’s the only viable course in the market if you want to make money with non-fiction books. The videos are updated and the strategies still effective. Furthermore, Big Luca sometimes publishes new content depending on the difficulties his students are having.

This course teaches you:

  • How to choose profitable keywords and structure them – Big Luca even shows his own strategy
  • How the Amazon algorithm works
  • How to get reviews for your books

Self-Publishing Revolution is still viable in 2017 and possibly 2018. Of course, only if Amazon decides to make some huge changes to the way they rank their books or something along the times. However, they haven’t made any major alterations for years now.

2 – How much it costs the production of each book?

If you decide to hire a ghostwriter from the company mentioned in Self-Publishing Revolution then the cost of your book depends on the number of words.

Each 100 words cost about $1,5

When I started I got books with 12,000 words so they costed about $180. This is probably the cost for your first books then you also need to pay your virtual assistant to swap reviews. Depending on the agreement this normally is about $1.5 per review.

In total each book will cost $230 to $250.

The most important question is when will you see your return of investment? Of course, I can’t give you an exact amount of time. This depends a lot on the keywords you select. If you choose the wrong ¬†keywords then you won’t make any money.

However, with the right keywords normally about a month and afterward, it’s all profit.

3 – Can I start my KDP business without hiring a ghostwriter?

If you don’t have enough money to invest or simply want to write your books then go for it! Actually, my first books were written by me. I can’t say, they were the best books out there but they earned enough money to pay a ghostwriter.

Nowadays, I no longer write my books because it is too time consuming. So yes, you can start by doing your own books but it will definitely take longer.

Besides, there are several students in Self-Publishing Revolution that wrote all their books.

4 – Do I need to swap reviews for my e-books?

Often people consider morally wrong to swap reviews. I personally swap reviews for my books. Otherwise, it is too time consuming to get them organically. However, if you don’t want to swap reviews then in this course you will learn other strategies to get them.

For instance by building an e-mail list and requesting your subscribers to leave a review on your book. Even though, I must warn you this still goes against Amazon policy. They consider this soliciting reviews.

The only way Amazon allows you to get reviews is organically. In other words, supposedly your clients would get your book and after reading it, they would go to Amazon and leave a review.

However, normally people don’t leave reviews organically. I would say about 1% of your clients will ever remember leaving one. The numbers are very low and not enough for you to be able to rank your books well in the search engine.

If you don’t get reviews then your book won’t appear in the first page of results and people won’t purchase it.

The only situation your clients will waste their time leaving a review is if your book is poor quality, which you certainly want to avoid. Or, if you are a famous author.

Otherwise, if you have a high-quality book (which I recommend always) and aren’t a famous author then you either swap reviews or build an e-mail list and request them to your subscribers. The last method is slower and more time consuming.

5 – Is Amazon deleting fake reviews?

During the past 6 to 8 months, Amazon has been deleting far more reviews than before. However, the fact is they been deleting reviews from nearly everyone.

Both from authors that are getting them organically and others who are swapping them. I don’t think Amazon knows exactly how to distinguish whether a review is fake or not. I consider they are all over the place trying to scare publisher from swapping reviews.

Anyway, if you get into this business then you should expect to see your reviews getting deleted more often; whether you get them organically or not.

6 – How much money can you do with KDP monthly?

An average maximum amount of money some students are doing with KDP is about $10,000 per month. Afterward, it starts getting really hard to make more money. I am not saying, there aren’t some students doing more money than this because there are.

However, you will need to publish more books, which requires more maintenance from your part, or use several strategies to sell them more, such as using the coupons provided by Amazon.

This also depends on the season of the year. Of course, during the Christmas you will always make more sells because there are more people online looking to purchase.

Now for each book you can expect about $100 to $300 per month. So on average students are reaching the 10k mark with about 40 to 50 books.

A month or so ago, a students got there with only 25 books, which is pretty impressive! The results were published inside of the Secret Facebook group including the dashboards.

7 – You should produce books with which length?

I recommend for you to initially start publishing books with 12,000 words. Anything less than that is way too small and you will probably receive negative feedback from your clients.

The fact is you also want to take advantage from Createspace. If you don’t know, this is where you publish your book in the paperback format.

Just imagine if you received home a book with only 20 pages. You probably would get mad enough to go back to Amazon and leave a complain.

This is the main reason why you want to produce lengthier books. Besides, Createspace is a greater income source than KDP, since you sell your books more expensively.

8 – Can you do self-publishing as a part-time job?

Yes, you can! Actually, once you have the right knowledge nearly the whole KDP business can be automated.

Let’s say, you have available 8 hours per week.

1st – You probably will take 2 to 3 weeks to take the full course

2nd – Another week or two to choose the right selection of keywords. This is the most time consuming process.

After that, everything else can be automated for instance:

  • You can hire your ghostwriter
  • Someone on Fiverr to produce covers for your books
  • A virtual assistant to swap reviews


Afterward, you just need a few more minutes to publish your books in the three platforms (KDP, Createspace, ACX) and you’re done!

As you may see, this business isn’t very time consuming and also a great source of passive income.

If you have any other question related to Self-Publishing or Self-Publishing Revolution then make sure to leave it right below.

Besides, if you still haven’t got Self-Publishing Revolution then I don’t know what you are waiting for! This is the best course in the market and you are losing a great opportunity to make a shitload of money, while it lasts!

Just click here and get started with Self-Publishing Revolution now!


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