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LeadPages Tutorial – Is This The Best Landing Page Builder?


Do you want to build high converting and professional looking landing pages for your business? Then discover the power of LeadPages by reading the rest of this post or watching the video below.

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What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page or often also called squeeze page is a single web-page purposely built for converting your traffic. This means these pages are normally absent of any distractions, such as external links, sidebars, etc.

As a result, landing pages are highly efficient because your traffic only has two options either to leave or convert. Since they don’t have any links to click or sidebars robbing their attention from your main objective. The most common goal of a landing are:

  • Get people to subscribe to your email newsletter. So you may later promote services or products to them
  • Sale them products or services

Regardless, the ultimate goal of these pages are always the same one. To  make you money either immediately in case of a sale’s page, or later through an email sequence. For this reason, having good landing pages is essential for the survival and growth of your online business. A business can’t survive without doing money, right? Exactly!

But for you to convert leads into subscribers or buyers then they must trust your landing page. Also they must trust your page in a split of a second. The fact is most people are bored while browsing the Internet.  Often, they will be jumping from one website to another looking for something amusing.

So your landing page must capture their attention immediately. In words, it needs to look professional so they will trust it but also have an enticing offer.

The problem is building a slick landing page is extremely hard without having any coding knowledge. If you ever tried building one using WordPress then you know what I am talking about. You certainly had a hard time finding a proper theme.

Or, probably tried to tweak the coding from a simple theme to only end up with a mediocre looking squeeze page. And that’s why Leadpages is necessary for your online business. Their drag and drop system let’s you build professional and high converting landing pages in a breeze.

Actually, Leadpages’ homepage was created using their own platform under 10 minutes.


Impressive! Just a small glimpse of Leadpages potential.

Why Should You Choose  LeadPages?

Leadpages has one of the most advanced drag and drop technologies in the industry. You also have a wide selection of 130 drag and drop templates. These themes can be used for anything you want. It can be as simple as a landing page to capture email addresses, or as complicated as sale’s page with testimonials, a pricing table and much more.

You are able to build these pages in a few minutes by using their highly responsive builder. Using their landing page creator, you may adjust your page sizing, background image, button colors, headlines, or add new widgets with a click of the button.

Long past are the days where you wasted months learning coding just to be able to do half of this. Instead Leadpages makes the whole process so simple that you even feel excited about building your own landing pages.

Which Plan Should You Choose?

leadpages pricing table

As you may see you have three different options to choose from. In case, you have a new website, Youtube channel then the standard plan should be good enough. The reason is it may take a while until you have a decent amount of traffic converting in your landing pages to be worth paying for more. Of course, this planning doesn’t come with extra features.

Otherwise, if you want more features or have a popular website or Youtube channel then either choose the Pro or Advanced planning.

One of the most important features is the A/B split testing that only comes with the pro and advanced planning.

If you want to have high converting landing pages then you must test different headlines, button text or color and so on until you discover the right formula. This is one of the major flaws with the standard planning as it doesn’t come with this feature.

I suggest for you to spend some time checking the features of each planning before deciding.

What Do You Have To Lose?

You have the opportunity of freely trying one of the most powerful landing page builders for 15 days before you need to decide anything. So what do you have to lose? You certainly won’t find any better platform out there.

Just click here and start your free trial now!

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