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Long Tail Pro Review – Is This The Best Keyword Research Tool?

long tail pro review

Is Long Tail Pro the best keyword research tool in the market? Well, continue reading or watch the video review below and find out!

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Why Should You Get Long Tail Pro?

I will share my experience with you because probably in one way or another you may relate with it.

Even though, I produced a SEO video about a year ago that now has more than 350k views. A few of my viewers even sent me offers asking if I would optimize their websites. But honestly, I find any topic related to search engine optimization extremely tedious.

In the beginning of my online marketer career, I had to literally force myself to study books like, “The Art of SEO”. This book has over 500 pages of what I consider the most boring content on earth.

However, I knew the importance of being able to rank my websites in the search engines. Otherwise, nobody would find them, read my content and purchase the products I was promoting.

So search engine optimization is extremely important but also very time consuming. As you must be constantly updating your knowledge, since Google is always coming up with new updates.

Besides, many times you need to use multiple tools in order to find good keywords ideas. For this reason, Long Tail Pro is a must have! The fact is this tool makes the whole process ten thousands times easier.

As Long Tail Pro comes with an extremely powerful feature called, “Keyword Competitiveness (KC)”. This feature helps you analyze the competition for any keyword in a split second. Giving you an idea if whether a keyword is worth pursuing or not.

In other words, you don’t need to have a great understanding about SEO so you may manually analyze your competition. Neither spend time using multiple keyword tools, such as: Google Keyword Planner, Ubbersuggest and others only to get mediocre results.

Long Tail Pro Plannings

I recommend either choosing between the “Annual Starter Plan” or “Annual Pro Plan”. In case, you are working for a company or provide a SEO service then the Annual Agency Plan might be the right solution for you.

The major difference between each planning is the number of keywords searches per month. With the, “Annual Starter Plan” you may perform up to 10, 000 searches per month, while with the, “Annual Pro Plan” a total of 25,000.

If you are looking to build multiple niche websites then I suggest the Annual Pro Plan. As you will most likely need to do a lot of keyword researching so you may find the hidden gems you want.

In case, you already have established websites then the Start Annual Plan may be good enough.

Long Tail Pro Video Course

Long Tail Pro provides an amazing video course. If you were to get a similar course outside, it would probably cost around $67. Anyway, here you basically receive it as a free bonus for joining their platform. This course includes:

  • How to find profitable keywords
  • How to do on-page SEO
  • How to build backlinks

It teaches you how to build a niche website successfully. Of course, you may apply the same information for other purposes.

How Can You Find Long Tail Keywords?

The newer your website is the more you should go after low competition keywords. This way you can more quickly rank for them and receive organic traffic. Essentially, this tool makes the whole process of finding long tail keywords much easier.

As you may see in the image below, you have a metric called, KC (Keyword competitiveness), which determines the competitiveness for each keyword. This quickly gives you an idea whether you should build a web-page or not around it.

Step 1) Add seed keywords

You should start by adding a seed keyword. This will be the keyword where you will then retrieve more keyword ideas.

Long tail pro dashboard

If you have a new website I recommend for you to stay between 10 to 35 KC. Otherwise, the keyword will be too competitive for you to be able to rank for it any time soon. Check the graph below

keyword competitiveness

In other words, when you are starting out you want to target as many 10 to 30 KC keywords as possible. Remember that a single web-page may target multiple search terms at once. Even though, these keywords usually have low traffic volumes they tend to be far easier for you to rank for them.

Just imagine ranking for hundreds or even thousands of low competitive keywords. At that point, you will be receiving a shit load of visitors every single day.

Usually, many newbies fail here as they go after keywords too competitive for them. As a result, they barely receive any traffic for months without end and sooner or later, quit.

Enter your domain: Insert your website URL if you have one. Afterward, you will get an idea of the KC you should target.

Hint: In case, you want to quickly find profitable keyword then add the extra words to your seed keyword: best, reviews, top, under $50, 2017

Example: Best gaming desktop, Headphones under $70

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Step 2) Filtering Results

Click on the filter option. You may add a couple of filters to help you more easily separate the good apples from the bad ones. For instance:

Exclude KC greater than 35. Having this filter selected hides any result above this KC. You can add a higher KC depending on the authority of your website.

I still have 23 results after applying the filter.

I then click on Avg. KC twice so it will show my results from the lowest KC to the highest one.

Step 3) Keyword Selection

The next step is to analyze the keywords and see which ones are good for you to target. In my case, I chose ,”Best gaming Laptop under 300″. Its KC is low and it has a good search volume.

If I were to build a tech website I could easily write a post reviewing the top 3 to 5 best laptops under $300; then add affiliate links to Amazon and make bank!

At a glance, I can see up to 18 good keywords. Getting the same results without Long Tail Pro would probably take me a whole day or more. Here it only took me less than 5 minutes.

Step 4) Analyzing Competition

I recommend for you to do further analyzes before choosing a keyword. For this, simply click on the keyword. You will then see the top 10 search engine results in Google.

top 10 results in Google

In this page, you can see the ten web-pages ranking for a particular keyword. This gives you an idea if there are other review website there or not. Especially, if you are looking to build a review website this gives you a good indication.

You may enter into these websites and see what they are doing. Afterward, you can try to outrank them by providing better and fresher content. Often many review websites provide poor quality information.

Review website using LTP

Above you can see an excellent example. This page is reviewing several laptops. Whenever someone clicks on one of the links spread throughout the content they are taken to Amazon. If they purchase that laptop or any other item there then the owner of this website receives a commission.

Rank Tracker

Lastly, “rank tracker” lets you easily see where your keywords are ranking.

Long Tail Pro Rank Tracker

This gives you an idea of the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. If you don’t see any improvements after an extend period of time then perhaps you need to change your strategies.

Last Thoughts…

I already tried several SEO tools and Long Tail Pro is by far the best one out there!

I already tried other tools out there and Long Tail Pro is by far the best one! It comes with a clean and easy interface, which is ideal for beginners. Besides, a powerful feature (KC) that helps you quickly find good keywords.

If you don’t want to spend the next months studying SEO in order to rank your websites then Long Tail Pro is for you!

So make yourself a favor and get Long Tail Pro today…

Click Here To Get Long Tail Pro

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