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How To Make +$100 Per Day Online – Easiest Way!

how to make $100 per day online

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Now easiest way doesn’t mean you can spend you day sitting on your sofa watching TV. And whenever you need money you just need to push a button on your keyboard and all sudden money starts flying from your computer monitor.

No… easiest compared to other ways of making money online. In other words:

  • Without needing to build a website
  • Without needing to have a Youtube channel
  • Without needing to build an email list
  • Without needing to make your own product
  • Without needing to spend 8 hours per day. You can build this business with a few hours per week.
  • Without needing to invest a huge amount of money

However, there is still some work involved and of course, learning curve. You must learn new skills and more importantly apply them. This isn’t about doing 1000 surveys each day so you can earn a few peanuts in the end of the day.

Instead, I am talking about building a serious online business, one that can earn more than $10.000 monthly.

The best part is this money is done mostly passively. This means, this business can be run nearly automatically without you needing to constantly babysit it. Besides, you may earn money for months or even years and see your first dollars online in your first or second day.

So what I am talking about?

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

Kindle Publishing is a program that belongs to Amazon. By joining, you can start publishing books inside of their platform. Whenever someone purchases one of your books you earn a royalty.

In other words, you become a book publisher. This possibly is one of the best ways for newbies to start making money online. Although, you need to learn certain skills in order to succeed. You can’t really compare to anything else.

Kindle Direct Publishing

For instance, if you wanted to do affiliate marketing aka promoting products from other people. In this case, you would need to build a website, learn SEO (search engine optimization), build an email list etc.

As you may imagine, there is a bigger learning curve and more work involved.

However, by becoming a book publisher you can take advantage of the biggest e-commerce website in the world. You don’t need to market your books outside of Amazon, nor build a website. As you will be using their website and traffic to sell your books.

Of course, I know this may not sound something you are really passionate about. However, we are talking about a business. A business is meant to make money and it doesn’t need to be something you love doing.

The only people who need to love your business are your customers.

What Is Being Kindle Publisher?

For instance, you can start publishing books inside of Amazon similar to the one shown below:

If you search for, “Yoga” this is the listing of books that appear. This could be one of your books and would earn a 70% royalty whenever someone purchased it.

Although, I don’t recommend for you to publish another book about Yoga. As this is a very competitive title constantly being bombarded by newer books.

Maximizing Your Book Profit

Whenever you publish a book you should publish in all three formats. This way you can maximize the profit from a single book. Many publishers often don’t this and leave a lot of money on the table. This includes:

KDP – Publish virtual books

Createspace – Publish paperbacks

ACX – Publish audiobooks

All these platforms belong to Amazon. As you may see in the image below:

kindle publishing two different formats

This book is published in two different formats. You can either purchase it as an e-book or paperback. Besides, nowadays most people purchase paperbacks. As a result, you can earn more money because they are more expensive than Kindle books.

One thing these authors did wrong was to not publish their book as an audio. Especially in the spirituality niche, people often enjoy listening to them. For this reason, they are losing some money, since some people don’t like to read.

How Are You Going To Get Your Books Written?

Unfortunately, many newbies never enter into this business because of this concern. They aren’t certain about how to get their books written.

1 – Write your books – If you have decent writing skills then you can always write your own books.

2 – Hiring ghostwriters – You can hire ghostwriters to write books about any topic you could possibly imagine.

What About The Book Covers?

You can go to Fiverr and pay someone $5 to produce a cover for your book. Otherwise, if you are skilled with Photoshop or another image editing software then you can make your own ones.

What Is Your Main Work As A Publisher?

By now you have a good idea about Kindle Publishing. As you may see, you can pretty much outsource nearly everything. However, you are in charge of the most important part and that is?

Picking highly profitable keywords (titles or topics) where you may publish new books. I would say, this is 80% of your work as a publisher.

The fact is not every single topic is profitable in Amazon. Some topics are more searched than others. For instance, Yoga books are extremely profitable because there are many interested buyers.

On contrary, martial arts books aren’t because there are lesser buyers. I guess most people don’t like to learn martial arts through a book.

Anyway, there is a precise strategy so you are able to find extremely profitable keywords where you may publish your books.

What Now?

Kindle publishing is definitely one of the easiest ways to make 100 dollars and even more online. Anyway, this requires for you to learn the right skills. Otherwise, you will waste your time and not make any money with your Kindle business.

In other words, there is a step-by-step process. If you follow the exact steps then you can build a highly profitable business. For this reason, I recommend for you to get one of the best video courses out there called, “Self-Publishing Revolution“.

This course teaches you the strategies that actually work and that will help you succeed. Without them, it is extremely hard for you to make money with KDP.

Just check the dashboard from several students below:

self publishing revolution self publishing revolution

If you want to have similar dashboards inside of your KDP account in the next few months then click here.

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