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Self-Publishing Revolution Review – Is It Worth Your Money?


self-publishing revolution bundleSelf-Publishing Revolution is a video course produced by Big Lucas also author of Affiliate Marketing Revolution. If you are starting online and would like to build a business where you are able to make buttload of money passively; or even you have been doing Kindle publishing for a while without much success then read the rest of this post and find out if this course is meant for you!



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What Is Self-Publishing Revolution?

Self-Publishing Revolution is a video course that teaches you how you can make a shitload of money by publishing books inside of Amazon’s platforms. This includes three platforms:

  • KDP Amazon – Where you initially publish your book in virtual format
  • Createspace – Where you publish your book as a paperback
  • ACX – Where you publish your book as an audio book

All these three platforms belong to Amazon. The biggest reason why I enjoy this business model is because it can be done passively. In other words, you can publish a series of books and then earn their royalties for months or even years to come without you needing to constantly micromanage things.

Of course for this to happen you need to know what you are doing! It is more easily said than done! Now one of the greatest problems with KDP is the learning process. The fact is there is a huge amount of bullshit surrounding this industry for instance:

  • Plenty of Youtubers offering false or innefective strategies throughout their videos
  • KDP courses giving you advice that doesn’t work properly
  • Or my favorite one, publishers claiming that KDP Amazon is dead!

So if you aren’t cautious then you will most likely end up wasting time and money following courses and advice that isn’t effective. In the meanwhile, you won’t make any money in return and eventually quit out of frustration.

Actually, that was my situation before I found out Self-Publishing Revolution. I was following another course from another author called, “K Money Mastery”, which was a huge waste of time and the strategies I learned there did me very little money.

However, that is not the case with Self-Publishing Revolution. Actually, I was pretty lucky to have accidentally discovered Big Luca’s channel a few months ago. Otherwise, I still wouldn’t be doing any money with KDP Amazon.

What Will You Get With Self-Publishing Revolution?

Self-Publishing Revolution comes with a total of 13 separated modules. In each module, you will get a series of videos. I don’t know how many hours is the complete course. However, you will find staggering amounts of content to keep you entertained for probably a week or more.

self-publishing revolution dashboard

After you joined Self-Publishing Revolution, you will access get access to the secret Facebook group. Just by itself it is worth a huge amount of value!

I say this because you will find several member, who went from $0 to more than $10,000 with their KDP businesses by following the strategies within this course. Often they will reply to your questions with expert advice.

Therefore, this isn’t the same as many other online master mind groups where nobody knows what they are talking about nor are they doing any money. Another thing I recommend is for you to spend some time reading the comments left by other members inside of Self-Publishing Revolution Secret Facebook group.

Usually, you will discover plenty of buried gold nuggets that will help you accelerate the growth of your KDP business.

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Anyway, here’s a brief explanation about the most interesting modules inside of this course:

Basic Lessons – 1st Step

  • Learn how to choose profitable keywords. This is one of the most important steps. You must know how to choose a profitable keywords before you even decide to write a book. One of the main reasons why a lot of publishers don’t do money with KDP is because they write books about topics that nobody is searching for inside of Amazon.
  • How to choose a good cover. Besides knowing how to choose a profitable keyword one of the second most important aspects is to have a great looking cover. The cover is basically what makes or breaks your book sales. If you have a poor quality cover then you won’t make much money with KDP.
  • The best company to get your books done! Discover which is the ghostwriter company that Big Luca uses to get his high-quality books written.
  • Watch Big Lucas in action. He shows his whole process of choosing and building a structure of keywords that will help you create a long-lasting and sustainable business.
  • Watch Big Lucas choosing and structuring his keywords in a way to build sustainable KDP business
  • Discover how the Amazon’s algorithm works, without knowing this you won’t ever be able to build a sustainable book business.

Reviews – 2nd Step

  • Find out how you can hire virtual assistants to get reviews for your newest Kindle books.
  • Learn the secret review strategy you must have for your books. This will help your books rank well inside of Amazon and therefore, make a shitload of money for you.

Createspace – 3rd Step

This is another company belonging to Amazon. This company is the one responsible for passing your Kindle e-book to paperback. You definitely won’t find any other course on the market that goes in so much detail about Createspace.

Besides, nowadays more and more people are buying paperbacks instead of their virtual versions. In other words, by learning how to use Createspace you will also earn a lot more money from selling paperbacks, since their earnings are far greater in comparison to their KDP counterpart.

This module includes:

  • All the necessary basics in how to upload, convert your Kindle e-book into paperback, etc.
  • The secret pricing strategy inside of Creatspace, which will drastically increase your total income.

ACX – 4th Step

In this module, you learn how you may pass your books into an audio books and several strategies so you may earn even more money by selling audios.

Another unique feature from Self-Publishing Revolution. No other course out there explains how you can use ACX and it is in another way for you to fully leverage each book you publish and even make more money out of them.


Learn several strategies so you may:

  • Scale up your Kindle business fast without wasting much money
  • How you may find a profitable niche for Kindle, ACX and Createspace. This way each book you publish will sell well in all three platforms.
  • Discover why you should produce longer books rather than small 20 to 30 page ones

Assessing Competition

Analyzing your competition and seeing how you can overcome them. This includes:

  • How you should have a keyword rich title that will outperform your competition
  • How you can create a better cover than them
  • How you can have a better description than your competition

Self-Publishing Revolution has even more modules than the ones I described. However, I guess by now you already got a good taste about what this course is all about

Now let’s quickly talk about this course’s pros and cons…


  • Learn how you can find profitable keywords for your books.
  • The only course that explains how the Amazon’s algorithm really works. This is crucial if you are looking to build a long-lasting and sustainable business.
  • The only course in the market that explains in detail how you may profit out of: Kindle, Createspace and ACX
  • Access to the secret Facebook group. Where you have experienced publishers willing to answers your questions


  • Self-Publishing Revolution isn’t an ideal course if you are interested in publishing fiction books. This course is only meant for non-fiction publishers

Should You Get Affiliate Marketing Revolution?

If you want to be a non-fiction publisher and build an automated book business where you may earn money passively for years to come without much micro-management from your part; Or, you are a non-fiction writer looking to make a shitload of money out of KDP Amazon. In that case, Self-Publishing Revolution is without the shadow of a doubt the best course you will find online!

If you take action upon what you learn in this course it is nearly guaranteed that you will make money with this business model.

I must also warn you that Big Luca has already mentioned several times along his videos that he will sooner or later remove, “Self-Publishing Revolution” from being online. So if you are interested in making serious money with KDP Amazon then don’t wait any longer and get it now…

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