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SEO For Videos – How to Rank Videos in Youtube Fast?


You’re about to discover 5 crazy secrets to rank your Youtube videos high and receive tones of views, new subscribers and much more! Warning, this works even if your channel is brand new and you can only hear the sound of flies buzzing around!

Time to get busy and learn the real deal by watching the video below…

What Will You Learn?

  • How To Get Tones Of Viewers And Subscribers?
  • 1 – How To Provide High-Quality Content?
  • 2 – Create Enticing Thumbnails
  • 3 – How To Find Great Search Terms?
  • Secret Formula To Rank Your Videos High In Youtube
  • How to Find Good Search Terms For Your Youtube Videos?
  • How To SEO Youtube Videos?
  • How To Promote Your Videos

How To Get Tones Of Viewers And Subscribers?

Most new Youtubers are clueless about how to get tones of viewers and subscribers to their videos. They commonly think if they just publish a few videos a stream of hungering fans will immediately rush to view them. But after a few weeks, what do they see? Nothing! Unfortunately, most new Youtubers soon give up and never experience the pleasure of seeing a growing and successful channel.

The reason is you must have several videos ranking high in Youtube search engine. When people are looking for content, either for entertainment, or informational purposes they use the search box. For instance, they type in “SEO” if they’d like to learn more about search engine optimization.

This word or combination of words is also referred as search term or keyword. Afterward, you receive a listing of 20 relevant videos. If you had a SEO video then you would want your video to appear in this front-page. Youtube Rank High

This would increase the odds of your video being found by your viewers. In other words, more people watching it and therefore, subscribing to your channel.

Now let’s talk about the 5 secrets to get your videos ranking in the front-page of these listings!

1 – How To Provide High-Quality Content?

Nothing truly matters if you don’t provide amazing video content to your viewers! You may know how to perfectly optimize your videos, promote it or whatever. But if your content sucks then nobody will stick around to watch it!

The fact is the more time people spend watching your video aka watch time the better they’ll rank in Youtube’s search engine.

See watch time is the most important ranking factor! After all time is the most important asset we have in life. You can never earn it like money, instead you can only lose it.

If people are spending long sessions watching your videos then guess what? Your content must be freaking amazing and deserves to have more visibility in Youtube.

What Is High-Quality Content?

You certainly have heard about providing high-quality content but what exactly is it? Well, for one it depends in your niche for Prositetutorials I offer informative step-by-step video.

If you’re in the entertainment niche then you want to make people laugh their ass off while watching your videos. I recommend for you to watch other more successful related videos.

Just search for example for, “funny cats” and see the top 3 to 5 videos. Ask yourself, “What are they doing right? What are the aspects you can use for yours?”

Don’t think they are ranking well from pure luck because there’s definitely more to it! Do they have an engaging entry that hooks people to their seats craving for more?

Is their information easy to follow and very detailed? Is the creator charismatic? etc… Also read their comment section, many times people leave great questions, which you may use for your videos.

Yet, never duplicate anyone’s content! You want to be yourself and just use some key ingredients from other more successful creators.

2 – Create Enticing Thumbnails

Go bold and wild or go home! Always waste some time making eye catching thumbnails for your videos. Here’s the formula:

  • Use big and thick fonts – If your font isn’t bold enough people won’t be able to easily read it
  • Enticing Title – Use powerful adjectives to make your title better
  • Vibrant Colors – I prefer to use bright red, green and yellow

If you’d like to learn how to make a sweet ass thumbnail then watch the video below

3 – How To Find Great Search Terms?

Not all search terms are created equally! In other words, a few of them have more competition than others. This commonly depends in the amount of traffic one search term receives compared to another.

If a search term receives a lot of viewers per day then most video creators will want to rank their videos there. Resulting mostly (not always) in popular channels with thousands of subscribers being the ones prevailing!

Meaning that new channels have a harder but not impossible battle to rank their videos highly for competitive search terms.

Youtube Search Term

How To Analyze A Search Term Competition?

1 – Broader search terms – Usually have more competition for instance:

SEO is more competitive compared to SEO for beginners 2016

2 – Advertisement – If there are ads in the top section then most likely it is a competitive search term. Nobody would pay for advertisement if they weren’t profitable

3 – Videos with plenty of views – In case, you see a listing full of videos with tones of views

4 – Popular channels – Is there plenty of popular channels in the listing? You can see their popularity based in the amount of subscribers they have.

Youtube Listing

Secret Formula To Rank Your Videos High In Youtube

One of the reasons popular channels have an easier time to rank their videos for competitive search terms is because they have a large subscription base. Meaning, all their subs get notified each time they publish a new video.

As a result, they immediately get hundreds or even thousands of viewers. Increasing the watch time, likes, shares, and all other engagement factors on their videos. Instantly making their videos rank well for any targeting search term.

Main search term rank high in youtube

If your channel has few subscribers then you’re probably thinking,  “Darn… I am screwed!” but not really! You just need to find a way to increase the engagement on your videos.

Important to notice each video can rank not only for one but rather multiple search terms at the same time. When I publish a video I always have a main search term and then several secondary ones. For example:

Main Search Term: SEO

Broadest and most competitive term, which receives tones of traffic daily. I see myself not ranking for it immediately but instead in the long-term.

Secondary Search Terms: SEO tutorial, SEO for beginners, What Is SEO?, SEO 2016

All these search terms receive significantly less traffic. But are far less competitive and you’re able to rank for them as soon as you publish your video. This initial viewers will increase the engagement factors on your video and eventually make it rank for your main search term.

How to Find Good Search Terms For Your Youtube Videos?

1 – Youtube Search Box

One of the easiest methods to find search terms is to add your main one into Youtube’s search box. Afterward, see the listing of results you get, copy and paste them into a blank notepad.

Search term ideas


Writing Secondary Search Terms In a Notepad

2 – Install VidIQ

A great tool you must have is VidIQ. This application provides useful and detailed information about: search term competition, highest view count, etc. Get their free version here!

Install VIDIQ

3 – Stealing Other Videos’ Search Terms

Enter in one of the videos you see in the listing for the search term you want to target. If you have VidIQ installed then you are able to easily see all their tags as shown below

VidIQ Secondary Search Terms

In this case, we don’t have any good one. But if there was I could simply click on the small clip icon and copy everything into my notepad.

4 – Use Google Keyword Planner

Search for, “Google Keyword Planner” by using Google’s query box. Even though this tool is meant for Google searches, you can still use it to find good keywords for your videos.

If a search term is popular in Google then most likely it will also be in Youtube. Most people rather spend their time watching a video than reading a post.

Google Keyword Planner

Write the main search term in the blank field and then press get ideas.  Just grab the search terms you like and paste them into your notepad.

Search Terms Ideas In Google Planner

How To SEO Youtube Videos?

In my SEO video, since I have VidIQ installed there’s a tag aka search term section displayed. Here you’re able to see the ranking for each one of them for instance:

SEO = 11th place in the listing

SEO Ranking = 6th

How to rank in Youtube - Video Tags

Initially, I didn’t even have a ranking for SEO but just for my secondary search terms. As my video gained influence it eventually started ranking in the first page for it.

If you want to rank for a search term then make sure to add it either in the video’s description or title.


Video Title – Always include the most important search terms here

Include Main Search Terms In The Video Title

You are able to see that I have my main search term (SEO) appearing right in the beginning. But I also included several others, such as:

  • SEO for beginners
  • How to Rank High In Google?
  • SEO 2016

Just to name a few! This strategy helps my video rank for multiple search terms at once. Yet, you also want to craft an enticing title that looks natural to your viewers.


Description –  Add several secondary search terms spread sporadically throughout the description.


How To Promote Your Videos

After you publish your video, your work isn’t still done! You want to immediately get some initial views. One tip is to always leave the first comment asking people to leave questions, sub, like etc.

Your comment will help your video rank better but also entice your viewers to take positive action. I also suggest to have an ending where you promote other relevant content in your channel.  How to rank high in Youtube - Video ending cover

If someone watches your full video then probably they won’t mind watching other similar ones. This spreads viewers to other older content you got, never leaving it forgotten.

How To Promote Your Video In Social Media Networks?

Immediately promote your new video in the following social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Just follow the next steps:

1 – Copy the URL from your video and paste it into a blank notepad. You may also had a catchy title and call to action as shown below

Write The Title into Your Notepad

2 – Go to Google Plus and promote your link to several niche related communities. For this, use their search box and type in your niche keyword. In my case, I searched for SEO and afterward, selected the communities tab and began joining the largest ones.

Google plus commmunities

Now go back to your profile page, and copy and paste the information in your notepad into the text box, example:

Using Google Plus

First promote to everyone in your circle and then to several communities by using the “To:” option. I commonly promote my content to at least 5 communities but if possible target more. This will increase the number of people who will view your post.

Another tip is to not only advertise your link once but at least three times throughout the week. This way people who haven’t saw it the first time around will still get a chance.

3 – Facebook If you want got a fan page then create one for your brand.  Afterward….

  1. Publish your fresh content into your fan page
  2. Join several groups and promote it there


Facebook Fan Page

For this, use their search box and write your niche keyword, example:

Facebook Search box

Select the groups tab and you’ll see a listing of related groups. Start by joining about 10 groups each day but don’t overextend! Otherwise, you might get banned from publishing in them for 15 days or more. I know from firsthand 🙂


facebook groups

Just head over to each group and copy and paste your link there.

3 – Twitter Promotion In Twitter’s feed, just copy and paste your link there. The trick here is to use the right hashtags# for instance: #SEO, #Internetmarketing, etc.

As a result, anyone who is searching for SEO will be able to see my video. Of course, you should use the appropriate hashtags for your content.

Twitter hashtags


4 – Quora   Quora is insane in the amount of popularity it has gained over the past few years! One of the largest Q&A websites on the Internet!

Just use their search box and seek for niche relevant questions for example:

Quora Search BoxOnce you have found a good question then reply to it. Here’s the secret formula:

  • Always share high-quality detailed information
  • Add a link to a related post or video throughout your answer

Just in a few replies you’ll notice a good amount of eye balls and possible clicks to your content. Example:

Quora My Reply

I offered tones of valuable information but also at the end I promote one of my Youtube videos. I received 91 views in a view days. The results start stacking if you spend 15 minutes per day replying to a few questions.

Facebook Advertisement – Lastly but unfortunately not free is Facebook Ads! If you know what you’re doing the pricing is fairly decent.

Just in a few hours you’re able to promote to thousands of interested people your fan pages, products, services etc.

If you consider your time more valuable than your money then I recommend for you to learn more here: Facebook Ads here.

I hope you have enjoyed reading or watching this video about, “How to Rank Your Videos In Youtube”. If you have question then leave it in the comment section below. Oh… and for more weekly video updates don’t forget to subscribe my channel by clicking here.


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