Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid With Kindle Publishing In 2018

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid With Kindle Publishing In "018

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I am going to talk about the top 5 mistakes you should avoid with Kindle publishing in 2018. Whether you already have a book business established or are planning in starting one. This mistakes may very well be ruining or will ruin any chances of making money in KDP.

Unfortunately, there is plenty of misleading information out there!

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1 – Building An Email List For Book Reviews

This advice commonly spread by many publishers isn’t completely wrong. However, building an email list isn’t as simple or as good as many people claim. For this, you must go beyond just being a Kindle publisher.

In other words, you need to learn other skills, such as:

Build an enticing squeeze page – A page purposely built to capture email addresses. Often you need to use tools like Leadpages or Clickfunnels. Afterward, have an enticing bribe that people will exchange for their email address.

Autoresponder – A service that will automate the email process. So you may send automatically a sequence of emails to your subscribers.

Get traffic – The biggest problem is getting traffic to your squeeze page. This can either be organic (free) or paid traffic.

The problem about free traffic is the amount of time it takes for you to build it. Often for this you can build a blog, or Youtube channel, or both.

For a blog or channel to receive daily a good sum of people, it requires months of hard work.

You need to constantly create new content. Afterward, you must promote your squeeze page along your content. Otherwise, nobody will subscribe to your email list. Besides, it takes along time until your content starts ranking well in the search engines; so people may easily find and consume it.

If you want to build a KDP business any time soon. Let’s say, in the next 3 to 4 months then it definitely won’t be by using this method.

The other alternative is with paid traffic. It definitely is a quicker way to get traffic to your squeeze page. However, paying for Facebook ads, solo ads, or other forms of traffic isn’t exactly cheap.

Especially considering that you will mostly promote cheap books to your subscribers.

In no way, you can build a lucrative business. As you will lose more money than make it.

For this reason, the only solution is to build an email list with free traffic. As I already explained, this is very time consuming. Besides, you also need to have an email list with a good number of subscribers. So once you promote your book you will get a decent amount of reviews.

Getting book reviews is extremely important. Without them, your book won’t rank well in Amazon and therefore, nobody will find and purchase it.

If you want to build a KDP business in a few months the only solution is review swapping. Even though, people don’t like this idea and often, consider asking reviews to their subscribers a more legit method. Still, they are soliciting reviews, which goes against Amazon policy.

2 – Marketing Your Book Outside Of Amazon

An idea commonly spread around even in some Kindle courses. This includes promoting your books in:

  • Facebook groups
  • Twitter
  • Submission websites
  • Press Releases
  • Blog

The problem with submission websites is most of them have no community. So you are wasting your time promoting your book to no one.

About Facebook groups, most people who join them are publishers like you. For this reason, they are there to promote their books and aren’t interested in getting yours.

Besides, often you do all this work when your books goes on free promotion. So you are putting all this effort for nothing in return!

The only viable way to promote your books is inside of Amazon. Whenever someone wants to purchase a book they go there and nowhere else.

amazon search results for yoga

You want to position your book in the front page of results example:

If your book was about, “Yoga” then you would try to rank it in the front page of results, which is the page shown above. This way whenever someone searched for, “Yoga” they would easily find your book and purchase it.

3 – Shotgun Approach

The shogun approach is basically whenever you find a profitable keyword you immediately publish a book.

Searching for profitable keyword is something most publishers already know how to do. If you go to a particular keyword and the first five books are below the 100,000 Paid in Kindle Store; then most likely that is a profitable keyword.

However, that doesn’t mean you should publish a book for it. Actually, if you do then eventually your pen or author name soon has books published about, Yoga, martial arts, cooking and whatever.

Does this sound reasonable? Of course not! It doesn’t make sense for an author to have books published under multiple niches.

If you do this sooner or later your KDP business is going to crash and burn. Because you are working against the Amazon algorithm.

For you to succeed in 2018, you must work in favor of their algorithm. In other words, you must publish books under several keywords but all in the same niche. Example:

A book for yoga for beginners, another for yoga poses, and one for yoga techniques. All different keywords but still in the same niche. Of course, yoga is a sub-niche of spirituality. As long as you have books under the spirituality niche you are good.

Furthermore, when you have a new author name you must first publish books with the lowest results possible. And only from there, you pass to keywords with more results.

In a way, you must first establish a reputation with Amazon. Only after having some reputation will you be able to rank for keywords with more results.

I can’t go much in detail about this strategy. If you want to learn more I recommend for you to get, “Self-Publishing Revolution”. One of the best video courses for non-fiction. You may click here to find more information.

Nowadays, you need to be more strategic when it comes to publishing your books. The shotgun approach worked back in 2013 because there wasn’t much competition.

4 – Building A Blog

Building a blog for each book or niche. Actually, I watched a video sometime ago from someone telling new publishers to build a blog for each book. I consider that completely ridiculous!

In order for you to build a blog:

  • You need to pay a web-host
  • Install and learn how to use WordPress
  • Create huge amounts of content

Afterward, wait at least… 6 months until your blog starts receiving traffic from the search engines. Once again, you are wasting huge amounts of time and money to sell books at $2.99. Of course, you can always do more money with paperbacks. Probably, about $8 per copy.

But honestly, do you think that is worth all this effort? I doubt it!

Besides, sooner or later you have more than 10 blogs and you are wasting more time trying to maintain them rather than spending it on your KDP business.

5 – Immediately Publish Your Books In Createspace

You should immediately publish your new books in Createspace. This platform is where you publish your books as a paperback.

Often great part of the money is done by selling paperbacks rather than their Kindle and audio versions.

I heard some publishers out there telling newbies for them to wait and first see if their book is profitable in KDP before publishing in Createspace! But why should you wait? Wait for what, exactly?

This doesn’t make any sense!

As I already said, great part of the money you make is from Createspace. If you are choosing profitable keywords, and following the right strategies, then there is a high probability that your books will be profitable from the start.

As a business man or  woman you want to maximize your profits. You can only do this by immediately publishing all your books as a paperback.

Actually, I often publish my books first in Createspace and only then in KDP. As a result, when my book appear inside of Amazon, my customers can immediately find both versions. Sometimes, even when my book goes on the five day free promotion some people still prefer to purchase the paperback.

By not immediately taking advantage of Createspace, you are only losing money. Besides, you should also publish your book in ACX. It will take longer for you to get your book in the audio format, since you first need to find a narrator. Often they take 8 to 10 days to narrate your book depending on its length. Afterward, ACX still needs to approve your book, which takes a week or two.

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