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The TRUTH Behind Honest Amazon Reviews For Kindle Books

The truth behind honest reviews for kindle books

Today, I am going to talk about one of the most important aspects, which is getting book reviews.

Obtaining reviews helps your books rank and sell better in Amazon. Otherwise, if you aren’t able to get them then your books won’t make money.

However, the problem is the huge amount of bullshit out there! Including publishers claiming throughout their video that they have a secret strategy to get hundreds of “honest” and “organic” reviews.

Yeah…right! So let’s see what most publishers are really doing to get reviews.

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Why Do You Need Reviews?

Let’s imagine, you have a book related to Yoga. If you wanted to sell that book like hotcakes then you would need to rank it in the front page of results for “Yoga”. Especially, in the top first five results.

This way whenever someone searches for Yoga they would easily discover and purchase your book. The fact is most people are lazy and rarely ever go to the second, third and even less to the fourth page. So if your book ranks there then it won’t sell, or probably a copy or two once in a blue moon.


However, for you to rank your books in the front page of results then you must get reviews. Amazon uses reviews as a metric to rank their books. Besides, most customers will only purchase a book if they see reviews there.

In case, a book has zero or few reviews then most people immediately assume it’s garbage.

Amazon Wants Organic Reviews?

Organic reviews consists on someone reading your book and then going back to Amazon to leave a review. The problem about this is people rarely do anything out of their own free will.

For instance, do you remember a time you left a review for a product you purchase in Amazon? I only left once and it was for a book I loved reading.

What Amazon wants isn’t something realistic for authors that nobody ever heard about. It might work for Tony Robbins or Guy Kawasaki but certainly not for Adam Roberto! Who? Exactly!

The fact is famous authors have thousands of followers. Often they start building hype around their books months prior their release.When they launch their book they immediately sell millions of copies. Still from that number, only a small percentage of people leave feedback.

If you are reading this, then you certainly aren’t a famous author nor do you have thousands of followers nearly begging you to release your book.

For this reason, when you publish a book if you don’t have a strategy to get reviews then you simply won’t get them.

Besides, without reviews your book won’t rank in the front page of results. Therefore, nobody will be able to find and purchase it.

Commonly people only leave organic reviews if your book sucks. When people are mad they often will go over the top. Or in a few rare cases, you get a three star review. However, that is not enough in order for you to compete with your competition.

The Huge Contradiction About Getting Organic Reviews

For you to rank in the front page of results, you need to get some initial book reviews. Now if you don’t have followers then how do you expect to get them? You won’t! Besides, if you don’t have reviews then your book won’t rank in the front of results. Where customers may easily find and purchase it.

If nobody purchases your book then of course, nobody is going to leave “organic” reviews.


For this reason, you must have a method to manipulate your review process. Otherwise, you won’t make money with your Kindle business.

1 – Requesting Reviews From Top Amazon Reviewers

A common strategy some publisher explain is to request them from Amazon top reviewers.


You basically enter into their profile and search for their email address. Once you have it, you send them an email requesting them to review your book. Normally, in exchange for a free copy.

The problem about this strategy is you are soliciting reviews. This goes directly against Amazon’s policy. For this reason, most top reviewers won’t even reply to your email or if they do, they immediately refuse.

So what happens is that you spend your whole evening sending a hundred of useless emails to people, who won’t do anything in return.

2 – Building an email list

Another common strategy is by building an email list. Most publishers often refer to this like it was the Holy Grail of reviews. However, the truth is far less starling! But don’t get me wrong, I am not saying this strategy isn’t effective.

Of course, you can build an email list to get book reviews. The problem is this process is painfully slow. Additionally, you need to learn methods that go beyond just being a Kindle publisher. For instance:

  • Building an effective squeeze page
  • Setting Aweber or another system to automatically send emails to your subscribers
  • Creating a lead magnet or bribe to exchange freely for someone’s email address
  • Generate traffic

About traffic this may be either organically or paid. Now with organic traffic it will take you forever until you have a decent amount of subscribers. Otherwise, with paid traffic it is quicker but expensive. Especially, considering that you will be promoting a $2.99 book to your subscribers.

The math is simply not on your side and you most likely lose a lot of money this way.

Let’s imagine, you have 100 subscribers. This may take a month or two to achieve. If you sent them a message promoting your book then probably only 20 of your subscribers would purchase it. Afterward, only 10 or less would leave a review.

As you may see this is a pretty low number of reviews comparing to other authors. So you probably will need to build a list with at least 500 to 1000 subscribers in order to get the number needed. Of course, you can expect this to take months of hard work. Besides, let’s not forget you are still going against Amazon policy, since you are soliciting reviews.

3 – Review Swapping

The gritty dirty truth! Most people consider review swapping immoral, illegal, bad and evil! Personally… I don’t care!

As long as my book is providing high-quality content then I will do everything in my power to sell it. Believe me, if your book is shit then sooner or later your customers will leave negative feedback and eventually, it will stop selling.

In case you don’t know, review swapping consists on exchanging reviews with someone else. Basically, you purchase another author’s book and leave a review and they do the same on yours. I prefer to hire a virtual assistant for this task, since it is monotonous as hell.

This strategy may sound sleazy but it is definitely the quickest and most effective way of getting book reviews. If you want to build a successful Kindle business any time soon then like it or not this is the only way possible.

You may not like this idea but it doesn’t matter. The fact is most publishers are using this method to obtain reviews. They may not claim it throughout their Youtube videos because they only tell you what you want to hear. Often because they are trying to promote their own Kindle course.

But this is the truth! I hope you appreciate my honesty here.


If you aren’t a famous author then you certainly won’t get hundreds of book reviews. Most publishers claim they do because they are full of BS! The fact is most people are too lazy or simply forget to leave reviews on the products they purchase in Amazon.

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