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What Does Google Want To Rank? – SEO tutorial Part 2

What Does Google Want in a Website - SEO Video Tutorial P2 02

In this video, I will explain more in depth the very basics of SEO. I know you’re probably jumping on your seat and really excited to pass to something more practical.

However, I recommend for you to be patient. The fact is once you understand this part, it will be far easier for you to grasp the rest.

If you still haven’t watched my previous video then check it here. When it comes to ranking a website it’s always a good idea to give them what they exactly want! Let’s take a look…

What Does Google Want From You?

A question you should ask yourself is what do you seek when you search for something? Let’s imagine, you’re looking for the best chocolate cake recipes.

Once you’ve clicked on the search button, you only found pages mentioning, “strawberry cake recipes” then it certainly wouldn’t be very helpful! Otherwise, you would have searched for that instead.

The fact is Google wants to provide relevant results to their users. In other words, when you search for something they want you to find helpful information. At  the same time, unique and detailed videos, or articles about that specific topic. For this reason, you should always build your websites around this idea. It doesn’t matter if you’re making a small or big website make sure all your content is well-written and helpful to your visitors.

You shouldn’t ever copy or spin someone else’s content or you run the risk of your website getting penalized by Google.

I know this might not sound completely true! Especially, if you spend sometime doing keyword research, you’ll soon notice how messed up are the search engines. You’ll probably find results where websites with no influence are outranking others with far more.

In this case, these websites are very probably using schemes to outsmart Google. Another part I am certain is these websites will sooner or later get penalized and nearly disappeared from the rankings.

If you’re looking to build a long-lasting website then you should avoid these type of trickery. You could also call it black hat SEO. Basically, this consists in making Google believe your website is deserving of better rankings than it actually does.

I must say I am not totally against this and sometimes it may be fun to see what you can accomplish. Yet, I must warn you to to not do this for a good website. Furthermore, be careful if you decide to pay someone to do your SEO work. Always be sure they aren’t using any shady method that may ruin your website’s rankings in the long-run.

Let’s quickly recapitulate everything…

What Should You Do?

  • Write helpful content. I typically write articles between 600 to 1000 words and sometimes guides with over 2 000 words. As you may see even for all of my videos I write a post. The reason is the robots can only analyze your written content and not what is inside of a video.
  • Do relevant posts. If you’re looking to rank one of your website’s pages for, “best chocolate cake recipes” then make sure you write exactly about that.

What You Shouldn’t Do?

  • Never copy or spin someone else’s content. All your articles should be unique.
  • Avoid black hat SEO. Your website will eventually get penalized by Google.

How do the Search Engines Work?

You must understand it’s not humans that do all the work of going from one website to another analyzing its content. After all, it would be nearly impossible. Every single day, new websites are appearing and older ones are publishing new content.

Instead, Google has robots or you could also call them crawlers. These robots crawl each website analyzing its pages, such as:

  • Meta title
  • URL extension
  • Description
  • Content
  • Links

Afterward, based on all that gathered information they determine the type of content and where it should be placed on the SERP (search engine results page).

Another part as you’ll see more in detail in my next videos are backlinks. This includes links in other sites pointing to yours. On the Internet, the number of high-quality backlinks determines how popular one website is.

I repeat, high-quality backlinks these are links from websites that are trusted by Google. The more backlinks you have the higher influence your website will have on the web. As a result, your website will have better rankings on the search engine and receive more free traffic.

When You Start a Website?

When you start a website it’s like it didn’t exist for Google. If you are using a platform such as WordPress then your website will be automatically pinged.

This consist on the information of your website being published on another one similar to weblogs. This type of websites basically notify Google about any new website, or content online. For this reason, they are constantly being crawled.

After your website’s information has been found it is then indexed on Google’s search engine results. One of the most important aspects when it comes to SEO is aging. The older your website gets the more trust it gains.  However, your website’s pages only start aging after they’ve been indexed. Therefore, it’s extremely important for your new pages to get quickly found and crawled.

An easy solution is to publish your new content on a website similar to Ping-o-Matic. Just in one click your information is posted on 20 or more websites similar to weblogs. As a result, Google’s robots will more easily find it.

If you have any question related to SEO then please post on the comment section below. Thanks for reading or watching and stay tune with Prositetutorials!

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