2- What is a Domain Name and Web-Host Provider

What is a domain name and web-host provider

In the second video of this series, you are about to learn what is a domain and web-host provider and why do you need both so you can have a website on the Internet.

What is a domain name?

The fact is every single machine connected to the Internet, such as a printer, laptop, mobile or any other device has a different IP (Internet Protocol) address. Basically, this is set of numbers that looks similar to this, “” This weird looking number helps to identify each machine connected to the Internet. For one computer to connect to another and transfer data, it needs to know its IP address.

For an easier understanding you could imagine the following. If you want to go to Bob’s house, you must know his home’s address, right? Or, you wouldn’t be capable of finding it. Well, the same thing applies over here but instead with computers. In this case for one computer to find another and transfer information to it, it needs to know its IP address.

By saying this, when you connect to any website on the Internet. You are also connecting to the computer where all the information belonging to that website is stored. For this your computer must know the IP address from it.

Anyway, you basically do that when you write in your browser search box, Google.com, Youtube.com, Prositetutorials.org or any other website name. This name is what we call a domain name.

The fact is it would be too hard for us to remember every single website IP address. Humans have a hard time remembering combinations of numbers. However, we have a far easier time remembering names. For this reason, domain names exist. This system basically turns our life a lot easier on the Internet, since we can easily navigate from one website to another without needing to know its IP address.

Domain Name Structure

A domain name is divided in two separated parts. For instance, Google.com.

You have .com which we call a top level domain name. This last extension can vary depending on the type of website you want to build. For example:

  • .org: is typically used by non-profit websites
  • .com: for commercial websites
  • .co.uk, ca, au: for websites mainly focusing on a specific country

Afterward, you have Google which is known as second level domain name. This name is basically the one that later you need to choose for your new website. In my next videos, I will share with you a few tips to help you out.

Anyway, when you put everything together Google.com you get what we call a domain name. 

Why Do You Need a Web-Host Provider?

A web-host provider is a company that provides some space in their computers aka servers where you can save all the files from your website, including its content, images, videos etc. Furthermore, this company also connects your website to the Internet so other people can later visit it.

The pricing really depends company to company. In this video series, I am using Bluehost, which I I really recommend, since they provide a fantastic service. However, now in days I am using Hostgator, which are also great.

I would say this is one of the most crucial decisions you must take. Basically, it can make or break your website. Besides, the services I mentioned are cheap. However, a few people go for even cheaper ones. Web-hosting is one of those things that you really pay for what you get. Always remember that!

Therefore, the very cheap companies will also provide an overall bad service, and good amount of headaches. You won’t get a decent staff to help you solve your website issues and believe me like or not they will eventually appear. Also their servers aren’t many times reliable. Your website will possibly pass more time down than online.

In the website business, always remember there are millions of website out there for people to read, buy or whatever. If they go to yours and it’s offline then they will very probably never go back to it.

This means you will lose a reader, buyer or whatever you promote in your website. In other words, you have one shot, one opportunity. For this reason, choosing a good web-host is super important and I urge you to not go for a one dollar company or something alike.

Share Web-Host vs Dedicated Web-Host

When you go to one of these companies you will see both of these different services. If you are new to the Internet, you will only need a share web-host, which is far cheaper. This consists in a server that will store your website but also other ones. Sometimes holding up to 100 or more websites. An ideal solution for a small and young website.

Later, you may want to upgrade to a dedicated web-host. As time passes and your website grows in size and traffic. You will also need an appropriate server for it. A dedicated web-host is a server that will be only utilized for your website. This way you will have a lot more space to store all the necessary information and also a faster page uploading speed. This is another important aspect for a successful website.

The amount of time one page takes to open. Now in days, nobody enjoys waiting 6 or more seconds for one of your website’s page to upload. Actually, if they wait too long they will very probably leave.


Therefore, you always want to keep your website uploading time below 5 seconds. The less time it takes, the better!

I hope this information has helped you in your new journey as a webmaster. If you still haven’t yet, watch the video for a clearer explanation. Also please leave a comment or a like, it always helps 😉