5 – What makes a good web-host provider and domain name?

How to choose a good web-host provider and domain name

In this video, I explain in detail what exactly makes a good web-host. As I said previously, choosing one is possibly one of the most important steps from them all. And will determine the future success of your website.

1) Fast Uploading Time

The uploading time for your website’s pages is vital. The faster they take to open for your new visitors, more likely they will stick around and read your content or even purchase products or services.

When you have a website you have to consider there are  thousands and thousands of others ones online. People have plenty of choice. For this reason, they will easily become impatient if every single page in your website takes 5 or more seconds to open.

The uploading time depends a lot in your web-host company. If they have bad servers and connectivity then your website will suffer.

2) Good Customer Support

As a webmaster you will eventually have issues with your website. For instance, you install a new plugin, refresh your website and everything appears blank on your screen. You nearly feel like yelling, “WTF!” or you probably even do.

If you are new to this all, you won’t exactly know what to do. For this reason, you need a good customer support. I had many issues with my websites,which I really didn’t have a clue about what to do. Fortunately, my web-host customer support helped me fix them. Bluehost provides a 24/7 phone service. Where you can talk to them by phone.

Or, the one I commonly use is their live chat. Basically, you only need to wait a few minutes until you have someone to help you out.

3) Server Up-Time

Similar to page uploading speed time. I consider both the biggest annoyances to your visitors and what will keep them from ever coming back to your website. Same thing with server up time. For instance, if your web-host has their servers always down due to their equipment build old, or for whatever reason.

Your website will suffer greatly in the process. If people go there and see it down then very probably they won’t ever return again. In other words, you will lose a potential reader, or even buyer.

4) Cpanel

Cpanel is back-end platform that has a clean-looking interface. In this panel, you have plenty of options. For instance:

  • Install WordPress
  • Create custom e-mails
  • Manage domain names

… And much more. A few services out there, don’t provide this. I enjoy Cpanel for its simplicity. I know initially all the options might seem a bit scary. However, you will soon realize that most of them you don’t need to use.

5) Reasonable Pricing

Bluehost is not the cheapest service on the Internet. A few companies provide web-hosting for 1 dollar or so… However, you get exactly what you pay for. Probably, a lot of headaches and frustration so be careful!

When I compare Bluehost pricing to the excellent service they provide. You end up paying far less than what you get.

How to choose a proper domain name?

1) Don’t choose a long domain name. For instance: www.yourdomainisverylonglikethis.com. The reasons are quite simple. It will be hard for anyone to actually remember it. Besides, it makes your website seem unprofessional.

2) Avoid adding dashes into the middle of the domain name. Once again, it just doesn’t seem very professional. Anyway, there are a few reasons you might want to have dashes. if you have an abbreviated word. For instance, electronic store. You might want to abbreviate to something like…

  • www.e-store4all.com

In this case, it would not look bad. But never do something, such as: www.e-store-4-all.com. Doesn’t it just look terrible? Yes, indeed!

3) Choose a name that describes your website. Let’s say, you have a website related to white socks then a good name would be… www.cleanwhitesocks.com

Okay, I know that sounds a bit boring but the topic also doesn’t help! Anyway, the idea is when someone looks at the domain name, they’ll immediately know what your website is related to.

4) Choose a brandable name. If you are looking to build a big website that will last the test of time then I would recommend this last option. A brand name doesn’t need to be related to any product in your website, or particular topic. For instance:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Youtube

If you never saw those names before they wouldn’t mean much to you. It’s not like our previously example with cleanwhitesocks.com. You see the domain name you immediately associate it with white socks. However, when you are looking to build a brand you can throw all those rules through the window. You are here for the long haul so it doesn’t matter. Over there years, through marketing efforts etc… people will start to associate your brand name to a particular content, product or service.


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