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What’s Link Equity, Do-Follow Links? SEO Tutorial Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of this video course, where I explain everything you must know about SEO. When I first started this series, I wasn’t expecting to make so many videos. Actually, I was planning to do something more basic. However, I soon realized it was far better to produce something fantastic for all SEO beginners out there.

The fact is the web is already fill with scary amount of content. You could literally spend years studying it without seeing an end. Another problem is most of the information you can find is either extremely outdated, teaching you techniques no longer relevant, or simply crap!

For this reason, I wanted to provide something unique to you and all others, who wish to learn SEO. In this video, you will learn the following…

Link Juice or Link Equity Infographic

What’s Link Juice Or Link Juice?

You probably already know what is a backlink. Anyway, I’ll quickly explain it again.

A backlink is basically any website page that has a link pointed to another one. Actually, pretty much the whole web is connected by links.

You always have one website page linking to another and another, and so on… But the real question is…

How do backlinks affect your website’s rankings on Google?

Let’s imagine, you wrote a blog post for another website within your niche. In the post’s author section, you left a short description about your business and backlink to your website.

This backlink will pass some link juice (a term used in the SEO community) from that website to yours. As a result, your website will gain more influence on the Internet and receive better rankings on Google’s SERP ( Search Engine Results Page).

In other words, you could also refer link juice as influence or authority. Basically, a more popular website passes some of their web influence to another one. For this reason, the more backlinks you have coming from high-quality websites the more you improve your rankings on the web.

A tool I use in a daily basis to see which website is influential on the Internet is called, “MOZbar“. Once you’ve installed it, you’ll see a small bar appearing on the top section of your browser. You have several attributes appearing there but one of the most important ones is, DA (Domain Authority).

This number goes from 0 to 100 points. 0 to 1 referring to a new website and 100 being the maximum. Actually, Youtube has the highest score possible. Well, no wonder it belongs to Google after all!

You must also understand this tool doesn’t provide 100% truthful information. I’m not saying it’s bad or anything because it’s an amazing browser application. However, Google doesn’t want the public to know all their ranking factors. Otherwise, people would manipulate their system even more than they already do.

MOZ ranks websites based on the several factors the SEO community has found over the years. Therefore, it’s probably the most realistic information you can get compared to the real one Google has hidden.

No Follow and Do Follow?

what are no follow linksWhen the Internet was still in its infancy every single link was regular also called do follow. This meant the full link juice from one website was passed to another. Well, as you can probably imagine it didn’t take long until people started exploiting the system. Using all sorts of tricks and many times tools to spam the whole web with backlinks pointed to their shady websites.

Even now in days it still happens, certainly in a lesser extent. If you have a new website and leave the comment section open, it won’t take long until you start receiving spammy comments. These messages are created by robots, which go from one website to another. Their only intent is to leave a comment with a backlink usually pointed to a pornography or viagra website.

However, now in days we fortunately have no follow links. This idea was implemented back in 2005 by Google to resolve the issue I just mentioned. A no follow link won’t pass any link juice from one website to another. This way you can protect your website.

You certainly don’t want to pass link juice from your website to a shady one. Actually, this may have a negative impact on your website, probably lowering your search results as a consequence. If you’re using WordPress I believe most themes’ comments section are immediately restricted to no follow links.

I also suggest for you to use the no follow tag any time you want to promote an affiliate program on one of your posts. The fact is Google doesn’t like this type of websites. In their eyes, well also in mine, a sale’s page provides low-quality content. In this case, just do the following:

In your WordPress post’s editor, click on the “Text” tab so you can see the HTML coding and write…

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”> Click Here </a>

Just by adding this tag it will immediately turn any regular link to a no follow.

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